Past Event

Jul 12 1999
Sandy Point Beach
Boise, Idaho


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 8:00PM.

The Red Voodoo Tour

First of all, Sandy Point Beach was a simply awesome venue, with the exception that there is no parking, so a shuttle service was a necessity for most.  But the stage was set up right next to the water on the beach, in the middle of a beautiful canyon.  It was 98 degrees, and the majority of the women came dressed appropriately!  Only 3000 tickets were to be sold, but Sammy announced that we had closer to 4000 in attendance.

The show started at 8:15 (about 45 minutes late) - partially a result of the fact that it literally does not get dark in Boise until 10:00 PM this time of year.  Sammy asked if it was "ever" gonna get dark here??

I did not record the set list, but it pretty much replicated the Vegas show, which I had seen the weekend before.  Sammy was keeping the crowd cool by providing Waboritas to those up front, but he may have gotten a little too generous.  Several fights broke out up front, and Sammy had to keep telling people to chill out and just have fun.  On a lighter note, with the heat, alcohol, and a little encouragement from Sammy, the stage was flooded with bikini tops all night and Idaho hooters o'plenty became an additional part of the entertainment!!

As always, Sammy constantly interacted with the crowd and, although most of the songs were the same, the "show" was completely different from the Vegas show.  If there was a disappointment to this show, it was the absence of his awe-inspiring "Eagles Fly" solo or another great slow one like "Returning of the Wish", but he performed to the mood of the crowd, so he elected to stick with high energy material by encoring with "Marching to Mars" and "Right on Right".

He said he'd be be back to Boise "real soon" - I hope like hell he means it!!!!

Thanks to Vit Burns for the review and Jack Schweinberg for the set list.


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