Past Event

Jul 9 2004
Van Andel Arena
Grand Rapids, Michigan


Van Halen.


Show 8:00PM.

Thanks to Zach Truran for the set list!



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I am so pumped up people, you have no idea. Well, you probably do, actually!

I was on Mikey's side. When he first came out, I gave him a bracelet I made from hemp cord. It was red, white and blue and he wore it all night!!!! A song or so after I gave it to him, he came back to me and grabbed my hand a bit and said, "Thanks for the bracelet! You made it for me?" I said, "It's all you, Mikey!" He was throwing picks into our side all night, but at one point he came over to me and pressed a red one into my hand. I closed my fist over it and screamed "YESSSSSSSSSSSS!"

I was either crying or bouncing up and down all night - mostly bouncing! It was so great! Mikey looked at me and started jumping too. I think we must have bonded. Mikey, thanks so much for being so AWESOME!!!!!

Later when Sammy came by, I held up the red and yellow bracelet I made for him, and he looked at me and said "Oo!" and held his arm out to me so I could put it on him. Then Mikey showed Sammy his bracelet and gave him a dirty look, and Sammy gave him a dirty look back, then they acted like they were going to punch each other! LOL IT WAS GREAT!!!!

At that point I screamed to my friend, "THIS IS THE GREATEST FUCKING NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!!"

Later he came by our part of the ring again to slap some hands and I blew a kiss at him and said, "Love you, Sammy!" and he smiled that white smile and blew a kiss back at me and pointed at me.

After the encore Sammy came to our side of the Ring and he signed my Balance CD and some other people's stuff. Mikey signed stuff, too. And DAMMIT if Ed wasn't signing stuff on his side!!! I would say at least 5 people. We made eye contact for a brief moment twice during the show, but that's it. *sigh*

After the last encore, Mikey held his fists up to our ring and said, "You guys fuckin' ROCK!"

When they were leaving the stage the final time, I held up the last two bracelets I made for Alex and Eddie, and Mikey actually came back to me to get them from me. Then he put them both in his mouth and held up his arms to the crowd and walked off.

Got another Mikey pick from one of the roadies at the end when they were starting the tear-down.

Review: Well, I am SO freakin' biased, it won't be much good. Alex is a machine. He is just awesome, and it is so obvious that Eddie is his biggest fan.

Mike did the traditional solo, with no Sunday Afternoon. Bummer. But here's a funny: Eddie came out on stage before he was done, and when he realized he was early he made this "EEK!" face and tiptoed back out! It was great!

This has little relevance, but I'll tell you anyway. Ed's cord was getting a little knotted and he was whipping it around to try to fix it. Then the lights dimmed a bit and he came bounding out (no guitar) and knelt on the floor to fix it, then ran back off. OK, I already said this had little relevance, but I have revered this guy as a God for over 20 years, so it was a little surreal to see him being so... human. He was wearing those piece of shit falling apart boots again, but with new socks! His big toe was wearing WHITE! LOL AND I COULD SEE IT!!!!!!! I've never had any seats for VH where I didn't need binoculars. This night I will never forget.

Sammy and Eddie were getting along GREAT. They put the tops of their foreheads together during one song and were just grinning madly at each other. At another point Ed laid down on the stage behind Sammy, bopped him with his arm or guitar so he'd know he was down there, and then he was spinning around on his back to point at Sammy. I couldn't see this really well because one of those lights was blocking my view.

Ed came over to Mike several times grinning his famous grin, chatting it up. When Ed, Mike and Sam were up front together, Ed kissed Mike on the temple. Feel the love, people, feel the love.

My ears are ringing, and will be for several days, I'm sure!