Past Event

Aug 1 2002
Ice Palace
Tampa, Florida


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

This show was part of the Heavyweight Champs of Rock 'N Roll Tour with David Lee Roth.

David Lee Roth Opened

Thanks to TuffNutt2001 and philmar01 for the set list!


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Does anyone have pictures of the Sammy portion. I was on stage but was there alone so I never got any pictures.

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For the night of Aug. 1st in Tampa, FL., it is without a doubt that Sammy Hagar was the undisputed heavyweight champ of rock-n-roll. From the opening of Shaka Doobie, the energy that he and the Wabaritos brought to the stage of the Ice Palace was nothing short of phenomenal! Sammy definitely knows how to work a crowd and throw a party at the same time. The song mix was first rate, including solo works along with VH and Montrose material. Seeing Michael Anthony onstage during the VH set was a treat and worth the admission price. These two definitely have a chemistry onstage. Sammy even admitted at the end of the night that they were in a hurry to finish because of exceeding their allotted time.

As the opening act for the night, David Lee Roth was right where he needs to be on the tour...opening. Although David came to play almost exclusively classic VH, the energy that this setlist would seem to evoke just did not come through. Dave's sound was muddy and almost overbearing to say the least. It almost appeared that Dave was trying to cram in as many songs as humanely possible in a 90 minute set, sacrificing his time to interact with the audience. Dave is still the brash, egomaniacal frontman that he was in VH...albeit almost needing a walker to get around. Kudos are due to his band (and his phenomenal guitarist / Eddie Van Halen clone) for providing the backdrop to Dave's eccentric stage presence.

Thanks to Shane P. for this review!


The show in Tampa was unbelievable. Dave came out and really had a great set list. His band was very good, especially Brian Young on guitar. I've heard a lot of bad reviews about Dave, but on this night he must have been extra pumped or something....he really gave a lot of energy. Then Sammy came out and the crowd really got on their feet and the place was rocking. I think it's a lot easier to sing along with Sammy since he sings the song like he does on his recordings without missing a word - very clear voice. "Best of Both Worlds" with Michael Anthony was awsome. You can tell how much Mike loves to be up on stage playing the old VH songs. It really is too bad that Eddie and Alex weren't part of this, that was all that was missing. However, it was still very much worth the money. I would recommend any VH fan go to this really was the Best of Both Worlds.

Thanks to Patrick for this review!


I went to the concert trying to be as objective as I could. I am a major Sammy Fan, named my first daughter Kama, so you know who I was there to see. Anyway, I was expecting Dave to come out and make a prick of himself, but I was surprised. His antics were low key and is voice was great. I enjoyed it. Then the world exploded and Sammy put on another kick ass show (AS USUAL). I have seen Sammy before he was with Van Halen, when he was with Van Halen and finally the Marching to Mars tour.

I was hoping that he would blow Dave out of the state and he did. The Waboritas are the ultimate party band and Mona was a awesome "host" to
Michael Anthony. Thanks again Sammy, I got goose bumps the same way I did when I saw you perform the first time. In fact there is only one way to rock, SAMMY STYLE!.

Thanks to Rich W for this review!


Just to let you know my wife and I went to the concert at he ice palace, David went on first all we can say good warm up band. Sammy on the other hand knows how to get two hands together with one song. all Sammy !!!!!!!

Thanks to Baf317 for this review!


What a night of Rock-n-Roll !!!!!! Run don't walk to a city near where the Dave and Sammy show plays ....

Dave opened the show (this is the way it should be !!) and had his usual tantrum stopping the show during Panama to ridicule a fan who tossed a CD for him to sign. The next day in the paper a reporter reviewing the show stated "Dave has an ego bigger than the universe" and I would concur. Once you can get over that fact, the show was very good. I wish Dave would spend more time on his sound system than hair piece as the PA was weak and more often than not you couldn't hear Dave sing. It was a great selection of songs and for an 1 1/2 hours I had the testosterone raging as if I was 16 again. DOA, Unchained, Everybody wants some kicked ass !!!

Sammy closed the show and what can you say .....he rocked !! As usual Sammy had everything clicking on all cylinders ... sight, sound, energy, and appreciation of the fans. The set was awesome and to see Michael Anthony party/play with the Wabaritas was special. Sammy is the King and brothers need to get back the best lead singer they ever had or will ever have !!!

If that doesn't happen I am looking forward to Planet Us. Rock on Sammy !!!

Thanks to Krakill for this review!


Well, I went to see Sammy and David Lee Roth last night.

