Past Event

Aug 11 2004
ARCO Arena
Sacramento, California


Van Halen.


Show 8:00PM.

Thanks to Douglas Vaccarezza for the set list!


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 2  Redhead Comments

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I wish I could agree with the fan reviews here for this show. But it was the worst Van Halen show I ever saw. I knew something was wrong with Eddie when he screwed up the solo to the classic " Jump " ( he got lost during " The Seventh Seal " ). " Runaround " was strong and at that point I thought things could turnaround. Boy, was I worng. . . .

Sammy, Mike and Alex kept things together. But Eddie was out of it. During his " Eruption " solo he started playing the Albert King/Cream chestnut " Born Under A Bad Sign. " Uh oh. . .bad news here. Sammy's solo was beautiful and he made up for the unprofessional behavior from Eddie by signing autographs and singing his heart out. I have seen Van Hagar in 1988, 1991, 1992 and with Gary in 98. Those were the best shows I had seen. But this 2004 was just plain terrible.

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We've seen an insane amount of shows in our 49 years of existence, and more sammy shows that we can count on our fingers and toes, but wednesday nights show at the arco in sacramento, had to rank amoung one of the all time greatest...most shows need to include a "special guest", or two, or three, to rank them into this catagory, but when four long time friends put aside their diferences and did what they all do best, van halen showed us all why they deserve to be atop of the rock world...not taking anything away from the waboritas, whom are a fantastic band in themselves, eddie and alex van halen demonstrated why they are in a class above 'world class' musicians... mix in the heart stopping bass of mikey and the best front man in the business, bar none, and these boys proved to everyone why they are on top of the world...
tom n julie wood,
vacaville, ca.

Short, sweet and accurate: Van Halen and Sammy flat out kicked ass in

Mike Lynch
Stockton, CA


Wow! What an amazing show. I just got home from Arco Arena tonight after
seeing Eddie, Alex, Michael & Sammy reunite for what has been a most
memorable experience. This was probably my 15th time seeing Van Halen in
concert. I have personally seen every incarnation of Van Halen live (all
three) and I honestly can't remember a show packed with more energy and
crowd enthusiasm than I witnessed tonight. Great show. I brought my
father-in-law who was floored by Eddie's guitar playing. Would have loved
to have seen Wolfie make an appearance.

Douglas Vaccarezza
Folsom, California


Hey, I just want to say the concert was the F-in best show I've seen in along time Sammy rocks, Eddie was unbelievable on the guitar, his solo was jammin for shit more than 20 minutes. Alex's drum solo was never better boy that guy can swing them sticks. I loved that the guys played alot of their old stuff and Sammy did his acoustic guitar solo, gave me chills just to listen to him play. It was well worth the 200 mile trip from Lake Almanor, Ca. I'll never forget any of it. Now its off to Cabo for the big B-Bash.

Cheryl Felber
Lake Alamor, Ca.