Past Event

Aug 14 2004
Savemart Arena
Fresno, California


Van Halen.


Show 07:00PM.



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Sammy, Eddie, Alex, and Mike put on a wicked show in Fresno! (August 14). They were having a blast! The set list was almost the same as the show in San Jose (August 10), but Eddie performed a little extra of his magic for the audience to enjoy.
My fiancé and I flew all the way from Calgary, Alberta, CANADA to see the guys! It was well worth it! We were in the 6th row in the first section on the floor, right side of the stage (Great seats!).
I have only been a fan since my fiancé introduced me to Van Halen & Sammy Hagar just 2 1/2 years ago when we met.
I am fortunate that in my lifetime, I was able to see such a fantastic group of musicians. Thank you Van Halen & Sammy Hagar for the best party of the decade! Here's to more good times and great music!

Kiran Saini & Rob Moen-Calgary, Alberta, CANADA


I've seen the Red Rocker all throughout his career, and Sammy and the Boy's were definitely on "Top of the World" Saturday night at the Savemart Center in Fresno. What a show! Sammy was gracious all night long signing autographs during parts of most of the songs. He almost lost it when he was presented with a pair of "jumbo" red silk panties that had "Sammy was here!" scrawled across them in big black letters! The whole band could have fit into them babies! He laughed through the remainder of the song! Sammy even took time to acknowledge Bill "The Electric" Church (Hometown Fresnan). His solo set, which included parts of parts of Bob Dylan's "Rainy Day Woman #12 & 35", and ended with "Hallelujah", was fabulous. Eddie's solo was another "Gold Medal" performance. He's in league of his own. Alex and Mikey were spectacular! Mikey even got to sing some lead much to Sammy's chagrin (just kiddin)! I compare every Sammy performance to the "All Night Long" album (my all-time personal fave for live records!) and this show was right up there. I only wished they could of covered more of the pre/post Van Halen "Sammy" material. Looking forward to even more new material soon!!! As Sammy would say: "Thank you for a Glorious Rock' n' Roll evening!!!".

Jim Brisky
Clovis, Ca.


I guess all I can say is THANKS again Sammy for making me feel ON TOP OF THE signed my HAGARLV lic.plate and gave me a few two fingered kisses and you blew me away..The show was yet another Wonderful experience and everyone in my group including my friends Cher and Darren from Merced that gave you the engraved necklaces were all so totally moved by all you guys..Thank you for making all our DREAMS come true and the Van Halen Brothers and Mikey are the BEST.
Crystal Sanders-Los Banos


My wife and I drove from the bay area to Fresno the day of the show. It was nice 3 hour drive cranking out the VH tunes the whole way down! I really looked forward to this one because I never got to see VH with a singer that put them on top of the world though I saw Sammy in 99 (and kicked ass by the way). This show was not diappointing, in fact it was one of the best rock shows I have ever seen. I loved the way they jumped into the set and the choice of setlist was awesome. Thank you Sammy, Eddie, Alex, and Michael for a great time out.

BuckeyeRed52 @