Words can not describe how pitiful David Lee was. He opened and played a little over an hour...about an hour too long....he and his band looked like they just stepped out of 1986. Nothing about his band was sincere or authentic. I was with a group of about 10...all of which (with the exception of 2) were there to see David Lee....I said at the beginning that Sammy would be the best....and was scoffed at......All of Sammy's gear was red with bright green and yellow....very beachy, surf-bum looking....Sammy, who is 54 (Dave is 46) sounded very professional....was up-beat and had the whole crowd standing for his near two hour set. He did allot of old Sammy Montrose song and a few Van-Halen songs....about three songs into his set, Michael Anthony came out and played. They did "Best of Both Worlds", "Dreams", "Right Now", "When its Love", and an awesome, long version "Finish What ya started" just to name a few.....and they sounded know the signature Van-Halen backing chorus they always had? Well, allot of that was Michael, when he was singing w/Sammy, it sounded exactly like Van Halen....If they have not come your way, I would highly suggest seeing them....Sammy was funny, entertaining an very positive...and at the end EVERY single person that had stated that they were a Dave fan told me things like "I had no idea Sammy put on this kind of Show" and "Dave is not even in the same league". He is a true rock and roll should check it out if you can.....Lenny (Kravitz) is in a few weeks and he has got a hard act to follow.....

Thanks to Roane T. for this review!


One of the greatest concerts I've ever been to. I got to see Sammy with VanHalen in 1995 and it was my favorite concert until now. Sammy was great. His band sounded great and I got a sweet surprise when I saw Michael Anthonycome out on stage to play the Van Halen tunes with the Waboritas. He sounded awesome and he looked to be in the best shape of his career. And speaking of being in shape, contrary to what people may have said, Dave is in great shape. He looks like he's about 60 in the face but he is in great physical condition below his neck. He was jumping around and kicking those shiny gold bell bottoms all over the place, just like it was 1979 all over again. The way he was twirling the microphone stand around during the Jump solo was amazing. He may have forgotten some words here and there but anyone who has collected more than a few old VH bootlegs knows that he's always been that way. And as for his band, maybe they weren't good at some of the other shows. I wasn't there so I can't say. But they were right on tonight. His guitarist had Eddie's sound down to a T. Dave's enthusiasm was amazing, too. There was one point during one of the solos late in his set where he just stood up on stage and stared out at the crowd with this huge smile, probably admiring his own ego, but it was almost like he was experiencing the big time for the first time again. It was great. He might be a pompous jackass but that's what makes him such a great showman. And a great show is what he put on. It was the closest I'll ever come to seeing the original Van Halen and I'd say that I did pretty good with it. I think some of the people doing reviews on this website are too caught up in the Dave vs Sammy debate that they lose sight of the great rock shows we all just saw. You don't have to pick a side.

As for Sammy's set, he was great. His voice sounded good and his band was tight as usual. Mike sounded as good as ever. I liked their choice of
songs. Sammy really gets into his shows. He was as happy as ever to be out there, having fun, and putting on a killer show for us. I've never had more fun at a concert than when we were all singing Why Can't This be Love as they closed out the concert.

The only complaint I have is that there was no opening act and the show started right on time. My friends and I figured there'd be an opening act
so we stuck around the bar across the street for a while longer. We missed the first three or four songs of Dave's act. Learn from our mistake. Be on time.

Thanks to Mike for this review!


Dave opened the show as people continued to come in late. What I remember from his act: His guitar player was more impressive than rumored (kicked ass), Dave got hit in the head from a fan tossing a CD to/at him, great rendition of Ice Cream Man and a lot of songs performed. Overall, he put on a good show and did not suck. He was good but his band was great. People were more than happy to have seen him perform. *side note: 18 yr old girl who worked there and helped people find their seats commented: "I don't know who he is but he's not bad." Ouch! I must be getting old! Sammy began the 2nd half of the show with an enthusiastic crowd. What I remember from his act: His show was upbeat and personable because of the club ambiance behind him on stage, Sam's voice was on the mark and sounded great, Heavy Metal and Eagles Fly stand out as crowd favorites, Of course, Michael Anthony only added to the fuel to the fire when it came to increasing crowd noise! It was impressive to hear the crowd sing every song-word for word. Overall, people came to see Sammy and he delivered. His voice, act, band, song selection, and everything else was great. *side note: all the shirts, hats, underwear, key chains, and posters being sold belonged to Sammy's fans. I don't recall seeing anyone wearing Dave's shirts.

Anyway you slice it this was a great show. Between Dave and Sammy you couldn't go wrong. Nobody was disappointed at all. Both shows were done professionally, entertaining, and flawless. If you read some critic bashing this tour it is because they never liked these two guys or VH! Neither perfomer or band is past their prime but rather aged to perfection. This should be 2002's best remembered tour for fans.

Thanks to Mike H. for this review!


