Past Event

Aug 23 2003
UMB Bank Pavilion
St. Louis, Missouri


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

Thanks to Lou Champy and Christine “Red Rocker Chick” Thrower for the set list!



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 1  Redhead Comment

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

No matter how many times I could verbalize it to you, I will never feel that it is quite enough. After witnessing the reunion with Montrose last night (UMB Bank Pavilion, St. Louis, MO, August 23, 2003), the rush still permeates the air! It was both riveting & emancipating (as always) just to be there for a Cabo party with Sammy & the WaboRitas. Thank you, Sammy! Thank you, WaboRitas! Drawing Michael Anthony in like wrappin' your arm around the long lost brother you've found and fillin' his glass till dawn ~ exceptional! Thank you, Michael! And culminating an already explosive evening with Montrose. . . .damn! I could've almost cried hearing Space Station #5! I think I screamed like a lunatic for 5 minutes straight while everyone around me just stepped back a notch or two ~ 'give her room boys, give her room' was all I heard. Thank you, MONTROSE! I don't know if you were aware, Sammy, but the 'red planet' was in attendance last night. Visible as a red star, just up & off to the left of the stage a bit. I thanked Mars all night for shining on our illustrious Red Rocker and the presents you brought with you. See you ~

'T & The Guys'
Teresa Balestraci
Jimmy Balestraci
Dylan Balestraci


After being a fan for over 22 years I finally got to see the man in St. Louis. This was my 26th. show overall and this one is going to be tough to beat.
First, let me say the people in St. Louis are great! Sammy's fans have got to be the best fans of any band out there. There were fans from all over the country. I spoke to people from California, Pittsburgh, Indiana, and of course St.Louis. We traveled from North Carolina. I am curious how many other states were represented at the show.
The parking lot was full by 6:30. Once we got inside I could not believe how many people were on the lawn. It's the fullest I ever saw a lawn at a show like this. Fortunately we were in the center reserved. The only problem was the beer and Waborita lines were sooooo long. You could hardly move in the concourse area.
The show itself was great of course. The sound was the best of the tour. Loud and Clear!! Great setlist with some nice surprises like Seventh Seal with Mikey. It was also cool seeing Mikey and Mona both playing bass on Mas Tequila. Mike should just join the Waboritas full time and share with Mona. Eagles Fly sounded amazing. Seen him do it many times but this one was great. At one point he handed a full bottle of Cabo to the fans in the front. Lots of banners and a couple of good Sammy raps. One about the baseball game where he threw out the first pitch.
Montrose sounded great. All the years hearing Sammy's bands play those songs sounded great to me but with the original Montrose it really took it to another level. Ronnie Montrose's guitar nuances really took the songs back to the original album versions. Very Happy! I will be making the trip every year from now on.

Lou Champy


What an amazing show! From One Way to Rock to Good
Rockin' Tonight, Sammy gave it his all like he always
does. Seeing Mikey and Montrose just made a great
show even better! Thank you Sammy, you truly are the
undisputed champ of rock and roll.

Kurt Davis


What does one say when they are in the presence of true greatness? Let alone the 50,000 megaton bomb that is Sammy Hagar. Once again he has come into St. Louis and simply ruled. To be fair to Reheads everywhere if you've never seen Him in St. couldn't possibly understand. The show was one of the most phenominal yet. From the opening note you knew this would be one to remember and that the WABOS were in rare form (well not that rare for the WABOS I guess!!) Then when Micheal Anthony is thrown into the mix............ya got the "Best of Both Worlds" right on stage and tearing it up!!! Thank you Mr. Anthony for being at our party!!!

Finally........Montrose. What can be said??? When the REDROCKER said they were tighter and sounded better than ever.....he was serious to be sure. They ripped through five songs ending with "Good Rockin' Tonight" and completly blew the canopie off the UMB Pavilion.

I've been to ALOT of Sammy shows........some touched the heart, some have rocked your bones........this concert was a celebration. St. Louis celebrating it's love affair with The Red One and all he has done: solo and with other great bands, and Sammy celebrating.............well ain't that what Sammy's all about anyway?

