Past Event

Sep 13 2003
Rock Fest
Mack, Colorado


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.



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Where the h*ll is Mack, CO?!?! I will be forever grateful that I found it! I have been a Sammy FANATIC since the very first time I saw him (accidentally) in 1979. But that's another story. Here is my recount of the September 13, 2003 show:
The band steps into the tent and the party begins... Sammy greeted us (there were only 11 REDHEADS backstage) and started making his way around the group. He walked up to me and put his arm around my shoulders! YAY! We got into place for the photos, Sammy still right next to me. My husband said, "Sammy, would you do a favor for me?" "Sure," said Sammy. "Would you give my wife a kiss?" Sammy turned and asked, "Which one is your wife, (as there was a lovely lady on either side of him) this one?" "Yeah." And with that, Super Sam planted one on my cheek!! I was happy to return the favor and kissed his cheek shortly thereafter! If any of my fellow REDHEADS caught that on your cameras, I would love a copy! (email: After the pictures, he signed my Super Man shirt and various other items for us. Sammy is just awesome - he is so genuine. I think he would have stayed in the tent and partied with us all night, but it was time to go. We followed the band to the stage and took our places right behind our favorite drummer, Mr. Dave Lauser. As the band did a quick warm up, the crowd on the other side of the curtain kept getting louder. In a flash, the curtains opened and the magic that is Sammy and the Wabos was everywhere. I was so excited, I have no idea what the set list was; all I know is that we were having the BEST time! After the first couple songs, Sammy turned to us and asked, "Are you having fun?" We all started screaming louder, if that was possible. Throughout the evening, Mona, Vic, and Sammy kept turning around to play just for us - it was incredible! I know they were having as much fun as we were. We all sang and danced the night away. For "Why Can't This be Love," Sammy joined us on the risers and held the microphone up so we could sing, too. During this time, I snuck another kiss (or two) onto Sammy's cheek. (Hey, it's not everyday a girl gets to meet her hero!! Sammy and his music have been with me through thick and thin for the past 24 years. I wasn't leaving that stage with any regrets!) At one point in the show, a large coal train rumbled by, sounding it's whistle. Sammy took this moment to show what a class act he is by honoring recently departed Johnny Cash, wondering out loud if he was with us right then. He also said, "God bless you, my brother," and dedicated "Eagles Fly" to him. That was a "goose bumps" moment! Later, Dave was tossing out drum sticks. One landed at my feet and I grabbed the stick as fast as I could. Unfortunately, so did a guy behind me. He grabbed on with both hands and tried to jerk it away from me. I was not letting go! Just then, some new friends, from Casper, WY, saved the day (night)!! They held out the drumstick they had caught earlier, offering it to me. I couldn't believe it! Sweet! So, I loosened my death grip on the stick and happily accepted their gift. Thanks again to Casper, WY REDHEADS - you rule!! The show was over far too soon, but my memories of this night will last FOREVER! I know it's been said many, many times on this site, but THANK YOU SAMMY, MONA, VIC, DAVE, and JESSE for the "Party of a Lifetime!!!" I love you all!

Amy Nortier
Fort Collins, CO