Past Event

Jul 31 2002
Mars Music Theatre
West Palm Beach, Florida


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

This show was part of the Heavyweight Champs of Rock 'N Roll Tour with David Lee Roth.

Sammy Hagar Opened


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I was in the front row for this show. During I can't drive 55 I threw a book about Ford Mustangs on stage and then he posed for me to get a picture. Sweet show!

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i saw sam and dave in wpb. i am a dlr fan, but i don't dislike sammy. i believe that he softened vh and does a better job solo. anyway, as far as the show, sam opened and was filming for a video and i was in the front row. i was kinda bummed that he didn't have much audience eye contact, totally played to the camera. being in the front, i could see this. if you were back it prob looked like he was looking at the front few rows. nope. anyway, his voice was right on, guitar player was great and he put on a great show. a few too many slow songs to get the place pumpin, but it was good. yeah, a little too much cabo wabo pushing.

when dave came out, the crowd went crazy. i've seen him on every solo tour and by far, he was in the best shape physically and his voice was better than it's been in 20 yrs. sounded just like 79. he played some old classics that i thought i'd never hear live again, doa, little dreamer, atomic punk, etc. he is the ultimate rock star, and can just plain old rock n roll. sam did a little too much bashing and talking. dave played, rocked, went home. all in all it was a great experience, but dave definitely took the cake. he also was very attentive to
the front rows.



Well let me say my wife and I were fortunate to be onstage for Sammys set.I was in awe because i have been listening to Sammy since 1976 when he Opened for Boston (Who by the way has a new album due out onAug 27).Anyway Sammy is the man!!!!Just like the other people said Sammy is true to his fans.I met Sammy when he was in VH and he said to me if it wasnt for people like me i wouldnt be here.He is true to his fans!!!He was shooting a DVD that nite and i got a chance to say something to the camereas I hope they keep it fot the DVD because i said that to them.I wish that Sammy would have closed the show instead of Cubic Zirconia Lee Roth because he was as fake as his hair.The best thing that Sammy should do if he want a great party crowd is to play at Sunfest which Happens every May in WEST PALM BEACH FLORIDA.I know it would be the! best place for him its one big Party setting .alot of other people would agree with me.If anyone out there was at the show and took pics please Email me at CLJR316@AOL.COM OR EVEN JUST TO CHAT.By the way Thank You Rob Kern for the hookup.

-Cliff L.


West Palm Beach was treated to a boner of an evening by the Red Rocker. Sammy opened which he came out to a packed house of 13,000 people ina sweltering heat. How this guys deifes age and logic is unreal---his voice sounded like 1984 all over again! 55 years old--remembe Sam is 7 years older than Dave. He opened with Shaka Doobie, followed by Runaround which was done wonderfully, 3 Lock Box followed which all enjoyed. Soon after here comes MA and the place goes apeshit---We are then treated to 6 songs---BEST of Both WOrlds was great, and Why can't this be Love was sung by all. They even did the 5150 dance to BOBW. A Harder Right Now was also spectatcular. Guys go and see this man play--he jams 24-7 365 days a year! He closed with WHEN it's love and Dreams---both done perfectly. Highlights--how about seeing sammy silence even the ! DAVE era fans with a one of a kind performance! Thank you very much SAM--------------
Dave came out with HOT for Teacher which was good except for the sounds problems--both DAVE and his sound techs were off for the first couple of songs which sucked because PANAMA is a kick ass song. RWTD was amazing, and Unchained was also great---but folks DAVE is a mere skeleton of 1984. He turns it on when he has to, while doing these gay dance moves instead of his kicks. By the way DLR doing his kicks looked like my MOM doing aerobics----it was really hard to watch---this guy was my idol and now he stands there and grabs his ball bag all night and looks at the broads(That is what I do on a Sat night--not at a concert!) Dave closed with JUMP which was done well, but we saw last night why he has NO SOLO career--FACT! He played 1 solo song! He can't create the old magic on VH! All and all go and see the show, but any terd with a bain will tell you that the debate is over--there never was a debate nless you are talking about 1986--as for n! ow SAMMY vs Dave--it is REDROCKER all the way!



kick ass, kick ass, kick ass, Sam fan I am!!! it was exactly what I expected and when Michael Anthony came out that was the icing on the rock n roll cake!! Dave was good but it was almost like he was in a rush to go somewhere. (like he got somewhere to go) all in all I was extremely satisfied. yes Dave too. but Sam is the man!!!! I think Sam and mike know what has to be next it's only natural!!!!