My friends think so................all 22,000 of us!!!!!

Thank you Waborita's. Thank you Montrose. But most of all THANK YOU SAMMY for all the great years of soul touching!!!!!

-Terry and Angie Bishop


You can hear him say it, but to see his love for St. Louis fans is amazing.
Each year gets better and better. I was lucky enough to get front row seats
this year. I knew it would be great, but I had no idea the adrenaline that
rushed through me when the curtain went down. Sammy and the Wabos sound so
tight. They have got the chemistry down and they never sounded better. To
watch how much fun they are having makes it that much better. It was great
how Mike came on with no introduction--just jammin. Then to top it off with
Montrose and a seven song encore couldn't be beat. You can tell the love
Mike and the Montrose guys have for Sammy and how much he enjoyed playing
with them. Someone needs to send a note to Eddie and Alex and remind them
what a mistake they made. Thank you Sammy for the time of my life---there
is only one way to rock!!!

Don Van Hise


Six of us drove down from Michigan on Saturday. What a special night, St.
Louis and the people there were great!! The entire show was incredible, the
WABOs make sounding that great so easy, Michael showed us he is a real
jammer, and Montrose gave me chills after waiting so long to see it happen.
It's Monday morning and I'm still floating somewhere between Cabo and Space
Station #5!!!

Hey St. Louis Redheads, you heard the man, he wants to play under the Arch!!
Start writing your local officials and let's make that happen next May!! I
have an idea that would make this a truly "historical" event that ties
directly into why the Arch exists. St. Louis will be hosting events for
Lewis & Clark's 200-year celebration next May. Concurrently, our family
has nearly completed restoration of the William Clark monument at
Bellefountaine Cemetary in St. Louis, and we will host a re-dedication event
for this in May. Captain Clark is a historical son of St. Louis' who also
became known as the "RED Haired Chief". What could be more appropriate
(...or even more American) than a concert under the Arch with our true
American "Red Rocker" helping to celebrate the "Red Haired Chief" and the
critical role Lewis & Clark played in American history?

I want to Rock the Nation's history, who's with me?!!!

Bud Clark
Brighton, MI


Sammy Hagar and The Waboritas definitely know the ‘One Way to Rock’ for their number one fans in St. Louis!! After waiting 20 minutes past eight o’clock p.m. in the midst of tremendous anticipation, the curtain was up; the adrenaline was going and tears falling down my cheeks… SAMMY HAGAR, live in person, up close. Having seen the Sammy and Dave tour the year before from lawn, my heart was about to beat out of my chest being only 14 rows back! I have been a Sammy fan since May 1981, when I was born (thanks to my parents) and I assure all STL Fans and Sammy that I am probably the biggest REDHEAD my age!
After an overwhelming introduction, Sammy then went on to a famous Bob Dylan song, "Rainy Day Woman # 12 & 35” (Everybody Must Get Stoned), which a lot of fans were surely doing at the time. Sammy rocked everyone out with Van Halen and Michael Anthony on Seventh Seal and also Best of Both Worlds, Right Now, & Dreams. Rocking with the Waboritas, Sammy performed Only One Way to Rock, Three Lock Box (w/ Sammy doing an amazing guitar solo, proving he still do more than sing), I’ll Fall in Love Again, Shaka Doobie, RED (w/ David Lauser drum solo), Heavy Metal (w/ Mona on second verse-you go girl!), Hallelujah (w/ American Flag, what a patriot), Little White Lies (w/ Vic Johnson intro & Jesse Harms on harmonica), Eagles Fly (acoustics-Sammy only), I Can’t Drive 55, and his encore with his exploding blue Cabo Wabo Tequila bottle - Mas Tequila!!

After leaving stage with fans chanting “Sammy, Sammy” he returned with Montrose sounding just as great as in the 70’s! (Although I never saw them in the 70’s,I have heard and read many a story.) Montrose rocked! They sounded just as great as ever! Esp. knowing they don’t rehearse! Hard Candy, was the greatest, also being my favorite! I’m sure I did make history seeing Sammy and Montrose together again.

