Past Event

Sep 18 2004
US Bank Arena
Cincinnati, Ohio


Van Halen.


Show 8:00PM.

Thanks to Chief10619 for the set list!



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 2  Redhead Comments

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this show sucked, eddie was wasted, his solo was 10 mins of crap i could have done, and sammy signed more autographs than sung songs, he was visible upset at eddie, i m glad the end was near for van hAGar

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My wife and I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Sammy and the boys from the 5th row Saturday night in Cincinnati and we were both AMAZED at how great they sounded !! The energy level from not only Sammy but Michael, Alex and especially Eddie was 110 % all night long. All 4 of the guys interacted well and seemed to be having just as much fun as the crowd. Below is the set list to the best of my inebriated memory:

- Jump
- Runaround
- 2 more beers from my REDHEAD friends next to us
- Humans Being
- Had to finish my wife's beer
- Up for Breakfast
- 2 more beers
- A crappy margarita with double shot of Tequila ( Jose Cuervo ????????? )
- Some solo
- 2 more beers
- Poundcake ( I think)
- Some new song
- Some old DLR song
- Bathroom break and beer run
- Unchained
- The entire arena started spinning (how did they do that ???)
- Top dkw\sdkerke
- Rifrghr Noakejwed
- djekdfjwefwekjfk
- ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Screw get the idea !!! VH kicked SO much ass that night it was not funny !!!! Thanks again guys !!!!!



Hello Again! I am still up in heaven after the concert in Cincinnati, Ohio on Sept 18th. Whoo! That was my 6th concert this tour and it was the best yet! The guys are not tired in any way, shape or form! They ROCKED! I drove from Buffalo to see the boys again and I am flying to Idaho in November for one of the last concerts this tour. I only pray that isn't too long again before our boys tour again. I have truly had the best summer of my life! . Sammy,If you are reading this, I LOVE YOU! Thankyou for many wonderful years of amazing music. You have brought my life so much happiness. I cannot thankyou enough for that. I am a Fitness Professional and I use your tunes for my classes. The kickboxing class kicks ass because of you! Thankyou for the kiss on my hand. I will never wash my hand again.



I was ready to get rocked & Van Halen really came thru! The stage was so open & intimate, even from 8th row-Sammy was right there! I've always loved Sammy solo & Van Halen & believe they make a perfect match. Loved hearing Sammy sing the older stuff plus "Up for Breakfast" shows they still create the magic. Had to sneak a banner in (security said they were not allowed-PLEASE!)
Held it up for Sammy to read "The Harder - tha' Better, Van Halen Rocks Cincy" & got a sweet smile in return, would've loved to hear "Black & Blue" but no complaints here. I'm a true RedHead so I also brought RED balloons- Sammy caught one & Eddie popped it. True fans really get off on this stuff! Saw so many signs - bra's - thong's - misc - Sammy's quick to catch it all. Totally loved the solo's too. THANKS for the encores & the LOVE! COME BACK SOON!

Julie R. Tyree


Wow what a show!!This was by far the best damn show of this tour!Highlights of the tour-
1.Jump-I now understand why VH opens with this song.
2.Somebody get me a Doctor-This song rocks live and is a real crowd pleaser M.A. tears this song up!!
3.BOBW-Rocks man,they also did the walk friggin cool felt like I was back in 1986.Yeah baby!
4.ED and Sams solo-Spot on both of them.
5.Dreams-Perfect song after Eds solo.It also is a second wind for the guys to get rockin again very cool!
6.Unchained-Just a killer song.
7.When its love-A perfect fit for the end of the show.
I took my son to the show last night was his 15th birthday.Was not a big VH fan before the show listen to hip hop (WTF is that)is now a big VH fan.First thing he did when we got home last night was get the BOBW cd took it to his room to listen to it in his walkman!!!(Very cool)Thanks VH for a wonderfull evening.

Chris Miller
One of your loyalist fans.


