Past Event

Jul 7 2004
Schottenstein Center
Columbus, Ohio


Van Halen.


Show 08:00PM.

Thanks to Chris Farrow (Indianapolis, IN) for the set list!


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Hey, I saw the concert the other night from the Schottenstein center in Columbus, and boy was it BAD ASS.
I've been waiting nearly 10 years to see Van "Hagar" (not to be confused with Van Roth or Van Cherone haha) perform live again. The last time was 1995 at the Polaris (now Germain) Ampetheatre in Columbus, all I remember from then was that I was sick as a dog, and the volume wasn't that loud.
Not this time around, the boys gave my ears a shaking, rocking the house with a bunch of their well known hits such as: Jump, Right now, Why can't this be love, Best of both worlds, Runaround, Poundcake, and Dreams. I was actually shocked to hear some of the older songs like "Unchained, You really got me, and Somebody get me a doctor." Sam did way better singing these (with exception to "get me a doctor" which was sung by Mikey) than good old Diamond Dave.
All in all, like Sam said on stage "This ain't no concert it's a F-ing party!" At one point, just before his solo, Sammy actually got nailed with a big balloon shaped like a penis. His reaction as well as that of the house, was funny as hell.
The stage was cool, awesome to see a VH that big, not to mention the lighting effects. My favorite personally was during "Humans Being." The light show during that song just gave me chills. The boys certainly made every effort to make sure we felt the music.
Just like the song says, "It's about time" I sure hope this won't be the last time these guys tour because as a unit they surely know how to rock like no one else.
Great show guys! I look forward to seeing you again!

J. Napier


Quick review of Sammy with V.H concert date 7/7/2004, Columbus, Ohio.
Sammy was excellent "as usual." The song list was much filled with V.H songs including a few David Lee Roth/V.H. Sammy pulled of an outstanding solo set of Deeper Love and ...When Eagles Fly.
Eddie, Alex and Mike have visibly aged over the years. More so with Eddie than others(is he missing his teeth ?) Maybe they need to take some of Sammy's vitamin T to show half of the energy and excitement that Sammy has.
Seemed the sound was mixed too heavy on Eddies guitar and too light on Sammys vocals.
Whether Sammy is with the Waboritas or other artists, the show will always be outstanding and we will be there. Even though Van Halen was billed as a super group, Sammy and the Waboritas should continue to tour on their own as their show is much more enjoyable!

Keep On Rockin'