Past Event

Aug 28 2002
Tweeter Center For The Performing Arts
Boston, Massachusetts


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

This show was part of the Heavyweight Champs of Rock 'N Roll Tour with David Lee Roth.

Sammy Hagar Opened



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sammy opened the show and got the crowd rockin with shock a doobie. he did what he always does best, rockin the house and having a blast while he does it. we had a couple of surprise guests with michael anthony joining sammy for a great set of van hagar tunes. you could tell michael misses performing and had a great time on stage with sammy. and mona sharing the spotlight with michael was just another great thing to like about the waboritas. gary charone joined sammy for dreams at the end of sammy's set. the crowd loved every minute of it. you had sammy, michael and gary all on stage, all singing and having a blast. the only thing i would say i didnt like about the show was that it was only 90 minutes of sammy, and he didnt do enough of his solo work. basicly there was never any doubt in our minds who the heavy weight champ was and would always be.

sammy is the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for dave's show well.......... we never saw it. lol we just couldn't ruin an otherwise perfect evening by watching a washed up has been trying to re-live the 1980's. we did read all the newspaper reviews of his show the next day and they were pretty consistant with the rest of the reviews i've read in that they all said dave sucked. oh well maybe some day he'll get a steady job as a lounge singer . lol

rock on sammy can't wait to see you again......... solo this time. my wife has been listening to you since she was 12 and got me hooked on the "redrocker" and i doubt either one of us will ever get tired of seeing you perform!!!!!!!

don and darlene


Wow !!!! what a show I have never seen Sammy and the Waboritas before you guys are awesome with Michael Anthony and Gary Cherone coming up there you could feel the energy and enthusiasm. Did you guys record any of the shows because I would love to see it again. Thanks

mark t.


this was by far the best Sammy show iv'e seen. His performance was the top of his game, and things escilated when Mike Anthony came up on stage. The two rocked like i've never seen before. The set list was a great mix of classic Sammy, Van Hagar & newer songs. When he brought up Gary Cherone that was fantastic. It showed Sammy has real class. By far the better of the two performers at this show. It was a nice touch how he wore the NE Patriots Super Bowl Champoins shirt a fan made him. And one last note the fans know who rules, when David made a comment about Sammy working for him, the crowed Booed David! HA HA HA ! Sammy Rules!

-Jim Buttrick


2 words are what can describe this show.

Absolutley great!

Sammy kicked off the night like a full blown hurricane.From the opening with Shaka Doobie to ending his night on stage with Dreams. He had the audience going crazy and his "waitresses" looked great too. Seeing (VH bassist) Michael Anthony on-stage with Sammy again brought back some great memories that I hope to see again with 2 other people that I will keep nameless. (but I'm sure you all know who I mean.) The Waboritas are a very tight and great sounding band. Victor played the guitar HIS way and never tried to sound like or copy Eddie Van Halen at all during the Van Halen era songs in Sam's 90 minute set.

The encore kicked off with When Its Love in which during the intro, Sammy introduced (VH singer #3) Gary Cherone on stage where they shared vocals on that song. Then, during the ending chorus of "nah, nah ,nah nah", members of the band BOSTON came out to sing. Sammy closed his show with Dreams, in which he kept Gary and Mchael Anthony on stage with him and they all took the farewell bow together. It was very classy of Sam to invite Gary on-stage, and it showed just what kind of guy Sammy is. Gary got a bum rap when he was in VH, but thats a whole different story. This night belonged to the fans, and THATS WHAT ROCK & ROLL IS ALL ABOUT.

Dave's set was good, typical Dave and his "all about me" attitude but his band held the show together. They are a very tight 3 piece unit that would be a great VH tribute band. Dave was the weakest link in HIS OWN band, sorry to say it but it was true. He looked good physically, but he looked tired after about 3 songs. No matter what Dave's die hard fans say, and I used to be one of them. He does not have a "high note" anymore.
Dave should have been the opening act each night, sammy's show just expells all energy the crowd has and even know Dave provided the songs his fans wanted to hear, Sammy provided the show and the songs that get the fans to come out and spend their money on tickets for these shows.

I would love to see the merchandise sales numbers, because it looked as if Sammy outsold Dave there as well.

