Past Event

Aug 17 2004
Coors Amphitheatre
San Diego, California


Van Halen.


Show 7:00PM.



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Hello Sammy,

Angel from Ou812,

Thank you so much for a great show , Sammy,Eddie, Alex and Michael.
Tuesday Aug 17 , 4 pm waiting for the moment Drinking Cabo Wabo tequila, and Special menu for BBq and listening to Van Hagar, we got there and you will hear VH music from right to left every car stereo playing loud tunes from Halen, it was unreal , we go inside and
here they come Van Halen With Sammy Hagar this is what I call the real deal, thanks to Sammy, Van Halen is where they are now, Eddie on the guitar jumping like an 18 year old you can see how happy is just to be right next to Sammy , also Michael with his Flame bass , playing like never before, Alex on the Drums just like if was yesterday note by note and his drums look like Two motor heads non stop, and Here is Sammy all the Way on top of the Stairs Screaming , to all the fans , singing Top of the world because he is On top of the word, the Stage is so nice that it can't be duplicated, giant video screen and special lights to make it different. This is one of the best moments of my life just to see every single seat full and Van Halen on stage playing the best of Van Halen, it can't get better then this....this is My Van Halen evening in San Diego Ca , thank you so much for a great show.

Angel Llanos


All I Can Say is "Thank you" for the best time of my life!!!!!!!! We just saw VH last night Aug 17th at Coors in San Diego. The boys are back. I purchased the 4 star package, I now wish I had gotten the 5 star but it was well worth it. We had seats in the 11th row and I really believe that no matter where your seats were. Sammy, Eddy. Michael and Alex made you feel like you were part of the show. The song list was a great mixture of both old and new. They all showed the energy and enjoyment of being back together. The music and sound proved that. This is a show you don't want to miss.
Thank you Van Halen!!!!!!



Our 5 Star night started in the limo at 230 with doubles and went from there.
Perlman and I got into the backstage Van Halen pre-party around 430.
When it came time for the sound check, they said "no drinks" -
However - we pulled the basic "cocktail in the back pocket right by
security" trick.
(No drinks at the sound check, right.)

We walked down to the front row for the private sound check, and Eddie, Alex
and Mikey were jammin away.
Since we were 6th or so in line, we stood right in front of Eddie's general
jammin area.
My coaster was the stage (literally).
Alex Mike and Eddie proceeded to crank out 4 or 5 old school VH classics in
front of our 75 person private party.
Edward and Michael shared the vocals.
After a great interaction with the crowd, it was time to go.
A LOT of people were trying to get autographs, but Eddie wouldn't do it.
I was right there and telling Eddie that "one guy in the front row" (me)
should get his signature.
He looked right at me and said "If I do it for you I have to do it for
I replied with "Just one guy in the front row".
Still no go.
He shook his head.
Eddie then turned took 3 steps back to the amps and came right back holding
up a standard red plastic cup.
I tried again to get him to sign my pass and he then reprimanded me with
"didn't you hear what I said?"
-*** I was reprimanded by Eddie VH.
Then he looked me straight in the eye and said something like "Will you pass
these out?".
Not exactly sure what I was signing up for, I said "of course"
Then Eddie said "be sure spread these around - make sure everyone gets
one' -
I said, "you can count on me".

The cup had 50+ of Eddie's guitar picks (with a Van Halen logo, Eddie's
signature raised off the pick, and the phrases: "Have a nice day" and "See
you next time")

I had now accepted the responsibility to make sure that all these people got
their piece of Eddie.
I took my responsibility seriously. I think proceeded to make a lot of
friends as I passed out the picks.
Eddie counted on me for solid distribution, and came through.

of course, I proceeded to declare to my sister and friends a couple times
throughout the night that "Eddie Van Halen looks to ME for distribution"
Or "When Eddie Van Halen needs his picks distributed to he fans, he calls on
Weber" - I thought that that's a pretty good personal marketing testimonial

Even though it was "No cameras allowed" - I got a lot of pictures verifying
this. (They will be good.)

Sound Check : Van Halen from 5 feet in broad daylight.


Steve Weber


Van Halen - Coors Amphitheater August 17th, 2004
5 Star Package;
Row A, Seats 16 & 17 (FRONT ROW)
- By Chris Dahlstrom Orange County, CA

As my wife and I walked up to gather with the other 5 Star Ticket holders at 4pm just outside the gates, we heard the guitar licks coming from the stage. Then our guide said that we are truly lucky because everyone has great seats for tonight's show -- "all seats are in the 1st 4 rows, center!" My first thought was this experience was going to be amazing.

We were ushered through the gates to a VIP patio area where order up a couple shots of CW along with a few beers and swapped stories with other fans. I got to meet Chris and Michelle that flew in from Phoenix to see the show. And I would have to say; all the fans I got to talk to, most seemed to be there to see my hero...Sammy!

The guide then calls out names so we can finally get our tickets and find out what seats we got. My wife comes back with our envelope and says "Here, you open it".

I pull out the tickets....Row A, Seats 16 and 17??? Could these be front row tickets? Right in front of Sammy's mic? Oh my God. Yes they are!!! This is gonna ROCK!

Then our guide indicated it was time for the Soundcheck. Now other fan notes I've read indicated that Edward was not at the Soundchecks and that it was usually just Mike and Alex (Sammy saves his voice for the show).

As we walk down, I can see Mike on stage. As we keep walking along the stage towards the center I see Alex behind his drum kit, then I look over and Ed has his back to the audience talking with his tech about the sound. Then they go into "Running with the Devil" with Mikey singing. Fucking amazing! After that, Ed jumps into the intro riff of "Show Your Love" and Alex and Mike follow and end up playing the entire song. "Jump" and "It's About Time" were also jammed to the crowds delight.

A few more discussions with the guitar tech while Mike talks with the crowd. It was truly surreal. I felt like we walked in on Van Halen getting ready to play some backyard party. Was this really happening or was I dreaming?

Mike and Ed were very responsive, talking with the crowd. Alex never approached the crowd and never responded to my waves or "Hey Alex, great to see you".

Everyone got a guitar pick from Edward, but he would not sign anything. Mike signed as much as he could. It was such a once in a lifetime experience to see Van Halen run through a Soundcheck. I kept pinching myself, because I could not believe what I was witnessing.

Back to VIP Patio for more drinks and ended up missing Shinedown's opening act set.

I've never had Front Row seats for any concert. To have front row seats for my favorite band of all time was a dream come true. Having Sammy back for a little summer tour with the Van Halen brothers, another dream come true.

As my favorite band of all time hit the stage, Sammy hit me with a high five within the first 2 minutes. From this perspective it was like Van Halen was playing for just a few of us. Being this close, you forget there are 18,000 others behind you. I was in awe the entire time during Van Halen's 2 hour set. (Setlist was basically the same as previous shows...)

Highlights from the show:
Front row seats
High Five from Sammy
Sammy holding up my "N2 VNHLN" license plate for the crowd to see then signing it.
Sammy's solo - Hallelujah - I love that song!!!
Every song rocked

Just watching Van Halen Kick Ass in Chula Vista for 2 hours

I've heard some negative responses regarding the band closing the show with such a slow song like "When It's Love", which I found to be perfect and a very fitting end to this phenomenal show.

Hey man, "When It's Love, it will last forever..." - can't deny it. These guys "Love" the music they write together as do I. It's a magic and a bond that they will forever share.

Thank you Sammy for another awesome performance! You are the life of the party and the glue that brings Mike, Ed and Alex all together.

Peace -
Chris Dahlstrom
Orange County, CA