Past Event

Jul 19 2004
United Center
Chicago, Illinois


Van Halen.


Show 7:00PM.



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All I can say is HOLY CRAP! I have been to lots of rock concerts, including Sammy with the Wabo's, and this just blew everything else away. It was the best concert I have ever seen. I'm still freaking out from how awesome it was. The crowd in the United Center was also the loudest crowd I've ever heard, and VH was also really loud. The stage was the coolest one I've ever seen, looking like a giant VH logo, with about twenty lucky fans seated in the hollowed out spaces between the VH part and the outer rings. It was awesome hearing Sammy's trademark "HELLLOOOOOO BABY!" right before Jump started off the concert. For Sammy, he actually played quite a bit David Lee Roth stuff, like Jump, Panama, Ain't Talkin' Bout Love, You Really Got Me, and Unchained. Sammy sung those songs much better than Dave does, and really got into them too. I didn't see one look of uncomfort from him, as reviews of previous shows have been saying. They also played lots of my favorite songs, including Right Now, Dreams, Top of the World, and Runaround. I also think it's awesome how Eddie used his cordless drill for Poundcake. That can't be good for the guitar. Each band member had their own special moment of glory, which was really neat. Michael Anthony had time to do a short bass solo, while he downed a small bottle of Jack Daniels as the crowd went nuts. Alex Van Halen did a sweet drum solo, proving he's still got it. Sammy did a little acoustic set of Eagles Fly and Deeper Kind of Love, which I myself enjoyed because they really are beautiful songs, although David Lee Roth enthusiasts were skeptical. The highlight of the whole concert was Eddie's solo, as he played for 15 minutes, doing a whole variety of stuff, messing with the buttons, banging the guitar on the floor, and playing Eruption, while the crowd kept screaming "Eddie, Eddie!" and Eddie's yelling into the microphone "HOW THE F**K YA DOIN' CHICAGO!!" That was the greatest moment at any concert I've ever been to. As for the overall concert, the guys acted as if they hadn't aged at all, Eddie kept doing midair splits while playing and Sammy ran around like a maniac, not being able to contain his excitement as he kept yelling things like "is everybody happy? Are we having fun yet?". Most of today's bands are so dark and depressing, so I was glad to see a band that pushed for the audience to be happy instead of angry or depressed. The whole band was smiling the whole time they were playing, and truly looked like they were just having a blast onstage. The energy level was through the roof, and I've seen musicians in their 20's who don't have the energy level from these guys. I've seen videos of VH from the 80's, and the their energy level was just as high from those days in the 80's. I really hope they tour at least one more time, because I doubt any band could ever match a performance quite as legendary as the one Van Halen gave. TOTAL RATING: 5 out of 5 stars.



Awesome show! From the first power cord from Eddie, the United Center went crazy! The entire band was having a great time! Eddie looked great and seemed very happy playing again.His solo's were eye catching and left the sold out crowd in awe.The set list was great,They pretty much have the same set list from prevous shows on this tour. The highlight for me was the entire band sounded great,they were all into the audience and just flat out kicked our ass here in Chicago!