-Joe R.


I'll make this review nice and short. I've seen Sammy in Jacksonville on the VH balance tour, and his vocals were absolutely insane. I'm pleased to announce that THEY STILL ARE!!. His show in West Palm was energetic, intimate, and rocked!

Also, I was surprised to see that Dave seems to have a little more control on his aging vocals. he can't always hit that high note, but he knows that and knows when to try and when not to. He put on a great performance.
This show was one of the best I have seen in a very long time!

Tyson E.


Sammy Hagar has said that no one wants to be the opening act. Its still light out, people are still finding their seats, and a true headliner always closes the show. Well tonight Sammy and the Waboritas were the opening act. How lucky I was!!!!! It was probably the best live set I have seen in many years. The music was great, Sammies energy level was unbelievable, and the Waboritas sounded very tight. When Michael Anthony joined the band on stage, the place went wild. I do not know how, but they were able to take the show to higher level. Sammy did alot of his own music, as well as all the great VH songs he did with that band.

When Sammy Hagar ended his set(It lasted an hour and a half} I felt I could have gone home and been very satisfied. But I had taken my 18 year old son to the show. He had never really listened to or seen either sammy or David Lee Roth perform. I had been a fan of both for manny years, and wanted to get his opinion as to who was better. So we stayed for David Lee Roth. What a mistake! Although his band was really good{they hit every Van Halen note}, I can not say the same thing for DLR. When he hit the stage he just looked weird, he continually compained about either the level of his vocals, or the positioning of some of the speakers, and just did not seem to be enjoying himself. Surprise, either was I. Half way through his set I felt like I was being brought down from the incredible high of the Sammy Hagar set. I looked over at my son, and I could tell by just looking at him that he still had " I can"t drive 55 " rocking in his head. After the show I
asked my son for his opinion, it was the same as his dads. It was really no contest. The undisputed champ, SAMMY HAGAR. If he opens the show or closes the show it really dosen"t matter. Because Sammy Hagar and the Waboritas are the show!!!!!!!

Lloyd G.
Boca Raton, Florida


Wow Sammy is the man. I just wish he would of closed instead of opened. I was crushed to hear this because on the website it said sammy was to end the show. Sammys voice was incredible. The show was like one big party that I didn't want to end. Except the party did end when Dave hit the stage. Does Dave even realize there is an audience out there. He is so detached from reality its is scarey. Not to mention his voice(not good). The best part about Dave's performance was his guitar player and that you couldn't here Dave over it. To bad Sammy couldn't of played the whole 3 hours. The whole time Sammy was on stage the fans were on thier feet going nuts. Half the people were sitting down during Dave's set. When Micheal Anthony came out and played with Sammy it was like icing on the cake, and the pl! ace went crazy. If it was a heavyweight fight Sammy knocked Dave out in the 1st round!!

Scott R
West Palm Beach, FL.


This was definately one for the history books! To summarize, I have to say that my respect for Sammy Hagar and the Waboritas has skyrocketed as a result. I am a long time hard core Roth fan, and have seen Roth in EVERY South Florida appearence since the 1982 Diver Down tour with Van Halen. This includes the club tours in 1994 and 1999. The man was my idol growing up. I must say, though, that even though he still rocks, he is more attitude than anything else.

