Past Event

Aug 29 2002
Irving Plaza
New York City, New York


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

Sammy performed with the Waboritas for this show without David Lee Roth.

Thanks to Matt H. for the set list!


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Compared to the Holdel show, this was much more Sammy's forte. He had the Irving Plaza decorated with mexican drapes, sombreros, and cabo signs! He gave us all free waboritas and tortilla chips. They also had a group of strolling musicians playing mexican music. All of this was before Sam hit the stage.

Once he did, he finally oculd say he was where he wanted to be. You oculd tell he was getting the "MTV" shit out of his system. I could tell watching the awards that Sam didn't really want to be there!

He rocked right through Shaka, Rock Candy, 3 Lock Box, One way to rock, and High and Dry.

Then TOP OF THE WORLD and out comes mikey. It was also during this vh portion of the show that i notices Sam's wife Kari was standing in front of me in the sound booth. Pretty cool. Mikey, Sam, and the Wabo's hit Right Now, Best of Both Worlds, WCTBL, and FWYS!

Mikey left and Sam finished up with LWL, 55, Metal and Tequilla!

Then my personal highlight. Sam called GARY out for the encore. I had spotted him Sam's crowd and hoped he would sing. He sounded great and looked happy to be there. I am one of the few that enjoyed him in VH cause my theory was without Sam, Gary was the only way we could here Sam songs at a vh show. Lord knows Dave Wouldn't do it!

So Sam and Gary shared vocals on When its Love. Then Gary pretty much controlled Rock and Roll and Sammy took the majority of vocals on EVERYBODY MUST GET STONED!


-Matt H.


My sincere congrats and heartfelt thanks to Sammy and the Waboritas for an amazing 90 minute set at Cabo Wabo at Irving Plaza last night! The supertight band blew away a rockin' crowd of cops, firefighters, and true fans with the intensity of the outdoor shed tour in a Cabo Wabo setting. Everyone relaxed and partied down as Mike Anthony came off his 2 week Hawaii vacation to jam out on the great VH tunes.Mona came back for I can't drive 55, and the stage was set for Sammy to '"turn up this fucker a notch ". Sammy was left alone on stage with the keyboard player while the rest of the band went off before returning with a very special guest for the great "Is it Love"-----Mike came back out on base , and Sammy turned the lead vocals over to none other than Gary Cherone! Classy move Sam! The crowd went nuts as 3 members of VH jammed out on Zep's "rock and roll" and Dylan"s "Everybody must get stoned". Hot night in NYC, and thanks again Sam for the complimentary

You are truly the people's rock star!

Mike C. , N.J.