Past Event

May 2 2003
Crickett Pavillion
Phoenix, Arizona


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

Thanks to John Herman for the set list!



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 1  Redhead Comment

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Awesome. Sammy consistently puts on the very best shows. I've been a big fan for years and have now seen Sammy live 4 times (2 with VH; 2 w/Waboritas) and I will without a doubt go to his local shows every chance I get. He does a great job of changing things up and making the show so much damned fun I would never miss it.

And to The Waboritas, you ROCK! Sammy, you've even converted my wife. I took her to see the PHX show last year with David Lee Roth and you completely won her over. For your show this year she asked me to get seats closer to the stage. We were sixth row and now know there is no better place to be. What a great night!

Thank you, Sammy! Thanks for a great freakin' show and a great party. Look for us up front again next year!

BTW, thanks for the beads! We were lucky enough to catch the last set you tossed out as walked off the stage.

-Shawn Cibbarelli


What can I say? Sammy, you never let us down! The Phoenix show was unbelievable. My wife and I were front row and you were kind enough to sign our R.R. bandana.

The Wabos looked and sounded GREAT! Michael Anthony was awesome! He looked like he was having the time of his life out there. We are still coming to terms with the fact that we just saw 50% of Van Halen!!! "Seventh Seal" never sounded better.

The "Meltdown" trip is already paid for. Hope we can wait that long!

Ten 13, your birthday, our anniversary....See you in Cabo Brother!

Red Heads RULE!

~Brian & Jeanna McCullough~


Again Sammy puts on a rocking performance. I have been a die hard Hagar fan for over 20 years now. This is the eighth time that I have seen Sammy perform ( 4 with VH and 4 since he left). He definetely turned it up a notch in Phoenix. He played a few songs that are not normally on his set list like SpaceStation #5 and The Seventh Seal. I was in the front row and I was just amazed by the energy that Hagar, Anthony and the Waboritas put out. It's definetly a show worth seeing.

Don Rand


Wow Sammy! What an awesome show! Thanks for kicking ass in Arizona!! You promised to make Cinco De Mayo our personally holiday, so see ya next May! I have a new baby named Sammy (after you of course), few more years he will be rockin too!
If I could just get a crib mobile to play "I Can't Drive 55!" !!!

Sheila Wiley
Safford, Arizona