Sammy, on the other hand, knows how to throw a Party, and the vibe on his show was like bringing the Caba Wabo Cantina to you, instead of you going to Mexico. He was great with the crowd, and even went into the bleachers to sing along with the lucky few who were allowed onstage for his show. I beleive this is the "Cabo Wabo" area. I felt like I was attending a party, with Sammy as the party master. I tell you, he looks good and seems to be having more fun now then he did with VH. Speaking of VH, Michael Anthony showed up. I know he has made several appearenceson the tour, and I wonder why he doesn't play with Dave?
Also, I like to say that I thoroughly ADORE Mona. She is beautiful and sexy at the same time, and knows how to rock. Victor is AWESOME as well, and has great stage presence. I was trying to figure out if he used a pick when playing, or just his fingers
David Lee Roth, on the other hand, was upset during the first three to four songs. He was bitching to someone off stage about his sound, complaining about the bass and the vocals, and kept on getting people to come out and wipe the floor with towels. Dave came off as more of a task master then a party master. His band, however, was GREAT! Especially Ray Luzier on heavy artillery. That man plays drums like a madman (GO METAL SHOP) and Brian Young looked and sounded great (GO PUNKS). Last time I saw him was with the Atomic Punks (VH tribute) last year.

Everybody seems to be comparing the two artists as if this were a heavyweight title bout. I say that the two shows were completely different, with different vibes. Sammy put his heart into it, singing his tail off, while Dave seemed to be talking through the lyrics as opposed to singing them. They were both great shows, and I am glad I had the opportunity to partake in this chapter of VH history.



Saw the show last night in West Palm. From a musician/fan standpoint: without Neal Schon and Dean Castronovo with Mike A. it was sub par. Sammy sounds as good as ever. Better pipes than anyone in the biz. C'mon a hired gun is not supposed to hack guitar solos through the entire set.Especially when they are the simple V-H licks. I was encouraged to see Mikey but bummed when the rumors of a partial HSAS super group did not show. I'm sure with Neal or a monster guitarist (Michael Lee Firkins or whoever) This would have been tops. But it was still allot of fun. You should have gotten Terry Bozzio and Jeff Beck. That would be the ticket. Can you afford those guys. Get some pros for a back-up band. Sammy is better than this. Keep the barmaids. It reminded me of looking out at lands end while surfing Monuments in San Lucas.
- Dan Q.


1st things first Sammy is the UNDISPUTED champion of rock n roll. From the 1st note of Shaka Doobie till the last note of Dreams, Sammy was unbeatable. I have seen Sammy with Van Halen back on his last tour with the band in support of Balance. After that show I left disappointed. But he more than made up for that show. Seeing Mike and Sammy on stage together was absolutely amazing. Vic and Mona were unstoppable.

As for Diamond Dave. He has lost his luster. The man relies too much on his musicians and the crowd. I have never seen Dave before seeing how I am only 24. As I told my friend and Girl friend. He is all theatrics. He has no voice. To me I was on the thin line of who's Van Halen was better until now. Sammy definitely proved to all of South Florida that Van Hagar is the best and will ALWAYS be the best.

Until the next tour make mine CABO



I went to the show last night in West Palm Beach.

I know people reading probably think that the reviews are one sided because it is Sammy's website. But I went to the show to see DLR and not Sammy Hagar (as I really wasn't a fan of his work), but by the end of the night my opinions of both performers changed.

I never realized how good of a performer Sammy Hagar was until I saw him and his band last night. There was a reuinion concert last month here with
WInger, Cinderella, Poision, etc. and Sammy blew all of them away. They were amazing! Sammy sounds the same as he does 15 years ago. We were tipped off about Michael Anthony showing up and it did not disappoint.

I wish I could say the same for David Lee Roth. I was a big fan of his back in the days of early Van Halen - 1984, and his solo work up to Skyscraper.
Its obvious that his talent is gone and its sad to see him perform. He puled the same stunts about his tech crew not working properly and he was
completely off on his lyrics, almost as if he was out of air. I went to the show looking forward to seeing David Lee Roth, but Sammy Hagar was the better performer and now has a fan. (I enjoyed 5150, but never really any of the late Van Halen stuff). If Sammy came back to South Florida and did a solo tour, I would buy tickets. If David Lee Roth did the same, I would pass.

Sammy gave us our moneys worth for the tickets in his 90 minute set.

