Past Event

Jul 22 2000
Rockfest 2000
Cadott, Wisconsin


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 8:00PM.

The band kicked Cadott's ass for the 2nd year in a row, and Sammy was commenting on how the limo driver was in a hurry to drop the band off so he could go party in the campground! He also wanted to take Sammy "cow-tipping"  (this is a midwestern tradition!) Sammy also stated, when he left the stage of Rockfest in '99, the told the promoter right then & there to book him for 2000! 

They opened the show with a video interview of Sammy on the "Jumbotron" screen. Sammy had great energy onstage, tho his time was way too short.  Victor cutting thru the crisp Wisconsin air. Mona, playing that "thunderous" bass. Jesse, with those killer keyboard melodies, and of course David, keeping the whole band's sound forging ahead into the  
night. The band is getting better, finding their groove and a comfort level not many bands reach anymore. I was busy keepin' My sweetie warm in the cool night air, Groovin' to Sammy's music like we always do. Hell, when Sammy is playing, it doesn't matter where you are, its who your with!  Glowsticks & "Sam I Am" sweaters, it's all good! 
Remember one thing MAKE IT LAST...............

Thanks to RedRandy Wilkerson for the review and set list!



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