So Eddie Van Halen, if you read this, call Sammy and make great new music together. Dave still thinks its 1984 while sounding like he is 84.

The winner by unanimous decision by radio callers after the show is by far Sammy Hagar. The undisputed champion of party rock & roll.

-Michael Q.


Sammy Hagar vs David Lee Roth- who would of thought? As the house lights dimmed in Mansfield , i knew i was a winner either way. Sammy opened the show in top form. The Cabo Wabo stage show was phenomenal, and the Waboritas did justice to every Van Halen song they played. Sammy simply rocked- clearly he was having a blast, and his voice was the best i have ever heard it (the setlist closed with "Dreams"..not an easy song to sing especially at the end of the night, but Sammy hit every note and then some!) Michael Anthony showed up for some VH hits, and even Gary Cherone came on stage for a few songs- what a surprise! The only thing missing were the Van Halen Bros. themselves, but no matter. It was good to see how much of a good sport and team player Sammy really is. Then it was Diamond Dave's turn in the spotlight. He was his typical self, dressed in a pink and black checkered body suit and bleach blonde hair. His stageshow was very straightforward, and he delivered nothing but classic Van Halen, with a respectable set of musicians. I enjoyed his set, although it seemed at times he could have been more energetic (several times during the show he was just standing on stage looking almost bored). His voice was mediocre at best, and his kicks, although impressive, were a little less then spectacular. However, he did pick up momentum as the show went along, becoming more energetic, and even nailing a few of the trademark Roth screams. The baton twirling display during "Jump" was unbelievable, and he definitely left the crowd feeling good. All in all, a great show from both parties, but I would have to say that Sammy's performance was the heavyweight champion of the night! Dave was good, but Sammy was absolutely at the peak of his game! Simply a great time!!

Warwick, RI


The Tweeter Center was rocking as soon as the video clips of Sammy came on the big screen. People cheered and sang with the music during the video interview with pure anticipation and adrenaline running through their bodies. Then it happened, Sammy was there, jamming his way. The Waborita Way. The night was filled with Great music, hot waitresses and plenty of Waboritas mixed up for Sammy and the boys. I have seen them in concert numerous times and the only draw back I had with this concert was it was at the Tweeter Center, Don't get me wrong Sammy was amazing, but to see him at a small venue is even more exhilarating. This was a fantastic set, solid selection of tunes and let me just say Victor and Mona..enough said.

Michael Anthony, seeing him was a trip down memory lane, he still plays nasty riffs and his voice is still solid. It was a treat to see him there, playing with Sammy and NOT Dave.

I am not a fan of DLR, but I was more then willing to give him a shot to prove my theories wrong that I have about him...he did nothing but prove my theory that he sucks and couldn't hold Sammy Hagars jock strap!!!! This guy comes on stage wearing the same things he did in 1982, doing his spin kicks ( I thought his leg was going to detach from his body, god he looks old) and screwing up the words to his opening song" Hot for Teacher". How the hell does someone who has been singing these songs longer then some of the fans there are alive, mess up the lyrics? He forgot words, he screeched and howled and his guitarist had to cover for him and sing the lyrics. The band is tight, they sounded great and they may actually go somewhere if the got a lead singer rather then a self center @$$ Hole dressed in a clown outfit. He comes out there and starts talking to this chick in the front row, she's giving him a look like shut the hell up and perform already cause right now you suck! Everything DLR says on stage is so un-personal and unoriginal it makes me sick, everything he said I read in articles two days before, so this cartoon character can remember the sexual things he wants to say to the ladies in the crowd, but can't recall the words to songs he has been "trying " to sing for years.

Bottom line, Sammy had an amazing show and had fun. Dave Sucks and should probably retire before embarrassing himself anymore.

Sammy is the undisputed CHAMPION!!!!!!!! No doubt

Cabo here I come

Sammy is my GOD

Scott P
Framingham MA


Last night me and four of my friends went to see the Hagar/Roth show in Mansfield, MA. Sammy took the stage first, around 7:45 or so and finally (perhaps reluctantly) left the stage close to 9:15. I'm not sure if it's because we didn't want to see him go or what. In between he dazzled us with some old favorites, brought out some of THE HOTTEST looking 'waitresses' I'd ever seen, surprised us with Michael Anthony, Super-surprised us with 'Local Boy done good, Mr. Gary Cherone,' AND . . . if you can believe it . . . the band BOSTON! Holy crap! My friends and I were completely and totally blown away. Mr. Hagar you truly are a master showman. Not because you run around, freaking out, but because (at least in my opinion) you became one with the audience by talking to us, interacting with us and generally showing us what one hell of a good party is comprised of: 1.) Throwing caution to the wind, 2.) Some of the most BEAUTIFUL Ladies I have ever seen and 3.) Mas Tequila!