If you are going to see a show, you'll see lots of mullets in the crowd to laugh at, thats an extra bonus.


Delray Beach, Florida


I just thought I'd drop a quick line regarding the show I attended last night.

I actually worked at this particular venue last year, and the Sammy show was the first concert I had attended since my employment was terminated.

Of course, having worked "behind the scenes" you notice things the general public doesn't. I must admit, I thought the "draw" for me was going to be
DLR. Just wanted to let you know that SAMMY rocked the house, and the general consensus was that SAMMY "converted" alot of the fans..HE BLEW DLR out of the water...I'm sure this tour will generate a renewed interest in the purchase of the CD's. I know a few people planning on adding to their collection.

Oh, well, I'm sure you get thousands of emails, and this one probably doesn't mean much.

We really enjoyed it, and would go see Sammy again. DLR should forget it~

A new Fan!
West Palm Beach Mars Music July 31st, 2002


Sammy put on one hell of a show!!!! All I have to say about David is that if he had a mirror in front of him while he was performing he would have been in heaven the man is so into himself!! I loved how Sammy was so into his fans, it seemed David was more concerned on getting the show over with than pleasing his fans, he blew threw his set faster than any headliner band I have ever seen. I admit I came there to see DLR, boy was I wrong, I left a Sammy fan. Sammy your band rocks. Michael Anthony coming out was awesome as well, all of you looked so happy to be performing together, that's also what made this a great show. Kudos to DLR's guitar player he hit the notes right on. From what I have read about previous reviews for the sound on DLR's set were definately true, nothings changed, it was terrible. The poor man he definately was %100 into this tour for the money and obviously didn't care what his fans thought!!!

Squirly Shirley from Naples FLORIDA


Tonite I took My 6 year old to his first concert.Got mixed looks over that one. I COULD NOT think of anyone whom my son would enjoy more. The 2 champions of Van Halen together. I dressed him in my preserved Hagar North American Tour jersey from 1983, when Sammy toured with ZZ Top. My son was already well versed in the music. (Let me bore you with some background.) I figure, until Tristan turns 13 or 14 I'll be pretty cool, then I'll instantly turn into a dick! (typical teenager, huh) It won't be until he turns 24 or 25 until I'll be cool again. So i'm trying to make the most of those years when he's receptive to hanging with the old man. He races BMX, motocross, and hammers a mean air guitar.

Now as far as the concert tonite. SAMMY FLAT OUT ROCKED. He put on a show that felt like we were front row. this was the first time I've got to see the Waboritas. AWESOME, sorry, I'm not trying to suck up but they really did put on a great show.

Here's the kicker, when Roth took the stage it was immediately apparent a majority of crowd came to see him. He took the stage in a pissed off rage, screaming for more vocal volume and this and that. Not very thrilling for a lot of people. Yet Dave hammered through for 1 1/2 hours. Jamming the old school VH, with a lead guitarist who could have been Eddie's clone.All in all, both parts of the concert were exactly what I had hoped for. No BS hair, gimmics or Yo' MTV, just flat out ROCK AND ROLL. And yup, tonite I go home a hero to my son.

-Kelly H.


Just back from the Sammy/DLR show in West Palm Beach. We had seen the tour opener in Cleveland, and it totally rocked and tonight was even better!!!

Sammy totally kicked ass!!!! Michael Anthony, was awesome! There's no way to pick a favorite song --- the whole part of the show was so full of energy! The Waboritas, Michael and Sammy just look like they're having a great time and it comes through in their performance!!

We were 5th row section 1 (just right of the stage!) They're filming for Sammy's upcoming DVD, and if I make it through the cuts, I'm the blond with her hair pulled back in a little black tank and a pair of jeans, singing my FAVORITE SONG OF ALL TIME "TOP OF THE WORLD" (they gave me a little camera time!!) ;-)

As for DLR, let's just say, his voice sounded better than at the tour opener. But he actually ordered the tech to turn up the volume on his mic several times early on?!?! (Don't they do dress rehearsals for that reason?) I mean, shit happens, but wow! He was also ordering the roadies to clean up wet spots. His cheesy banter was just plain freaky!!! If you closed your eyes, yes you felt like it was more than 20 years ago (with much credit going to his band) --- but the key is to CLOSE YOUR EYES! Dave, is way too into being a rock star and I bet if you asked him, all of the songs he did were a success because of him, with no credit or mention of Eddie!!!

