Past Event

Jul 20 2004
United Center
Chicago, Illinois


Van Halen.


Show 7:00PM.



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 1  Redhead Comment

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We just saw the show last night (7/20) in Chicago with our 7 and 9 year old. I didn't see many others with children this age. I just wanted to let VH know that our 9 year old is a huge fan and has been since dad introduced VH music to him at age 4. He and our 7 year old loved the concert and they have both been pretending to be Van Halen all day today. We bought the new CD and they have been jamming it all day. What a great show! Thanks VH for hittin the road once again!

Jeanne Spiller


I think this one one of the best shows I have ever seen!! Wow! The band sounded great!

Sammy's voice was awesome tonight, He never let's the Redheads down! I did the 5 Star package and it was a great experince. They played Jump, Runnin' With The Devil and Mississippi Queen at the sound check and when I yelled out Cream's Politician, Edward and the band ripped into it!! Awesome! I'll never forget that! Thanks Ed, Al & Mike. I would like to see the set list changed a little more each night, with such a great catalog of songs the band should mix up the set list a little more. That would be special for the long time VH fans. The set list is the same as almost every show? What's up with that? Many fans see multiple shows and are dying the hear a few different songs! I have been to almost every VH tour and this was not a reunion but a rejuvenation. They are having a blast and sounding+_ playing better than ever.

It's great to see Van Halen back and kicking ass again! Don't miss this tour!



Just want to drop a brother and I, both longtime VH and Sammy
fans, attended both the July 19 and July 20 VH shows at the United Center in
Chicago. What an excellent performance on both nights! You would think
these guys were in their early 20's with their constant movement and energy.
Not to mention, the choice of songs was fantastic and the sound was pretty
good for the UC, which I've been less than impressed with at other shows

Between my brother and I, we've seen Van Halen many times since we've been
old enough to attend shows (back in the Diver Down and Three Lock Box days).
I'll have to say that the guys picked up where they left off when we last
saw them at Alpine Valley in the summer of '95.....the energy, excitement,
and VH "signature" were all over the shows. Kudos to the guys and keep the
new stuff coming!

Ben Stephens
Lisle, IL


Plain and simple, THANK YOU!!! Thank you for giving me
the BEST concert of my life! I was expecting something
amazing, but not astronomical. Sammy sounds better
than ever, Eddie has not lost a damn thing, Alex had
the most amazing drum solo i have ever heard and
Mikey; that guy knows how to party and have a good
time. Alot of the concerts i have seen have kinda been
half-ass good, but you guys really give it up! So once
again, Thank You for the most amazing concert of my
Mike Rogers