Past Event

Aug 6 2004
Mandalay Bay Events Center
Las Vegas, Nevada


Van Halen.


Show 8:00PM.

Thanks to Sean O'Leary for the set list!



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 1  Redhead Comment

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Wow! It is about time! I have waited 9 Years to see the greatest band again. It's been a long time, but it was well worth the wait. Van Halen kick ass in Las Vegas Friday night and the sound, the energy and the desire was still very much alive in all the members. The last time I saw Van Halen I was 10 years old. And to see them rock for 2 hours plus, was the highlight of my 9 year wait. Sammy was awesome, he sang every song to the max. He was in tune with the fans, even went so far to share some love with the lucky fans in the Golden ring seats. Mike was kickin' ass all night. His bass solo was awesome, his vocals through out the night were great. special thanks to the Jack Daniels Bass. Al's Drummin' was unreal, his beats and rhythm sounded great. His solo was amazing, he even showed that he really only needs one hand to play. He is truly the "Human Time Machine". And last but not least Edward Van Halen, the man still kicks ass. I have never ever seen him do so many "Flyin' Eddie's" before. His energy and sound the whole night was fantastic. He even gave back to the fans. His solo was raw, It was cool to see him just, as he put it, F@*!k Around. He played Cathedral, Eruption, as well as the intro to Women In Love. He finished his solo off with a little taste of the future, as his son Wolfgang came out to play 316 with him, they jammed to that for a good 5 minutes. I have to admit, that was simple amazing.

Last night was one of the greatest moments in my life. And, nobody beats Van Halen, Nobody! they are the greatest by far. I'll see you guys again in San Jose, Anaheim, and both L.A. shows.

Thank you Eddie, Alex, Mike and Sam for a wonderful evening. It's truly a treat to see you guys back rockin'.

It's 5150 time!

Sean O'Leary
Temple City,CA


Saw the boys Friday in Vegas and they rocked !!!! We had the All Access 5 Star and would do it all over again, we watched Eddie,Alex and Wolfie warm-up prior to the show, awesome !! Then to the show where we sat second row,center, to watch Sammy put on one hell of a show. I threw Sammy my Cabo Wabo shirt which he wore for a song, signed, and gave back to me. THANKS SAMMY !! YOU ROCK. Sammy Hagar is one of the most approachable rock stars today, I can't wait until VH and him go to the Rock & Roll HOF. The show lasted over two hours and was non-stop action, Sammy, Michael,Eddie and Alex can still rock with the best of them. Thanks for a unforgetable night.

Shawn & Ann-Marie Udovich
Westminster, Maryland USA


I flew out to Vegas from Texas to see the show. It was well worth the trip. The band was tight and the show was powerful. Wolfgang coming out on stage was quite a treat. Good see
he and Dad are having fun together. Somebody get me a Doctor was great. Mike on the vocals was to cool. Can't wait to see them in Houston.

Damian Jemaa


VH in Vegas Aug 6/2004

Three of my buddies and I flew down from Calgary, Alberta, Canada to Vegas for your Friday show (Aug 6). We partied in Vegas for 4 days. It was the best time ever. The last time I saw Van Halen was in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada for the F.U.C.K. tour. I bought 3 VH Shirts for my self at the Vegas show, I also bought the last two extra large baseball shirts for my friend and I plus other goodies. It was too bad my buddy Cam who is in a wheel chair had to leave early, he was developing a massive headache before the show, so our other buddy Dean took him back to the hotel. He had to leave during Eddie's solo and missed Wolfie. Thanks to Wolfie for showing up, I heard from a guy who attended the Sat show, that Wolfie did not come out the next night. My friend Bobby and I stayed & enjoyed the 2 and half hour show and then partied after all night of course.
Tell the band and the hard working roadies, thanks for a great time that we will never forget, look forward to seeing VH in Calgary, heck I will go back to Winnipeg also to see you guys with my best friend Luke who got me hooked onto VH back in 1984.

P.S. - I have been to over 50 concerts of various bands, but this VH show has the most effective light show!
4 things a Man must do when going to Vegas.
1) See Van Halen in Concert & Only Van Halen
2) Check out the "Naked Women Ballets"
3) Gamble, Gamble, Gamble
4) Forget sleep and Party like there is no tomorrow!

Michael De Jong