Anyway, we had a great time --- THE CHAMPION ROCKER OF THE WORLD --- without a doubt is SAMMY HAGAR!!!!!!!!

-Melanie D.


I just attended the West Palm Beach Show and as a lifelong Van Halen fan I think I am a pretty objective observer as I really carried no bias toward either singer, but after tonight there is no question the Sammy Hager is the stronger performer. Sammy Hagar was incredible, he was as great as he was the first time I saw him perform over 12 years ago. David Lee Roth was an embarassment, in fact we left early in the middle of Roth's set. My youngest brother attended the show with me, as he was a Van Halen fan since he was five, and was taken to his first Halen show when he was seven years old, and during Roth's set he leaned over to me and said, "this is the guy that everyone was upset left the band," Sammy Hagar is truly the greatest lead singer on earth and it was a privilege to see him one more time. David Lee Roth should hang it up, and if he really insists on showing up each night he should open for Sammy, put in his twenty minutes, sing Jump, Panama, and Hot for Teacher and then move on so the great one can show us how its done. Way to go Sammy, you made us proud one more time.

-Scott R.
Tamarac, Florida


Just wanted to send a quick note about last nights show. I grew up a big VH van and recognize both Dave and Sammy are different but I enjoyed each VH band regardless. I was hoping DLR can take me back and the only place he took me was the exit early. He was so bad and I feel he embarrased himself as well as ruin classic songs. Sammy is a music god. He is so real and connect with the fans so well. I had such a good time and jammed the entire set. Redrocker was on his game !!!!

As a side note - My wife and I decided to celebrate our anniversary in Cabo, in early Oct to coordinate with the shows in Cabo. Can you let me know how we can get in and what we need to do to see the show? Any help would be amazing - It would be real dissapointing to travel from Florida and not get in.



"Let's get ready to rumble"....

Had been looking forward to this concert for a long, long time...saw Dave and his solo band (Steve Vai & Billy Sheehan) back in '86 and Sammy with VH in '88 for the Monsters of Rock tour. I liked them both, although I prefer Sammy's solo stuff more than Dave's.

Anyway, (Round 1) the night was right to drink Cabo and ROCK!....Very warm and very humid at the outdoor Ampitheatre. At first, the crowd looked very sparse; however, as the first lick of Sammy's set started, the crowd grew to capacity. Sammy looked a bit older and the short hair and bushy mustache and beard were quite different than the younger, yellow-clad Sammy that was shown in the "I Can't Drive 55" video. But, I digress....Sammy played and sang well throughout his set. The classic solo stuff sprinkled with Montrose "Rock Candy" was good. (Round 2) His VH set with special guest, Michael Anthony was definitely a highlight. Michael had to practically rip the base off "Mona", but did get it from her. Mona looked a bit out of place banging a tamborine with a drum stick, but...too bad. I prefer to see Michael any day. Obviously, Michael Anthony was ready to rock. He had a big grin on the entire time he was on stage, bouncing around like he did 20 years ago. Sammy's group of Waboritos in the back consisting of fans made the stage alot smaller, but showed how Sammy can relate to the fans....which was much more evident after seeing DLR on-stage. DLR. (Round 3) First, DLR Van Halen is classic. The set list David had was first rate. I can't think of much that he and his superb cover band didn't play. But....Dave either is alot older and crotchety than I thought....or his sound crew blows. From the first note, Dave was looking to the right at the sound crew, making gestures to them to increase the levels, moving the amps around....and even telling them to "turn up the voice" as part of his lyrics to "Hot For Teacher"....His voice was ok, sans the high notes. But he showed very little when it came to interaction with the fans. Either he was ripped, he was sick, he was old...take your pick. A definite Prima Dona. Thank God he had a good guitar player who copied Eddie what's his name almost note for note. On "And the Cradle...Will Rock", the guitarist was right on-- sounded very good with that echo "chug chug chug" sound. (Round 4) As Dave apparantly did in his other shows, he found a cute blonde in the front row and told the crew to "give her a backstage pass"....and proceeded to "Jack" (Daniels) off on her. Of course, the crew had to come out on their knees and clean up the mess with a towel as Dave was directing them where the wet spots on the floor were. (Round 5) The band sped through the set with "Dance the Night Away, "You Really Got Me" ( with a version of "Eruption"), "Panama", "Atomic Punk" and Dave's only attempt at guitar "Ice Cream Man" plus a boat load more hits. Superb choices.... Ended the night with "Jump". The giant video screen showed Dave's displeasure with the sound, again. But, a good rendition nonetheless...
Overall, the concert was very good. Together, these two guys and their respective bands were worth the price. I could care less if the brothers VH tour again. If they do, I HOPE both Sammy and Dave join them....

