Past Event

Aug 7 2004
Mandalay Bay Events Center
Las Vegas, Nevada


Van Halen.


Show 8:00PM.

Thanks to Matt Obbema for the set list!



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 1  Redhead Comment

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I was at both shows in Las Vegas. I will cut to the chase and say that at no time EVER has this band sounded any better. I was simply awestruck.

Thomas Welsh


To Sammy, Eddie, Alex and Michael,

Thank you! I never thought I'd see the four of you on stage again. I first saw you in 92 in Vegas then again for the Balance tour in Phoenix twice. Then over the years I've seen Sammy but there was always the hope for one more shot of Van Halen. You made that dream come true. When the band played Dreams that's exactly what I was thinking about. The entire 2 hours you guys gave us everything you had. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The entire arena stood for the whole show it was great. And I can't wait to see you in Vegas again on Oct. 1 at the Orleans Arena. I get to relive my dream again. See you in October! And thank you again.

David S.
Las Vegas


Saturday Night, August 7th 2004 in Las Vegas, was a night I will never forget. Van Halen put on the best show ever. They were all pumped up, and you know every single member of that band put 120 percent into this performance. From the beginning song, "You Really Got" me to the last song, "When its Love", the crowd was on its feet. Eddie had more energy then ever before. Sammy was all over the stage, signing autographs, jumping down into the crowd, and letting some fans take a shot at singing in the mike. His voice was in good shape after all those concerts. Wolfgang did not come on stage at this outing. This was the first time for my wife seeing Van Halen, and she loved every moment of the concert. She never thought she would be able to see them in concert after the breakup, and we waited a long 8 years for this to come true, and it did. Prayers work.. Believe!! Thank you Van Halen for a very memorable time.

John and Jeni


Van Halen was outrageous in Las Vegas. I've been waiting 9 years to see these guys perform once again and was it well worth the wait. As always Sammy just kicked ass and Eddie, Alex and Mikey in my eyes sounded as good as they did when they all last performed together.
When they're in your town do yourself a favor and don't miss the show. They'll be performing again in Las Vegas on Oct 1st and you can bet your ass I'll be there once again.


This was one of the greatest concerts I've ever been to. It was as though Van Halen were never apart. Sammy Hagar did his normal routine of signing autographs and holding up shirts and banners. Eddie never missed a step. Huge Eddie and Sammy Chants throughout the show and after the show in the hallways. I can't wait for the Anaheim show on August 16th.There were a few other songs I'd like to have heard like "Finish What You Started" "Cabo Wabo" and the new song "Learning See" I was blown away by the new solo version of Hallelujah. Sammy dedicated Eagles Fly to Rick James which was really cool. I will say that I'm a die hard Red Head ( I love the Wabo's version of Top of the World much better) and I'm hoping that this reunion does not spell the end to Sammy and the Wabo's. But the magic of Van Halen is incredible. I would like to know how the hell can Eddie smoke after having tongue cancer?

Thank You
Matt Obbema


Sammy, Eddie, Mike and Alex,

We saw both your shows in Vegas and you looked and sounded better than ever!! The Friday show especially was flawless, and the special appearances by Mona and Wolfie were a very special treat. The set, the lighting, the sound...all amazing!! The entire arena was on its feet the entire time and to hear them (& us) singing along to every song...well I just can't describe the feeling. Sammy, you rock!! Eddie, Alex, Mike, welcome back!! Thanks for all getting back together and treating us to a part of Rock & Roll history. See you again in Vegas! (and of course, Sammy in Cabo!)

Nancy Clark & John Wishard
Fallbrook, California


What a night. Mandalay Bay, had the soundcheck/backstage package thru iloveallaccess and it was great. Hats off to them for a great time. Soundcheck was Michael, Eddie and Alex and it was so good to see them all healthy and smiling. Mikey could be a lead vocal..awesome!! . Eddie was smiling and Alex was grinning as well. They genuinely were having a good time. Got an Alex autograph, an Eddie pick and a handshake from Mike. It truly was a memorable time I won't forget. The guys were so down to earth, very refreshing. Then it was off to the show second row center and Sammy was there !! Unbelievable is all I can say. A night I will always remember. Just finally getting my voice back! Thankyou guys for all the great times and memories over the years and for one truly killer night.

JC in AZ


This was my first Van Halen show. I have seen Sammy in cabo and in the states with Roth but by far this was the best show I had seen in a long time. I flew down to Vegas from Casper Wyoming and it was well worth the time and money. It was enjoyable seeing Eddie interact with the fans. I saw him shake a little kids hand then follow him down inside the stage to watch Alex during his solo. It looked like everyone was having the time of there lives. I just hope to see more VH shows in the future.

Mark Stevens


To Sammy, Michael, Eddie & Alex:

Guys, August 7th at Mandalay Bay was surreal! Through I Love All Access, my
fiancée, good friend and I were able to be front row, center stage for the
most unbelievable concert of our lives. Having seen Sammy many times,
including Cabo & the Tahoe grand opening, I can say that his vocals were the
best I've heard to date. And, for Michael, Eddie & Alex? Don't ever stop!
Your performances were simply outstanding - you never missed a beat. For
those others fortunate enough to be in the front row, we got to see a
close-up, true band of brothers at the final encore - arm-in-arm,
shoulder-to-shoulder and ONE band. It was great to see how happy they were
together. The concert was worth every mile, every dollar and every ounce of
anticipation. Memories that will last a lifetime! Thanks a million-

Cary, North Carolina


VH rocked Vegas! We traveled down from Calgary, Alberta, Canada to see VH and it was awesome. 2 pic's here have Sammy wearing a Calgary Flames t-shirt that we threw up on stage and a Canada flag and which Sammy signed both for us. 1 pic is from the group of us doing the I Love All Access thing. Sam is the man.

-Stacey Baum