Well, once again all I can say is WOW! The Van Halen Concert In Cincy Sat. Sept. 18th was absolutely incredible. This was our 8th show of the tour and it had been about 6 weeks since we saw the boys last. I have said before and will say again, each time I see them they are getting better and better. Eddie played the best I have heard him all tour so far. We did the 5 star package again, great time, met up with many other Redheads there! Soundcheck was fantastic as Eddie decided to stick around this time and chat with the crowd. He hung out for about 30 minutes and also made sure everybody there received a couple of his guitar picks. After soundcheck we received our tickets, and there we were, front row center right in front of Sammy and Eddie. They rocked our socks off, and of course as usual......Sammy was absolutely incredible and showed lots of love to all Redheads there!! Keep on Rockin guys, I see you keep adding dates and extending the tour. Come back to the East so we can see you some more! I also heard rumour of Australia later in the tour. We have always wanted to go there, now you are giving us a Real reason to!

Gina Bowles


I’ve seen many great concerts (Rolling Stones, Eagles, Aerosmith, KISS), but this show was by far the best concert ever! Highlights include:

* They opened with Jump, then Runaround, Humans Beings (great stage show), Up For Breakfast (this is such a fun song, and Sammy rocked to this song).
* Michael Anthony then played a solo and Somebody Get Me A Doctor. I was so impressed by his talent! He has an incredible voice and energy. He had the Jack Daniel’s guitar from Panama.
* I loved Poundcake (Eddie used the drill and had the devilish grin) and It's About Time (This song rocks, and it’s very fitting since it’s about freaking time this band toured again with Sammy)
* Alex Van Halen’s Solo rocked. He is such an amazing drummer! Wow!
* Top Of The World was amazing. (Sammy jumped up on top of the stage set. I love this song better live, and have cranked it from my CD every day since the concert)
* Unchained (Wow! This was my favorite!) Michael Anthony did a great DLR high pitched note and Sammy did awesome on the lyrics!)
* They also played Why Can't This Be Love then Sammy Hagar’s solo (he is so talented). Then broke into Best Of Both Worlds. I loved it when Sammy said it was 5150 time and they did the 5150 dance. That brought back great memories from 1986. I loved every minute of that, and it looked like the guys were having a blast along with the audience.
* Eddie Van Halen’s Solo (with Eruption) was amazing. He played for a long time. The crowd chanted “Eddie, Eddie, Eddie” and he said I’ll keep playing all night. He looked like he was having fun and I was in awe of his talent. It was a dream come true to see him play with this lineup.
* They played Dreams and Ain't Talking' Bout Love
* Right Now (loved the updated video screen that captured George W Bush and 911 images)
* Then they came out for the encores and played You Really Got Me, Panama (Sammy jumped out in the golden ring seats) and When It's Love (nice ending for a wonderful show)

I think Sammy is one of the best front men ever. He really participates with the audience. This concert was a thrill for me, I’ve waited years to see it, and it was worth every penny. I hope the guys add more dates to the tour because I want to go back!!! They have such a great stage presence and chemistry together, and this was a wonderful experience. Thanks so much!!!!

Tammy Perkins


GREAT SHOW !!!! Alittle dissapointed in the crowd size, alot of people missed a great show. I can only hope and pray that these boys can keep it together this time and make a great record next, so they can get back the fan base they quite frankly pissed off. The show got a good review in The Cincinnati Enquirer which to me is big because they always give crappy reviews. Just about 10 minutes ago a locally weather man was talking about how great the show was especially EVH. I was actually shocked. I think if that tour were to slid in here again in six months It would sell really well because there is a pretty good buzz about town.



I've seen at least 100 Sammy shows in my life - and I have to say this was the best concert ever !!! I not only a won gold circle ticket, but Sammy loved my poster soooo much he reached down and KISSED ME !!!!

This was not only the best moment of my "Sammy Life" but also doubly perfect because my two best friends of 25 years, Judy Benjamin & Eva McGuire shared it all with me--- isn't that what it's all about --- Readheads till the end !!!

Anita Ross (aka in Cabo as "Anita from Ohio" ) See all you Redhead / Waborats next year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!