Result: Sammy TKO at the end of the 5th (of Cabo)

-David A.


Sammy put on an amazing, high energy show at the Mars Music Amp. in West Palm Beach, Florida on 7/31/02. The Waboritas sounded in top form as they belted through Sammy's impressive set. We were lucky enough to have VH bassist Michael Anthony join Sammy here in Palm Beach. Sammy & Mike worked the old VH magic on stage.......5150 time!!!!! Watching the two on stage together should give all fans hope of a Sammy/VH reunion. Sam's set is packed. He rips through song after song without a breather. He packs 3 hours of music, into a 1 1/2 hour show. From his solo classics like 3 Lock Box, to Van Halen favorites (name your song,he sang it), Sammy covers them all. Overall, Sammy brought his
best (as always) to West Palm Beach. Thank you for a great show, a fun night, and some amazing music.

As for David Lee word, "RETIRE." We actually walked out smack in the middle of his set. He sounded flat, could no longer carry the old notes, and looked miserable. Dave spent more time complaining about his voice volume & shouting at the techs. Trust me Dave, your mic volume should be much lower to cover your lack of singing ability, enough said.

Sammy carried the show here in Palm Beach, FL. His band & energy level are worth the price of admission alone. Sam you are a class act.

Thank you Sammy & come back to FL soon!!!! See you in CABO....

Palm Beach, FL


Got to tell ya... Went to the show last night. Sammy ROCKED! I was not sure who would be better, Sammy or Dave. Sammy sounded as good as he did with VH. Sammy, your band is top calibur as well.
On the other hand, Roth needs to get out of the biz.
Just disgusting. Not a good stage presentation, voice was crap, EGO, can we say EGO? What an ASS! His band wasn't worthy either. Dave wanted all the volume on HIS mike, yet sounded like crap!
Sammy, thanks for being a class act. I really enjoyed your show. Now please, DROP DAVE NOW!!!!!

-Ed C.


It's pretty simple. Sammy is a GREAT performer. He energized the crowd from the start of his intro video until his closing song. He's a real partier and made everyone feel it with him. The only time I sat down was for "Eagles Fly". When he left the stage for the night I was disappointed. When he got on stage, my friends and I thought it was a track. Sammy and his band play so incredibly well and perfect it sounded too good to be live.

Then you have Dave. Dave really does not have the same voice. I hadn't seen Sammy since 1992. I saw Dave in 1994 at a place down here in FL called The Button South. He was ok. And last night, he was still just OK. IT was great to see him on stage again, to hear older VH songs, but within minutes he was calling to his sound guy to turn up the mic's. In total, Dave probably had 5 or 6 instances where he needed to scold his sound guy (or maybe it was Sammy's screwing around with Dave). Also, there were a few beers thrown at Dave.

What it comes down to is Sammy being a classier guy. He has a better voice and could have gone on all night. Dave's voice was shot long before his set was over.

Oh well.

-Bram L. S.


My thoughts echo almost every previous review of this show. Sammy rocked and Dave sucked, period. Sammy showed a true appreciation for his fans and sang his heart out in the 90 degree heat. His band sounded great and Mike's cameo was a real treat. Great set list too!

