Past Event

Aug 16 2004
Arrowhead Pond
Anaheim, California


Van Halen.


Show 08:00PM.

Thanks to Matt Obbema and Sean O'Leary for the set list!



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Being myself from Argentina, and coming to LA just for Van Halen was not just what I expected, but also 10 000 times over my expectations! This was the first time I saw Van Halen (I just turned 21), and the best of it all is that I got to see the soundchek! Unbelievable how the guys blew me off. They're playing was phenomenal, I could already guess what the show was gonna be like.

The show started 8 30 pm, I had 1st row tickets, and just the sound was awsome, and the guys were so into it. I was holding a hand written note that said "ARGENTINA IS HERE", I guess Sammy seemed to like it cause he came write up to me and signed it, how cool is that!! THANX SAMMY IF YOU READ THIS. But this was not all. Michale Anthony personally gave me a small Jack Daniels whisky bottle, which I drank right away but still have the bottle, and will have it forever. At this point I had lost my mind. Everything was going to well. I was shoked by the carisma of the band towards the fans, people, you're not wasting your time here, nor your money. What followed after was as incredible as what had happenned by now. As the band blew away down the set, Sammy sat right in front of me and handed the microphone, wow, I was really crazy in adrenaline by this time so I managed to yell things I actually don't remeber right now, but I do remember hearing my voice reverberate in the stadium. At this point I thought it was the end of it, but no. As the show ended Eddie handed me a pick of his! This was the highlight for me, being a guitarist, and being such a big fan of eddies playing! So thanx ed, I'll have it forever. Thanks guys for an amazing show I'll never forget ever!! You are by far the best. My trip was totally worth it!!



Well, three down and one to go. Van Halen is out on a tear! not a tour! And Monday night in Anaheim they showed to 20,000 plus, that they are still on "Top of the World". All for members gave it up the whole night. Sammy's vocals were the real-deal. Mike's solo was that of a "mad" man. Al's solo was timeless. As Eddie said, "It don't get any better than that." Eddie's solo was raw and unique. This is the third time in less that two-weeks, and his solo varies each night. Eddie looked great and was all over the stage. Wolfgang and Eddie did their very special jam to 316. To see Eddie that happy about his son and to share that with the fans, is simply amazing. You guy's ripped the roof off the Pond, THANK YOU EDDIE, ALEX, MIKE & SAMMY for a wonderful evening.

Sean O'Leary
Temple City, CA


My wife and I just got back from the Anaheim show. All I have to say is THANK YOU!!!! That was one of the greatest shows. We have seen VH twice and Sammy 4X's before. Never has there been so much energy andfun put into a show, you guys rocked!!! Again THANK YOU for giving us fans this gift. Now I have to go, I need to be at work in 4 hours.
Thank You,


Another Great Show. The magic of Van Halen is like no other. It's was really cool to see Eddie play with his son Wolfgang. I hope this concert makes it's way to a dvd soon but let's just have one night recorded. Sammy's birthday bash concert is one of the best concerts I've ever seen on dvd. I didn't like the Right Here/ Right Now dvd with 2 nights recorded. It didn't have the feel of being at the concert. After the tour is over I'm sure we can look forward to a new Van Halen cd, but I'm really hoping that a new Sammy and the Wabo's cd is in the future as well. Hey Sammy promised a free concert to all the Inland Empire fans in May of 2003 (because it rained during most of the concert) I was there and I'm holding him to it.

Thank You Eddie, Alex, Mikey, and Sammy

Matt Obbema


Sammy thank you for such a great night in Anaheim. I had the 5 star pass and I got front row. The night was great Alex gave me his Drum Stick at sound check, Yes that was me. Sam you signed my Balance Tour Book as well. Let me tell all the VH Fans, if you don’t go to this show you are missing VH at it's Best. I saw the Vegas show and San Diego. Thank you again. For a night I will never forget and for making my Dreams come true. Shine on Shine on... See you in L.A both nights!

Alex Jimenez.


I went to the August 16th Anaheim show and I must say it was great! Van Halen has been my favorite group since the first album came out. I was really down when I heard they split with Sammy. When I heard they were all back together again I knew I had to go see them. I purchased the all access pass so I could experience everything. The soundcheck alone was worth the price of admission for me. To see the band up close and having fun was awesome! It was great to see Mike singing some old tunes like I'm The One. The band ripped through about five songs and totally interacted with us.
I had seats in the second row so I knew I was gonna have fun. From the opening of Jump to the closing of When It's Love the band totally rocked the house! The enthusiasm Van Halen had as well as the crowd proved to be a winning formula.
It was great to see Mike take the lead on Somebody Get Me A Doctor. Eddies solo was great! And when Wolfie came out the place exploded. Eddie looked like he was having a great time the whole night and seemed touched by the incredible crowd support.Sammy was non-stop totally energy. Being from the Inland Empire I have seen his since the 70's and have grown accustomed to his showmanship.
I can only hope that Van Halen keeps this going into the future and I will get to see them again.

Marty Abramson