Past Event

Jul 28 2002
Verizon Wireless Music Center
San Antonio, Texas


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

This show was part of the Heavyweight Champs of Rock 'N Roll Tour with David Lee Roth.

David Lee Roth Opened



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Sammy Hagar is awesome! I've known that for decades. Sunday night didn't change my mind one bit. That man is an incredible performer. I had never been that close to him before. The view from row K, seat 5 was great! I saw it all. The facial expressions of every band member, the perfect pair of tits on the front row. Actually, there were 2 pairs of perfect tits on the front row. What was I talking about again?

David Lee Roth came out and his band was really impressive. Dave seemed like a Las Vegas lounge singer doing a Van Halen Tribute show. The band was very decent. The sounded very much like the old VH. However, Dave had zero charisma and failed to hold the audience. Sure, we clapped and cheered, but it was mostly because those songs are so great. What were they missing? Edward Van Halen. I knew Dave was going to do a mostly VH set, but I would've liked to have heard more solo material from the gay one.

Sammy opened up with Shaka Doobie. It was great. That one song had more energy than the whole DLR set. Sammy was in constant motion for 90 minutes. He ran from one side of the stage to the other. He signed autographs during songs. He even laid down on the stage and stretched waaay out to sign some things. He's got people skills, goddammit! During "Heavy Metal", the guitar amps went out. Did that phase the king? No, it did not. He said, "Mona, do a bass solo!" and that's just what she did. A few songs later, seemingly out of nowhere, there was Mikey Anthony! It was half a dream come true!

I really don't care about the VH situation any more. As long as the Red Rocker is out there doing what he does, I'm a happy man! Long live Sammy and the Waboritas!! Come to Austin once in a while, Sam.

Thanks to Dustin A. for this review!


Well, I am one of the dyed in the wool, old school David Lee Roth/Van Halen fans that ever existed. Saw him last in 98, kicked my arse. Love Sammy solo, loved Montrose, Van Hagar - ah, well... not so much. Anyhow, I'll not get into Dave's lack of vocals on this tour, or his lack of flexibility once shown (the first "kick" of the night inspired a huge laugh out of the twenty-somethin couple in front of me)...

Now, Sam. Holy shit. I saw the last two tours, this is on par and then some! He brought out Michael, he had all the fine ladies with refreshments, the lucky folks on stage, the perfect attitude!!! Vic's rig went out right in the middle of HEAVY METAL, did anyone lose it? No. Sam's response: "Mona, take a bass solo!" Ms. Mona stepped up as if it were rehearsed. The rig never came back thru that song, but they changed things up a bit, and just partied down the rest of the night. The redlist is below.... Bottom line: Dave clocked in & went to work. Sam, he came to throw a party.

Sammy rocked, there were some guitar problems early on....Sam was cool....kept it cool....and said he had been playing places in San Antonio
since 1972, that had been torn down, and that "Tonight...we are going to F___ THIS PLACE UP!"


Thanks to Gary D. M. for this review!


It was a great night in SA, because the evening ended in a shade of Red! Regarding it being a VH night, David Lee Roth was the Junior Varsity and Sammy was the Varsity! Roth doesn't have the electricity in his jumps and kicks anymore, but nonetheless he gave it a valiant effort. The crowd finally found him endearing and he responded quite well. It was cool hearing old classics like DOA and Ice Cream Man. His guitarist did nice job imitating the master. As for Sammy and the Rita' seats required. No one in the venue sat the entire show. Sammy is the quintessential entertainer. He effortlessly displayed his coolness song after song. The evening was highlighted by surprise visit by Mikie! No introduction needed, he just came out and kicked ass on his bass with the band. I was totally exhausted by nights end of being waboritized. If you get a chance to see this show, don't miss it and hope it ends in Red!

Thanks to Pvhil for this review!


What a show! I've seen numerous Sammy shows -- before, during and after VH -- and did see DLR with VH back in 1978 and this show absolutely ROCKED! Dave opened and I must admit put on a terrific show. He played pretty much everything I wanted to hear of his era VH stuff and his band did an excellent job, although I agree with many about trying to cover Eruption is fruitless -- it only can work for Eddie.

You have to enjoy Dave for who and what he is as a performer.
Sammy and the Waboritas came on and were tight right from the start with Shak-a-Doobie. What could have been a real downer was handled with complete cool and professionalism -- both Vic and Sammy's amps blew right in the middle of Heavy Metal! But, like the Champ that he is Sammy kept singing and when power for the guitars was still not up for the solo, Sammy just turned to Mona and had her do the solo -- bass style. A lot of other bands would not have handled it so well. The guitars were back and the show went on rocking as Michael Anthony came out for a series of VH tunes and the place just went NUTS!! I was curious to see how Mona and Michael would handle bass duty, but Mona seemed to have a great time moving around the stage, doing back up vocals, playing different percussion and interacting with everyone on stage. Not only is she a great bass player, but also a great band member - secure enough to step aside for a truly monumental tour for any Van Halen fan.
Overall, I was more than pleased with DLR performance -better than I expected -- but Sammy seemed to be at another level than even his high standards this night. I feel I saw one of the truly special shows I'll ever see -- it just didn't go on long enough!!

Thanks Sammy and Dave!!

Thanks to David B for this review!


the show at verizon wireless in san antonio was nothing short of amazing. DLR came out, put on a decent show, did his old VH tunes, tried to pull off his old schtick, but it didnt quite work for him...his band was decent, and while i did enjoy seeing roth, it was nothing compared to what was waiting for us after the set change..sammy took the stage with the waboritas, and they never sounded better, especially when the guitar amp blew and mona ended up doing a bass solo during heavy mind was blown when michael anthony took the stage on bass, they tore thru a bunch of van halen tunes and me and my friends were totally amazed. it was a welcome surprise. sammy asked mike what hes been up to for the past 6 years, i dont thing mike replied, but it was hella funny. i can only imagine how dave feels about mikey jamming with sam, and even better, what must eddie think? personally, i dont care, because as long as sammy keeps rockin the way he is, who needs the vh brothers. mikey needs a spot in the waboritas. hands down, no questions asked, sammy wins this round. see you next time around, rock.

Thanks to Mike for this review!


Sammy rocked the house. It was a high energy party once Sammy came on stage. DLR seemed a bit old and tired. His mock orgasm on stage with a bottle of Jim Beam was a big turn off. I was very glad that Sammy was closing the show that night. Sammy played a good selection of songs and of course had great interaction with the crowd. It was a real crowd pleaser when Michael Anthony came on stage. It was like a blast from the not so distant past. There is no better way to spend a hot summer night than with the Red Rocker himself Sammy Hagar.

Thanks to Bobbi W. for this review!

Thanks to Dave P. for the set list!