Past Event

Sep 16 2004
Veterans Memorial Hall
Jacksonville, Florida


Van Halen.


Show 08:00PM.

Thanks to Sean & Christina Lander for the set list!



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Absolutely the BEST rock 'n roll show that I have ever seen!! I have been waiting for 9 years for this thing to happen. My wife and I had 5 star tix. They were worth every single penny. Eddie, Alex and Michael at the sound check was a thing of beauty. Eddie's performance solidifies his place as the greatest guitar player to ever be. What a talent. After 20 or so Wabo shows since the VH breakup, Sammy is better than ever with VH. There never will be a band that even comes close. Thanks for a rockin' party!! We will not soon forget it.

Patrick & Sara


I just recently saw Van Halen in Jacksonville,Florida and that was the most explosive concert I have ever seen. I never seen all four guys smile so much and kick so much Van Halen butt.I have seen every Sammy Hagar/Van Halen tour since 1984 and this was the best show ever. Eddie was on his A-Game thursday Sept16,2004 and out with a vengence to play his ass off.I loved when they played Right Now because they personalized it to the Jacksonville crowd plus as usual Sammy was vocally on his A-Game as well.I really enjoyed the show a lot and hope Van Halen returns to Jacksonville soon. I thought Sammy could play more solo stuff and Eddie's solo ran a little long but thats ok and Van Halen is welcome in Jacksonville any time they want to perform and kick ass.I will be in Cabo for two weeks in October so I will See you in Cabo.



Van Halen took the stage after a short set by Jacksonville artists Shinedown and immediately showed the crowd why this is the line up that should finish the bands career. A dazzling light show complete with 3-video screens enhanced the onstage antics of the band who seemed to be very relaxed and loose. Sammy Hagar was his usual ringmaster self MC-ing the delayed party,(the show was scheduled for Sept 11th which Hagar apologized for the postponement after Runaround). The individual solos were what you have come to expect at a Van Halen concert and aside from a couple of tech problems (especially for Eddie) the show was well worth the wait and the price though the Jacksonville arena was well short of capacity and it actually looked like it was lucky if it was half full. A stronger opening act in the future could probably help that situation out. Hopefully a return will occur in the next year or two and we have not seen the end of Van Halen with Sammy Hagar.

Sean & Christina Lander


This was my third show this year. Second five star show. I also saw them out in LA. I must say Jacksonville was the best show ever. The guys were on fire! I also saw them in Hartford. All shows rocked but none like that Jax show. I was the crazy chick flashing Michael all night. He actually remembered me from the LA show. Pretty funny! How awesome is that pic of Eddie jumping in the air? There's only way to rock and these guys know how to do it!
Tell Michael I said Hi...I know he'll remember me ;)

Bottoms Up!
Pam Aresti