All I can say is wow! What a magical night,I was lucky enough to be up in the on stage Cantina,those bleachers rocked and rolled all night long.While Sammy sang Cabo Wabo, he came over to our side of the stage with a drink in his hand and gave it to me(any photos would be welcome)Oh yeah:) He was awesome he sang all of his great songs tonight 3 lock box,finish what ya started,and to my surprise Hard rock candy(one of my favs) and he finished the night with Dreams(it truly was my dream come true, being up on stage with the man himself) He had everyone in bleachers join him on stage!! When he was finished the song I got a hug from him (Oh My) everyone backstage was wonderful as well,
Sammy you still got it, & I hope you never lose it! Keep on rockin' my man!!

Peace love & happiness

Thanks to Elizabeth B. for this review!


It Truly is a party..Sammy closed the show and it was great He's just having a great time and sharing it with you...when Michael Anthony came out the crowd just went nuts...Very Very Good show the waboritas were great as well...On to Dave half his show is good the other half is like someone is forcing him to sing.. somebody threw a cd at him early on and he got mad (I don't blame him) but he moved on ..He butchered Yankee rose and he closed the show strong.. but his Jump encore was horrific .. Its too bad he just can't try to sing "all the words" and "to the music" we try to but he' off on his own grabbing himself.. He wasn't as bad as most reviews I have read but clearly he should only be the opener..Seeing Sammy and Mike together again was worth the ticket alone....

Thanks to James B for this review!


First of all let me start by saying how surprised I was and my group of friends were that went to the concert on how good David Lee Roth was. DLR opened the show and was fantastic. He was electric, in good voice, energetic and his band was on fire. 2 Thumbs up for DLR... Sammy was of course...GREAT!!! I have seen him 2X with VH and now 4X solo and was as good as I have ever seen him. Michael Anthony playing bass was a huge treat. Sams voice was incredible and his set list was very good, great mix of VH and solo songs. I have always liked Van Halen with both singers..partial to the Sammy days, but this show did make 1 great point...What a mistake the VH boys have made. Roth/Hagar rocked!!!

Thanks to Sprtsman70 for this review!


I went to the concert expecting great things and I wasn't disappointed. Contrary to a lot of the reviews from previous venues, I thought David Lee did a great job if you understand what you get with him....Las Vegas glitz. I can't remember the whole set but he started out with "Hot For Teacher" and kept everyone rocking for 90+ minutes from there. The second song was Panama and was kind of funny. Some fan tossed a CD up onto the stage and almost hit him, so DLR stopped the song about 10 seconds in and went on a minute long tirade against the guy and told the guy his girlfriend had come back stage before the concert (you can figure the rest of the story)...... He finished with "Jump" and did a toe touch off the raised drum platform. For a guy in his late 40's, he is in great shape.

Anyway, as great as I really thought DLR was, Sammy definitely rocked the house. The usual bleacher were set up for some radio station winners and he went up into the stands several times. He really worked the audience and seemed to be having a great time. His band was fantastic, but when Michael Anthony came out for 5-6 songs, it really made you long for the Van Halen brothers to cut the crap and invite Sammy back into the fold.

Overall, the best concert I have ever been to and I have seen them all!

Thanks to Karl H. for this review!


Another great concert from Sammy, this was my seventh & he just keeps getting better with age. He sounded great & the band was tight. Great to see Michael Anthony having such a great time on stage with the rest of the band. The concert just seemed to fly by.

With regards to Dave, what an embarrassment! He seemed like a perverted old man. We were sitting in the fourth row, center stage and he kept grabbing his crotch & sticking out his tongue. He was crude & nasty to the woman in the front row. During one of his first songs someone threw a CD case at him. He stopped in the middle of the song & just made an ass of himself. I have never seen a performer do anything like that before in my life. The band just stopped on a dime, like this has happened to them before. Then he did this simulated orgasm with a bottle of Jack Daniel's, nice move Dave I guess when your voice is gone you have to do any gimmick you can to keep the audiences attention. My wife & I did not even last to the end of his set because it was so painful to watch. I was happy that Sammy was the closer, but we had to endure Dave first.

Sammy thanks for a great evening!!

Thanks to Nfcwabo for this review!


Went and saw Sammy and Dave in Tampa on the 1st and it was a great show. Dave opened the show and got the crowd into a frenzy. I’ve been seeing a lot of bad reviews on Dave but I think he kicked ass. He was exactly as you would expect him to be, raunchy and full of himself, but you know, that’s Dave. His band was very good too. No it wasn’t an exact replica of Eddie playing, but his guitarist did an awesome job. His high kicks did start getting a little old, especially when he didn’t quite get a few of them up there. After the intermission, during which the crowd gets to see a great little history of Sammy on the big screen, he came out and the Ice Palace went nuts. Sammy definitely shows that he feeds off the energy from the crowd, and there was a lot. When Michael came out it was just icing on the cake. While Mike was jamming Mona was right there helping out with some percussion and background vocals, and with the two of them singing backup for Sammy it was unbelievable. I am glad it was Dave opening. Sammy is a much better headliner, and I believe Dave isn’t able to carry the energy after Sammy like Sammy did after DLR. Just my .02.