The only thing that could have made this show better was if, instead of being a DL Roth/Hagar show, it was 'An Evening With Sammy Hagar.' Come out like Rush did and play for 3+ hours. Believe me when I tell you that we could have stood more stage time with Gary, Mike and maybe even Boston.

Dave took the stage second last night. First, let me explain that the stages were both very, very different. Sammy had 'Special' guests on stage to party with him. Dave had only many Marshall amp and lots of room to do his 'Karate Kicks' or whatever the hell you want to call them. It looked like a stage from the 70's heyday. Dave dressed like he did in his 70's heyday and the video production on the big screen resembled that of a 70's concert. The problems were these . . . Dave just can't do the high kicks like he used to; Dave needs a new outfit. I'm not sure if his pants were too tight or if he was afraid he was going to lose his 'Number,' but he kept grabbing at it like a baby boy that just discovered what he had that his female counterpart did not. Dave had a (what seemed like) tough time hitting some notes, and often forgot lyrics and was forced to repeat verses. Now I'm not sitting here telling you that DL Roth was a BAD show. I'm not. But I likened the show like this . . . For those of us at least thirty years old think about Pop Tarts. Yes, Pop Tarts. Do you remember what they were like around 1973/1974? They came in a different package, white paper with a foil lining. The Pop Tarts were so good you could eat them right out of the package and not get a bellyache because of how sweet they were. They tasted better than they do today; coming in their flimsy, silver plastic/foil type wrapping, with bearly any frosting on them. That's what Dave was like last night, Pop Tarts from this decade. Sure, He dressed like he did in 1978; sure, his stage was similar to how it was in 1978; sure, his guitarist pulled off Eddie-type leads, and even LOOKED (at least asthetically) like Eddie did in 1978; The bassist had great licks, and had the long hair like Michael Anthony had in 1978; and don't even get me going about his drummer. This guy looked like he was working so hard that he was going to fall off the drum stool at any moment. But did he pull off Alex VH??? You're damn skippy he did. But you know what. It's not 1978. And the recipe for the best tasting Rock has been changed. It doesn't taste the same as it did in the 70's. Sorry, Dave.

Joe Dalton


What can I say, Sammy was awesome as usual. Sammy came out rockin and never stoped. It was so awesome to here Sammy belting out mostly Van Hagar tunes. It was felt like the early 90,s when Sammy and the boys were on top of the world. It was totaly kick-ass to see Mike show up and join the fun, MIke is totaly kick- ass..... All in all, Sammy stole the show, I could have done with out seeing DLR sing, it was cool hearing all the old vh tunes, but the music was so loud that DLR voice was drowned out, you could not understand one word DLR was singing.
DLR should hang it up!!!
I would like to thank Sammy for the shirt, I was in the front row and Sammy gave me the shirt he was weaing during the show... a Patriots shirt
with HAGAR 55 on the back... also I want to thank Mona for the drum stick, and thank MIike for the picks and the half of corona beer...

THANKS for one
Hell of a NIGHT.....
Bill from Rhode Island...


Sammy was GREAT!!!!!!! It was an unspeakable thrill to have Michael Anthony appear on stage for about ½ of the set too. The 1 ½ hours he was on stage for FLEW by! The music was just the best! The Waboritas deserve HUGE KUDOS for the job they did.

The joy I experienced during Sammy’s show was quickly doused when Dave hit the stage. He depended on the guitarist, and bassist to do the singing he no longer can, and the parts where he did sing….well if left me wishing I had left right when Sammy went off stage instead of waiting to hear 4-5 disappointing songs out of Dave before leaving.

I felt like I had seen an awesome show, and then went to an OK cover bands act.

OH Well….at least Sammy was GREAT!!!!!!!!

-Arthur B.