Past Event

Sep 17 2004
Phillips Arena
Atlanta, Georgia


Van Halen.


Show 07:00PM.



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Four shows down, two to go. Saw VH in Kansas City, twice in St. Louis, and now Atlanta. Every show was incredible. Had 5* on July 29 (5* package is a must for real VH fans). The Atlanta show may have been the best of them yet. I swear Edward didn't miss a note the whole night. The band was completely "on" from start to finish. Drove 8 hours from St. Louis on Friday, saw the show, drove 8 hours back on Saturday. Worth every minute. I'll be seeing the boys in Houston and Vegas in the next two weeks; can not wait.

Steve Hacker


Well, I had 5 star tickets for Charlotte, NC that go canceled. I had 10th row center for Greenville, SC, and that got canceled. I had one ticket in the 5th. row for Atlanta and was waiting for the hurricane to cancel that one as well. Well, the show went on but now I gotta find another seat for my wife because she got screwed out of those other shows and came to Atlanta with me. So what happens, we wind up in the Golden Ring on Mikey's side. The Rock and Roll Gods were looking down on us last night in Atlanta for sure.

Actually, through a miracle, I got two Golden Ring seats for my wife and I. My first stroke of luck came in the form of two Super nice Sammy fans who saw me in my Tahoe shirt and asked if I needed a ticket. When they handed me and extra Golden Ring seat I was in shock. I tried to pay for it but they gave it to me for nothing! In my excitement I never got their names. I want to thank them again though. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! The fans kick ass!

So, now I have one in the 5th row and one in the Golden Ring. I also now have to find a seat for my good friend Mare. My wife was great about it and said to go ahead by myself and sit in the Golden Ring and she would take the 5th row seat. Very giving of her I must say.

Well, now I am torn however. I don't want to experience that without her. What to do? To make a very long story shorter, I scored another Golden Ring ticket. That part is a secret though. All I will say is I got another one and was about as excited as I have ever been going to a show. Everybody benefited. Mare got the 5th row and my wife got very happy.

I was still a little nervous however because I wasn't sure how the sound would be inside the stage. It was way better than I ever expected. If any of you have a chance to get those tickets, get them. Pay whatever you have to because it was one of the greatest Van Halen, Sammy Hagar, Rock and Roll experiences in our lives.

Sammy and Mike played to us all night. Eddie came over a few times and I thought he was great. Sammy jumped in the pit with us. Sang Seventh Seal with us and signed everything, slapped hands, hugged, and just had a great time all night. Got a few of Mikey's picks. The people in the ring with us were great also.

This was our 4th show of the tour. We were in Greensboro opening night and both nights in New Jersey earlier in the tour. I still think the 2nd night in New Jersey was the best, but from our perspective Atlanta was an awesome show. I thought they looked and sounded great. We had an amazing time.

Just when you think it can't get any better it does. That was VH show number 28 and the 34th time I have seen Sammy. I have been on stage in the cantina for Sammy, I have been in the front row, I have been to St. Louis and Tahoe. The Golden Rings was the best seat I have ever had for anything.

Thanks again to Van Halen and the great Hagar fans for making this happen.



We had the 5 star package & I must say it was one of the best experience's of my wife & my life thus far! What an incredible time the entire night was. We would have loved to have Sammy just come out & say Hi during the sound check, but we understand that saving your voice is most important given the amount of shows & the incredible singing that you performed during the concert. Alex was so tight, Mikie was right on & Eddie was, well you know......he was Eddie Van Halen! Fantastic job on every aspect of the concert! We thank you for being together for us, the FANS!!!!

Mike & Cellina Davis
Rome GA


Atlanta was the 7th show of the tour for me and what can I say Sammy knows how to ROCK..but we all knew that didn't we?!?! !! From sneaking around the coliseum in Greensboro to hear you practice before the tour opener, to DC, both Jersey shows, Cleveland, Toronto and now Atlanta, from front row twice, 3rd row, 6th row, the 7th row side and even the nosebleeds, I've traveled all over the country this summer and spent my retirement fund doing it but it has been totally REDtastic!! Sharing great times with some of the best Redheads in the world (Lou and Anna, Gina and Russ...and many more) has been good!! The VH tour has been a real treat for me...although I'm a pure Sammy fan through and through, to see the MAN on stage with VH was awesome!!

The Atlanta show was lacking in attendance but the enthusiam of the crowd made up for it! I know I was jumping up and down the entire show, unless I stopped to take a picture! ; ) I loved when Sammy broke into Tropic of Capricorn...felt like he was singing just to me!! Sammy seemed to be his usually self, signing anything and everything thrown his way and showing his "redlove" to all his supporting fans! Even getting down in the Golden Rings with my friends Lou and Anna, hugging, singing and signing....and yes Sam, they are some "crazy mf's!" We love you!

Thanks for showing us what life is all about, good friends, good times and the best rock 'n roll in the world! What a summer......


Trinity, NC