Past Event

Aug 10 2004
HP Pavillion
San Jose, California


Van Halen.


Show 8:00PM.

Thanks to Sean O'Leary for the set list!



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Eddie, Sammy, Mike, and Alex put on one hell of a show last night (8/10) at the San Jose Arena. They played from just after 8:30 until about 10:40ish. From what I remember the set list was pretty much the same as what they had played at the Mandalay Bay on 8/6, only no Mona on Sammy's solo or Wolfgang on Eddie's solo. Eddie didn't even play 316 or even bring out his "Franken-strat." Oh well, it would've been nice, but I still loved the show.

My girlfriend and I had great seats too, on the floor, row 21, seats 1 and 2 on Eddie side of the stage. Unfortunately she's all of 5 foot nothing, and even with 3 inch heals had a hard time seeing the boys on stage. We must have had all the Amazon type folks in front of us last night too. Had the stage just been maybe 2 or 3 feet higher, she might have had a better view. We made the best of it though, but I felt bad for her since this was her first VH experience.

Anyway, VH ROCKED THE SAN JOSE ARENA from the opening notes of "Jump" all the way through the last drop of sweat and the end of "When It's Love," they were in top form and looked like they could've played longer. They never let up! You could tell that they were having a good time up there too and that spark was, without a doubt, back in the band. They just looked happy and Eddie was visibly moved by the overwhelming fan appreciation. I may just have to go see them again in Oakland or even Fresno to get my fill. I'm just glad they are back and that the band didn't become a case of, "Dream another dream... This dream is over." Edward, Alex, Michael, and Sammy are far from over!

-Carl Hoffmann