Past Event

Apr 30 2003
Anselmo Valencia Amphitheatre
Tuscon, Arizona


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

Thanks to Ray Lockner for the set list!



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 1  Redhead Comment

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Sammy in Tucson ??? All I can say, is I still can’t believe it !!! We shucked out the bucks and got those perfect on stage seats. We flew out of Omaha the morning of the show, perfect flight to Phoenix! Drove to Tucson in the convertible to get a little sun! Kicked out of venue parking lot for getting there too early !! Ha -- kool sound check! And the weather was so PERFECT!!!

No matter what the weather,, as long as we have Sammy, it is ALLLLLLLLL GOOD! Redheads ,,,, SAVE YOUR EMPTYS, search the cushions, do what ever it takes,, but get these on stage tics as fast as you can ! It truly was the experience of a lifetime, and we were expecting not to get much!

We got more than we ever dreamed of I can promise you that !! Worth every penny!! Sammy, thank you SO MUCH for everything, and we can’t wait to see you in Omaha in Aug !!! ;)

We really want to do something special for you to show our appreciation, not only for coming to see us,, but for you just being such a fantastic human being !! Our cosmic BROTHER !!! You and your music have changed our lives,, and believe me, for the better!! Let us show you how OMAHA ROCKS!

NEVER Stop Rocking !!!

Give to live!

Ray Lockner ~
Omaha NE


A+++ one of my all time top 5 shows ever I seen over 300 shows. So that’s a big one!! I have seen Sammy 10 times over the last 15 years he consistently puts on the very best shows !! No front man in my book does it better.. I've been a big fan for many years and he is only getting better !!I go to all the shows I can every chance I get. He Is the man on a misson to give his fans the best show in the world and he pulls it off…I was one of the lucky few that had the chance to go back stage and hang with sammy!!! it was the coolest think I done in years it made me fell like a kid again very cool sammy was great and the band was very cool as well..

And about The Waboritas, what can I say who need the vh boys with you have the waboritas..but we stell love Michael Anthony! HE is family,,Sammy,was so nice and real he doesn’t act or look 55. I would have guessed him as 21 he is full of life and kick ass rock N roll. I took in the first 2 PHX show and I sure glad I did it was the best time of my life~!!! We cant wate tell the CO and TX shows !!Me & THE king will be there!! Sammy going to get sick of seeing my face!!lol I hope not he is so cool!! for get the kiss show!! who wants so see a fake ACE for 1000.00 forget it. My money going to be spent at the Sammy Hagar and the Wabs,shows for sure !!!.We had on stage funatics tickets on stage and it was the best we where treated like a real guest not some smoes they where great to us and there was a good feeling and all had the time of are life.god bless the person who mad this happen and if it was you sammy you made some real fans very happy and gave us a feeling that will never be takeing away and In this day and age we live in this chould not came in a better time I forgot all my problems and stress and I felt a million miles a way for all the stress the world brings and for that we thank you!! What a great night!!!

And I want to say thanks to my friend Robert King a great friend that went to the shows with me thanks it was the best of times!!
and Roger for getting me hook on the cabowabo!!

Thank you, Sammy! Thanks for BEST show EVER and a great BACK STAGE party. Look for us SOON on this tour!

Brian Blackwell


The Tucson show was my first on-stage Sammy experience. It was soooo awesome! I went by myself but my fellow redheads made me feel like family. My admiration for Sammy now is greater than ever. He is such a cool guy. Us girls love him but he is also a man's man. He looked great and sounded astonishing! The rest of the band was really nice and always smiled up at us when we were on stage. I think also one of the coolest things was when the band turned around to us at the end of the show and took a bow. It was their way of saying thanks for being fans!! This show ROCKED!!


The Tucson show was a dream come true for me. We had on stage tickets and met Sammy backstage before the concert. He was a real gentleman as I stood next to him for pictures. He talked to everyone and made us all feel so special. But I think he is the special one ! He loves his fans and shows it in every way possible ! Sammy will always be my number one Rocker and I will always be his number one fan ! I sure hope you can make it to Omaha in August for the Z92's 25th Anniversary Z-Bash birthday party ! ! ! ! I have talked to our local radio station and sent many emails to your Omaha army of fans ! Keep Rockin Us and we will always be there for you ! ! !

Ray and Margo ( We Want Sammy Committee)


What can I say? I have been a lifelong Red Rocker fan, and always will be. The show in Tucson was as great as any I have ever seen.My girlfriend had not been to a Sammy show and I told her up front to be ready to be blown away,snd she was NOT dissappointed.
We were at the front of the stage,and even had Sammy put a guitar pick in my hat,(yes,it is now framed) so, for that I say Thank You.
The band was out of this world.Sammy said they had not practiced,but I wouldnt know it,they sounded crisp and well rehearsed.From the opening chords of "Shaka Doobie" to the encore of "Marching to Mars" it was a fantastic show. The vendors were nice, we got a free t-shirt for wearing my Cabo Wabo Hawaiian shirt,and cap,plus the Waboritas were perfect on a nice warm evening.
Thank you Sammy and Waboritas,SEE YOU IN CABO!!!!

-Corky and Armida