Past Event

Oct 19 2004
Rose Garden
Portland, Oregon


Van Halen.


Show 7:00PM.



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WOW! this was the best damn show I've ever seen, and I have been to allot of shows. I had front row seats and was absolutely blown away at how much energy they all have. Michael Anthony was awesome on the bass, Alex phenomenal on drums, Eddie, well he's always been my hero so what can I say, incredible, sensational, amazing and still the best guitarist in the world in my opinion. Sammy was energetic, wild, crazy, fun. It's un believable how these guys do this with so much enthusiasm night after night. I wore my Tori Richard Cabo Wabo Tequila shirt to the show in which Sammy acknowledged the gave me a shot of tequila and signed my shirt! I doesn't get any better than that. One show down and at least two more to go, Seattle and BC.

R. Crowe from Seattle.


The Portland 10/19/04 show was breathtaking! It "feels so nice" to see
all the guys together again after 10 years!!
We had great seats.....Sammy was only 10 feet from us! I liked that the
stage was so open, no equipment obstructions.
Our party took several poster boards with cool and funny sayings that
got acknowledged by the band (one Sammy signed)and a roadie brought us
guitar picks saying the band liked our signs. Sammy saw my sign wishing
him a happy birthday and he blew kisses and bowed our way every time he
saw it. We were "naturally wired" all evening, not wanting it to end.
Eddie was shirtless and doing his trademark air jumps all night. He
sounds as good as ever and kept things loose on stage by laying on his
back and leaning against speakers several times to play solos.
Mike's solo with the Jack Daniels bass is always a highlight...and Alex
kept the tempo tight as usual.
You couldn't tell they spent any time apart....they played excellent
and joked around like old times.
I did notice Sammy didn't talk as much to the audience as he's known
for doing, but he did sign everything he was able to catch. If I had one
wish granted from a production standpoint I'd like to see the band take
a song request from the crowd that's not from their set list. I love you
Sammy! Please tour Portland again

-Laurie M.


WOW! what a show! this is the third time i have seen the best band ever on this tour, and i have got to tell you that as good as the shows were in salt lake city, and the first show in vegas, this one blew them out of the water!

not that the previous shows that i saw in early august didn't measure up --- they did--- but there was an energy i had never seen from the band. eddie was in the air almost as much as he was on the stage. eddie, that hip is looking good! let's go golfing up here. look me up!!! this was the 16th or 17th time i had seen the band over the years. alex is as tight as ever on the skins. your solo is the best i have ever seen. michael. you arethe man and the sonic force on the bass and your vocals are incredible. loved "somebody get me a doctor." eddie. when in the hell are you gonna learn how to play that thing? just incredible. the solo was amazing, and it is so much fun to see your reaction to the fans. sammy, if you aren't the life of the fucking party. your solo was incredibly passionate and intimate for all 20,000 or so. your voice is better than the first time i saw you in september of '78 when you opened for boston in eugene, oregon.

though the setlist hasn't changed much thru the tour, it was fresh as hell. thank you so much for this tour. it has restored my faith in rock n roll. hope to see you on the road again soon.

jeff butler


Is that the right place to start? I was blessed, truly blessed. I was the
guy in the front row, center stage. Does life get any better? 5 Star "I Love
All Access" really came through. And to think I was worried about where my
seat would be. Sammy was Spectacular, everything and more from every show I
have seen him in. This time I got to be right in the thick of it all. I had
my personalized license plate signed (GOTTQLA) but forgot to have him sign
the shirts I bought for my daughters. Oh boy did I get it for that! It must
have been that extra smoke from the smoke machine that Al insists on. Mike
was awesome pounding out every tune like the veteran he his. It sure is
great to see his interaction with Sammy and the crowd. The two of them seem
to feed off of each others energy level and it just gets crazy from there.
Ed and Al, although seemingly distant from Mike and Sam, sound as good if
not better then ever. All in all a great show that only could have been
better if it lasted a couple more hours! Thank You Sammy for an
unforgettable night. Someday I hope to "See YOU in Cabo" I the meantime you
need to come back to our area more often, PLEASE!

Battle Ground, Washington