Past Event

Jan 28 2001
Konocti Harbor
Kelseyville, California


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 9:00PM.

Cabo Wabo Birthday Bash Tour

We basically had the same seats Sunday night as we did the night before, just a little bit further toward Mona's side. The view was awesome, and again, I couldn't wait for the show to start! The REDheads were out again in full force and anxiously awaiting the start of the show just as the night before. This time the stage was filled with all contest winners with the exception of 3 REDheads........I will let them tell you who they are if they so desire. Again, the crowd was chanting Sammy's name once the lights dimmed and "Real Deal" was playing! Finally the wait was over, and out came the band........Looking as happy as ever and ready to ROCK out for us once again!!

Mona had spent a good portion of the day around the resort talking to people and really taking the time to talk to fans and get to know people. This woman truly ROCKS like no other.......She is a one of a kind, unique and amazing human being! I had the pleasure of being able to introduce my mom to her, and Mona treated my mom with only the kindest respect as we would we only expect from such a first class LADY! So, when she came out, I was cheering her on and yelling her name! She came over to me and high fived me and soon after gave me a pick! In my opinion, this pick should go to no other person other than my, that's who I am giving this to!

Sammy came out and looked around at everyone and gave us that famous smile as he starting jamming! I pulled out my sign for him to see. He did the same as the night before.........smiled, and shook his head........I am sure that this man thinks I am totally insane by now.......But, that is just par for the course. Several times he said that we were some crazy sign making fools........LOL!

I really did not think that he could make me feel anymore special than he did the night before. However; I guess I should know by now that Sammy is always full of surprises.......You just never know what he will do next! This man never ceases to amaze me! The only goals I had for Sunday night was to make sure that I got one picture of me holding my "SAMMY STALKER" sign up signed by him, and to get him a note in which I explained to him why "Who has the Right" has so much meaning to me! I did have some things I wanted to throw on stage, but they were just "fun" things........The usual underwear, boxer shorts and stuff like that. Not only was I able to accomplish what I set out to do that night, but Sammy gave something to me that I will hold close to my heart forever!

First he asked us who had all been to last night's show.......As I was screaming and jumping around saying, "me, me"......He looked at me and said, "Ok what shows haven't you been to?" I said, "well......there's a couple." He said, "oh only a couple huh? Let's see which ones were those?" It was so funny to listen to him say these things. Shortly after that he came over to our side of the stage and I held up a note asking him if he had indeed gotten the bottle of wine I had given him the night before. He had left it on stage when the show was over, and I was afraid that he was not going to get it afterwards. I asked one of his stage hands to make sure he got it, but I wanted to be sure of this for myself. He told me that yes, he had gotten it and that he was going to take it home and drink it. Then he handed me a pick, and kissed my hand! I was so happy that seemed to really like the gift I had given him!

Later, when he came back over to our side of the stage........I handed him the picture that I had taken with him when I met him last August. He had signed it for me in Cabo, but I had been trying for the last 6 or 7 shows in which I had get him to put "To Diane" on it. When I asked him to do this.......he looked at me like I was crazy......Then, he took the picture, laughed and instead of writing what I wanted, he wrote something even better than that in my opinion......He wrote, "DIANE RULES"!!! Then he signed my other picture for me right afterwards. I am so stoked that I actually have my picture with him not only signed, but personalized in a way that only Sammy could put into the BEST words!!! Did I mention how much I love this man........and how many times he told me he loves me and blew me kisses and/or kissed my hand? I think I lost count of how many times he did this to me in the last two days! For 20 years I have only dreamed I would ever be able to meet this man........and only two years ago, I thought that being in the front row for the very first time, after, camping out overnight for the tickets, was truly going to be the most amazing Sammy thing that could ever happen to me. Little did I know, that was only a preview of so many other wonderful things yet to come. I never thought after my entire life being turned upside down by being victimized by some asshole that is still out there somewhere, that I would be able to ever find any joy in my life again. And, then a incredible HUMAN BEING touches my life in a way that no one else understands but REDheads!! I have wanted to tell Sammy how he has touched me ever since that first front row experience two years ago........and I never thought I would get the opportunity!

But, before I did that......I wanted to do my "fun things".........So, I held up the underwear and he came over to me and told me to put them on his head.......Ok, that was fun........His hair is oh so soft........Ahhh!! He motions his way back to the microphone where he had his collection of underwear and bras growing (as usual for Sammy........LOL) and he says, "You people are gonna get me in trouble.........You see, my old lady is here, and after the show is over, I'm gonna smell like pussy, and I know that I won't be getting any tonight because of this." LOL! Then, soon after that, I handed him a pair of boxers that had all the symbols of a deck of cards on them.......In the center, it had two hands holding a set of cards up and it said "LOADED DECK." Sammy, looked at them, laughed, held them up for the crowd to see.........Looked at me and laughed and shook his head! Then he set them down and went on with the show. I was really hoping that he would put them on like he did Brenda's, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from enjoying the rest of the show!!