Thanks to Phil J. for this review!


I first must say that I was pissed when I heard Dave was closing the show. BUT WAIT!!! That meant I didn't have to sit through his sorry ass show after Sammy rocked the house!!!

STOP! For some reason Dave ends up opening the show and boy did he suck big time!!! He looked like a dirty nasty scumbag, sang like shit and it was like watching a bad Van Halen cover band. Actually, I have heard cover bands that sounded better.

Thank God for Sammy!!! He saved the day!!! I am 29, and the first concert I ever saw was the 5150 tour in New Halen, CT(my mom took me and friend, but it was still cool!) I have never seen Sammy put on a bad show and this ranked near the top. Mikey played with him on 5 or 6 songs so it was even more special. They did awesome renditions of Finish What Ya Started and Best Of Both Worlds. My only disappointment was no 5150 or Poundcake.

Moral of the story. Dave sucks and Sammy still rocks! And judging by the crowd, if there is to be a Van Halen reunion, it needs to be with Sammy.

Thanks to Frank & Wendy A. for this review!


All I can Sammy was soooo awesome as always. Great to see Michael Anthony play with Sammy again. But for Dave he was so pathetic. I now realize why VH will never have him back. Way to go Eddie and Alex good choice. All I can say if you have to sit through Dave make sure you have MAS TEQUILA!!!!!!!!

Thanks to KT for this review!


The Show was great. Dave opened. He wore a shiny copper outfit, and bounced around pretty good. He of course doesn't have the voice or the delivery he had when he was 27 years old, but he did quite well.

Runnin' with the Devil was the highlight of his show to me. They played Cradle, Mean Streets, Beautiful Girls, DOA, Panama, HFT, Yankee Rose, So this is Love, Everybody wants Some, Jump, Show your love, Dance the night Away, Ice Cream Man, Unchained (Not in that Order.)

He had good energy and played with a very competent band. The guitarist played a pinch of Eruption, which I felt was blasphemous, but he quickly
bridged into Unchained.

Sammy rocked HARD! very very good set. Extremely good band. The Waboritas include an African-American guitarist and a female bassist. After about 4 songs, Michael Anthony joined the band, and played for about 45 minutes. Sammy mixed in alot of solo stuff...his band was VERY high energy. There were bleachers set up one the sides at the back of the stage, and about 25 people were on each set of bleachers. That was very cool. Sammy interacted with them ALOT. He played Best of Both Worlds, Why can't this be love, Mas Tequila, I can't drive 55, There's only 1 way to rock, When its love, Runaround, Dreams, Heavy Metal, Finish what ya Started, Top of the World.(Again, not in that order.)

It was very interesting to compare their styles. Dave is still strutting like a Rock God, with the long haired white boy band. Sammy seems like he's
just having fun...he felt very accessible and natural. Dave's sort of felt like an act.

Both had LOTS of hot girls on screen and on stage. That was a nice sweetener. Terri and I had a BLAST!

It wasn't a sold-out show, but the house looked packed once things got rolling.

Very interesting crowd...kind of subdued. The venue made it tough to really go off. People stayed in their assigned seats and didn't rush the
stage...that SHOCKED me to be honest. At most shows in Miami, everyone just pushed up to the front. As long as you got floor seats, you'd be at worst 10 rows back once everyone squeezed up. Most people were early 30s-to early 40s. It was an OK crowd, but by no means frenzied.

The best are the 40 year old women who think it's still 1982. Nothing more pathetic than a old washed up Rock-N-Roll slut. There were a number of them out last night.

Sammy Guitarist was AWESOME. I really liked him. Dave's guitarist was very good, but I think Sammy's is better.

You also couldn't smoke in the arena or even near the concessions. I don't smoke alot, but at a show I like to have a Camel or 2. There were ushers
running around making sure that no one had a lit cigarette ANYWHERE in the building. THANK GOD!! A rock concert with CIGARETTE SMOKE?!! Perish the thought!

Thanks to Bradley P. for this review!


All I can say is wow, what a show!! Sammy was awesome, we got to sit up on stage in the Cantina. Those blechers held about 20 people, and they rocked and rolled the whole time!!

During Cabo Wabo Sammy came over to our side of the stage, and handed me his drink!!! Sammy and the band where outstanding, I was really happy to hear him sing Hard Rock Candy, at the end of the show they did Dreams,& he had everyone come down from the bleachers and join him on stage, That is when I got a hug & a kiss,Oh my!!!! It really was a wonderful show, you could tell a good time was had by all, Mona was awesome, we really enjoyed ourselves, keep on rockin'!!:)

Thanks to Elizabeth B. for this review!