Once again, Sammy rocked STL and STL loved it! Although I still have many shows ahead of me, this was the best so far! Although the weather was nice, I was still sweating my ass off dancing around and raising my hands! Even almost 40 hours later, I am still rockin’ with glee. Sammy did a great job, The Waboritas Rock, and seeing Montrose was something I will never forget. Thank you all for making my summer end with a bang before college, that’s just what I needed. I already look forward to seeing Sammy and The Waboritas back next year (end with STL again… b/c we are the best!!). I love you Sammy!!

Christine Thrower aka ‘Red Rocker Chick’

P.s. To the person who threw the board up that said “Future Redhead Conceived in Cabo 6-03’ – Rock on… Sammy was that Redhead’s first concerts… keep that child away from Rap!!
When they cancelled the Anderson show where I had stage tickets...I couldn't stand the thought of not seeing Sammy anymore this, whats the next closest date near me......well, turns out to be St. Louis!! I've never been and knew it was the ultimate place to see Sammy (other than Cabo, of course!) and St. didn't let me down!! What a great town!! Everyone made me feel right at wonder Sammy gives you his all!!!


I've been a fan of Sammy's for 26+ years, I've lost count the number of times I have seen the "MAN" but the St. Louis performance Saturday night was pure magic!! Rock and Roll at its best!!!! When Montrose hit the stage....we were ALL young again! I closed my eyes and remembered the days when I first heard those songs and to be able to hear the original members play the songs the way they were meant to be was the most euphoric feeling I've experienced in years (accept for the Sammy two fingered kiss a few weeks back ) The moment I heard "Make It Last", I thought I would explode!! Just when I thought it couldn't any better...Sam does it again!

Awesome, Awesome show!!! The love Sammy poured into the crowd just overflowed right back onto the stage, everyone was having a great time and you could just feel the energy, the fire, the connection!!!! I know I was!!

Sammy, plain and simple, you kick Rock n Roll ass.... Thank you!!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!! You've made this RedHead very very happy!!! What would we ever do with you!

You keep it alive and you keep it real!
It's all on the beach!!!

Mare (Mary Board)
Trinity, NC


Being a Redhead for 22 years (I know, only 22), well, there is nothing left to say that someone else hasn't already said. I came from the Chicago/Milwaukee area. I am right in between and alway see Sammy & the Wabos in both cities if they happen to play both. I have family in St. Louis and they are always telling me that I need to come down for the show. Well, I finally understand. I have NEVER seen a bad show, but this show was pure magic!!!! I am proud to say that both of my kids, 2 1/2 and 4 love Sammy. They run around the house singing Rock Candy and Bad Motor Scooter just to name a few. The both went to concerts in the womb.
Thank you Sammy for the pure happiness you give me and everyone that just plain adores you and the Waboritas. Thanks to Michael Anthony and Montrose also for the best show of my life. See you in Cabo!
Sherry Yaris
Trevor, Wisconsin


Incredible show. If there is any way you can get a RedHead Experience VIP On Stage pass, DO IT !!! Sammy is 1st class all the way. We were shuffled back stage about 10-15 minutes before show time. We all got a small Waborita, On Stage Funatics T-Shirt, Disposable camera, and a group pic with the band. The handlers told us prior to the meet that there would be no 1 on 1 pictures and to not ask the band for any autographs. Sammy was kind enough to give a few lucky people (me included) a 1 on 1 photo, and he graciously signed my Washburn Red Rocker Cabo Wabo guitar strap with no hassle from him or his folks. Way cool. We were escorted to our backstage risers, and Sammy came out and basically told us there were no rules, just have a blast. The show was great. He and the band gave us on stage folks about equal time as the audience. Mona threw back a couple of guitar pics and David must have thrown back at least a half dozen sticks. Mikey was great too. He stopped behind us during his "down" time and gave me a great photo. Montrose sounded as good as ever. After the show, Ronnie, Bill, and Dennie came back behind us to shake our hands. Really nice. All in all, the best show experience I've had. Sitting in the audience will never be the same. Thanks Sammy.

- Doug, St. Louis MO