As for Dave, what a disappointment! He sang monotone never even trying to hit his high notes. He also just walked around the stage with his head down and no real interaction with the crowd except for a brief retort to a fan who threw a water bottle at him. Dave is little more than a washed up
lounge singer with dilusions of his former self.

Geoff C.


hi all,
Let me begin by saying im the all time biggest van halen fan on the planet, i have lived and breathed van halen for the last 21 years. I will
also say i have always preferred david lee roths van halen to sammys. I was in the 1st row with my girlfriend at the west palm beach show last night. As a david lee fan i can say that Sammy completely and utterly blew me away. He was truly amazing. Sammy opened this show and his voice was so perfect. I love his band and of course mike anthony coming out and playing with them left me in awe all night. mike gestured to me that van halen would be back, but in all honestly the soul of van halen was and is sammy and mike. Leopards to change their spots and i have changed my spots. Sammy you have won me over.

Now to me once hero david lee roth. He came out and of course had all kinds of technical trouble. you couldnt make out any of the songs he was singing. My girlfriend who was standing next to me was the only blond in the 1st row. He motioned to have the security guard bring her backstage, she did not go obviously because she was with me. I cant believe he had the balls to do that, but he is dave and now i see why the halen brothers couldnt stand him. I also can see that david lee roth will never sing with van halen again.

When the encore of jump came on the organ part at the beginning of the song was not there and i watched david lee roth with really scary look on his face say to his sound man ( WHERES THE F@$%^ ORGAN YOU A@$%^@S). In closing i will say i have always been the biggest david lee roth van halen fan, but now i can say i am a sammy fan. Sammy you rule. And if there was a chance van halen would ever resurface it would only be with sammy. Daves best days have past im sorry to say. On the only positive thing i can say about dave he looked very pretty in his gold spandex pants except for his bleach blond receding hair. Get with the program dave, You lost your biggest fan last night. Now i hold up my drink and toast the #1 rocker of all time SAMMY HAGAR.

-David C.
west palm beach


Against my Dr's orders, I went to the West Palm show bent (from a diving accident a few weeks ago). Having felt like crap for over a week, the concert was the first time I did not really think about how shitty I felt. That said, this was a great show. I have not ever had better seats (Section 3 - Row G - 11 and 12). It was essentially front row. I can honestly say Sammy has improved with age - seeing the entire band (and all of them did a great job) perform in unison with Mike Anthony was absolutely great. I was hoping Mike would show up, but figured it was just the West coast show - what a great surprise. The best part of it - was how well the whole band took it in stride and seemed to be just having a great time on stage. I have to hand it to Mona for sharing the spotlight with Mike - they looked like old friends just having a blast. I can see where lesser folks might be threatened - but this was six people, no egos, and no baggage.
Our cats are named Sammy and Dave - so we brought an old Vet bill and my wife tossed it on stage - maybe it will get signed - maybe not. Yes, I am a die hard.
This was an outstanding show with an outstanding set list - totally well done. I could not count how many times I have listened to 5150 - playing songs from that album, OU812, and Carnal Knowledge was a good spread. Solo stuff like 55 and Mas Tequila helped round it out too. I cannot think of a better song to close with than Dreams. Even my friends who went with us (who are not die hard VH or Sammy fans) thought it was phenomenal.

Then there is Dave - and I will preface this saying that I never saw Dave live back in the day. I like the older stuff, and Dave seemed to sing it pretty well except for when he made up his own lyrics. Ice Cream man was well done and some of the others, but I would think Dave would stick mostly to the lyrics as they were written. Making shit up as you go? - I expected some of that from old live bootlegs I have, but jeez. I was glad to see him introduce his band (I was not so sure he would initially), as they did a good job with the music. Dave seemed to remember the lyrics to the older stuff a little better, but he clearly likes to be the center of attention and was reveling in it.

Lots of people definitely enjoyed Dave's performance, but I think Sammy, the Waboritas, and Mike Anthony definitely walked away with the belt.

Jason M.