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May 5 2002
The Fillmore
San Francisco, California

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Well while everyone else is now sleeping @ 6:30am after an awsome Sammy show,
i've already drivin home for 4 1/2 hrs, got 2 1/2 hrs sleep, and am now up to
go to work. But let me put it this way, it was ALL worth it to see this show.

We were lucky enough to get to go up on stage, Me, my brother (this was his 1st Sammy concert), & sister (along w/ a few other redheads). The show didn't start until around 8:30pm. It all started by
playing the song 'Cabo Wabo', then Sammy came out, his set list was pretty similar to the Las Vegas show on 9-1-01. He opened with Shaka Doobie and Space Station #5, then he did other songs like Finish What Ya Started (acoustic), Eagles Fly (acoustic), and he closed w/ an encore of a story about the song he was about to do 'Right Now (acoustic). Other songs included, Give To Live, Who Has The Right, High And Dry Again, Mas Tequila, Heavy Metal, ICD55, Let Sally Drive, Sympathy For The Human, etc. This show kicked some serious ass.

Sammy came up on stage and gave us all high fives and hugs, he passed me a Waborita at one point, I got a Guitar pick from Mona, and the Cabo Girls (waitresses) were awsome, I don't care how many times you've been to a Sammy show, you've never seen anything like this. The girls were comming out in floss bikinis one after another (3 total), then because we were on stage, we had a sneek peek of to the side of all the girls partying, and changing there clothes. when they saw we were looking at them they got even more freaky, flashing us, kissing each other, rubbing and kissing each others breasts, putting there hands down their bikini bottoms and touching themselfs. I mean wow, and these girls were hot. Then by the time Sammy got to his song Let Sally Drive they came out and danced and ripped off there shirts on stage and started rubbing and grinding on each other, then from that point on they would come out topless on stage, and over on the side of the stage was more of what they were doing earlier.
But what more can i say, it was another AWSOME Sammy show.