He did hand me another waborita again that night..........but one drink for the year is about all I need or can handle for that, I took one sip and passed it onto the other fans around me. Sorry Sammy, but a drinker I am not.........Besides, there were many fans out there that were dying get to that drink more than I was!

As he sang Mas Tequila, I knew to turn over any of my paraphernalia that I had out on stage, as he was getting ready to toss out the waborita into the crowd. I leaned off to the side so I wouldn't get any of it on me, but, it was almost like he wanted to make sure that I did get it all over me........and he said, "open you mouth", as he tried to pour the remaining drops into my mouth.......Of course, he missed and it dripped all over my face and blouse.......Oh well, for Sammy, it didn't really matter.......It's All Good!!

Then, he came back over to our side of the stage one last time before he left to do the encore...........and, I held up a note that I had written that said what the true meaning of "Who has the right" held for me. I told him that as he played it for me the night before that I cried.......Because not only had I waited to see him perform this song live for a LONG TIME, but he played it especially for me.......and I wanted him to know why it meant so much to me. I did not say that I had been raped, but I used just the words "brutally attacked". I felt that this was all that was needed to be said.......It doesn't take a genius to read between the lines, and I think Sammy did just that. He read this note, and he looked down at me and said, "Oh please don't cry, baby........That's why you were crying last night?" I nodded yes, and he said, "You're not going to cry again are you? Because I don't want to have to cry with you!" I did not cry again last night, until after the show.........Until it all sunk in as to what had just happened to me! Then, he reached down and kissed my hand again, and he put my hand on my heart.......At that moment, I felt as though there was no one else in that auditorium but me and him!! He blew me a kiss and then made his way to leave the stage.

As, he left the stage, he grabbed both pairs of shorts that Brenda and I had given him earlier in the show. In fact, I was so out of at this point, that I did not see him do this.......Brenda had to get my attention and point this out to me........And sure enough, when he came back out for the encore, he was wearing my shorts!! He pointed at me and smiled and I screamed and jumped around.........He laughed,and then turned around and shook his butt right in my face........LOL!! I was screaming at Mike to take pictures........I think my poor husband was probably deaf from all my screaming that night..........

When he came over to our side of the stage one last time as he sang Marching to Mars, he took off the beads he had around his neck.......Not just beads that someone had given him during the show, but the yellow/black/orange ones that are his own personal beads. I have seen him wear these at many shows, in Cabo and even when I met him at the radio station in August last year. He leaned over and said to me........"I want you to have these.....this is my gift to you"........and he put them around my neck! He kissed my hand and he touched my face with his hand before he said his final goodbyes and told me he loves me one last time......It wasn't until then that I started to cry! Sammy gave me something from him that was personal........It was so incredible, and although I have not taken them off once since he put them around my neck........I still cannot believe that he actually gave them to me. I know that he gave things he had on his neck to other people, but they were things that he was given by other fans at either of the shows this weekend. So, even though I may never know for sure.........I think that he gave me this as his way of telling me that I will be ok.......and that he really understood exactly what I was trying to tell him in my note earlier that night. I don't know if I'll ever get the opportunity again to meet him on a personal level like last summer, but if I do.......I will be sure to tell him that by him playing that song especially for me and by giving me these beads, my life has been altered in a positive way. Now, when I start to feel like I just can't cope (as I do quite often while trying to deal with my trauma), I will just look into my heart and feel Sammy inside of me telling me that everything is going to be alright. I will get through this, and Sammy now plays such an instrumental part of my recovery on a daily basis........

And, to think, I almost didn't go to these shows because of the emotional problems and some physical health problems I have been having lately.........I am so thankful that I did make it!!!! So, needless to say........Sammy, I can't thank you enough for making me feel special, loved and so appreciated by you!! I don't know what I would do if I did not have such a wonderful inspiration in my life. No one, other than my own husband has been able to make me feel like it is ok to wake up tomorrow, because the sun will shine again!!!

I got some great pictures from both shows. I will be dropping them off for developing both on disk and hard copies tomorrow. As soon as we get them back I will post them to the my family site, and I will check with Larry Benson about getting some posted on the as well!


Thanks to Diane Griffin a.k.a. Sammy Stalker for the review!



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