Past Event

Jul 10 2004
Joe Louis Arena
Detroit, Michigan


Van Halen.


Show 8:00PM.

Thanks to Gerry DeVergilio for the set list!


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All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! What an awesome show. The boys were having a great time on stage. They were into the audience & the audience was into them. We've seen several shows on the tour & this one blew the rest away. Sammy did a touching version of Eagles Fly & Eddie joined in at the end. Very Cool. Thanks Sammy for acknowledging my Got Tequila? shirt. I don't know how tomorrow's show is gonna top this one. Also the sound check we got to see was great! What an experience!

Vince & Camille


I went to the Detroit show and after almost 9 years of not having Van
Halen, and then seeing them on stage in the Joe Lewis Arena was awesome.
I am 46, and I never lost faith in the reunion of Sammy Hagar with Van
Halen. And seeing them on stage I was blown away with brotherhood they
recaptured, and they played better than ever. Sammy voice was clean
crisp, he never missed a beat, Eddie was like the Eddie I remember in
5150 tour in 1986. The reunited Van Halen has never lost site of their
fans and they proved that to me in Detroit, Mi Thanks Sammy, Edward,
Alex, and Mikey.

Paul Youngblut, Kalamazoo, Mi


I give this show an "A" for spectacle, staging, and entertainment value. It gets a "C+" for musicianship, only because I know they can do so much better. Maybe the muddy, too loud, sound mix has got something to do with this impression. Sammy seemed more reserved than usual, this was definitely the Eddie Van Halen Show. I'm sure I'll enjoy the DVD of this tour much more, when I can actually hear what's going on.

Gerry DeVergilio
South Lyon, MI