Past Event

Jun 18 1999
Allen County War Memorial Coliseum
Fort Wayne, Texas


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 8:00PM.

The Red Voodoo Tour

I'll cut to the chase:  Sammy ROCKS!  My wife bought tickets to the show for my birthday, and all I can say is that it was a great gift.

I've been a Sammy fan since Standing Hampton, which I would guess qualifies me as a Redhead.  Although, it certainly didn't bother me to see Sammy go with VanHalen, Sammy is happier now - no question.  All we talked about on the way home was how much fun he is having.  It was great.

When we arrived, my wife pointed out that the tickets I thought were going to be garbage turned out to be excellent.  Why?  Because Sammy had moved the stage to center court in the arena, and literally cut the capacity in about half.  Later in the show Sammy mentioned that his whole goal was to play to HIS fans - nobody else's.  He'd rather have 3 or 4000 Redheads there than 40,000 people who don't care whether he's there or not.  Cool!  Say whatever you want, but sammy said it best (and I quote) "I love doin' this shit".  He was referring to his passion for making and performing his music.  The other quote I liked was when his record company pointed out that Red Voodoo was a "party" album he replied "Heeeellllllllllo!?!? Of course it's a party album."  I was tickled by that.  No hidden meanings, nothing.  Just pure unadulterated fun,  Sammy style!

He started the show off much like I expected after reading the posted set lists.  Acoustic Cabo Wabo, followed with The Revival.  It was immediately obvious that we were at a party - not a concert.  The set list he played deviated from the norm quite a bit from what I had been reading, but I loved it all.  Because I play all his stuff, all the time, even my wife knew everything.  Except one:  He played a really nice acoustic version of On The Other Hand, and she didn't realize what it was until I told her (LOL). That's okay, she thought it was good even when she didn't know it.

The show played out for a click over 2 hrs., and was ended by Returning of the Wish.  Sammy explained the song, and how it was really designed to end the party on a "good feeling".  It did.  Sammy rocks, has a great stage presence, has a great band, and most of all, knows what he's doing all this for.  Because he loves it!  And he let's it show.  After the Balance show, I told my wife that I probably wouldn't see VH again.  It seemed like the thrill was gone.  Sammy is nearly polar opposite from 1995.  And frankly, so is my perspective on whether I would see him again.  I told a friend in response to "how was the concert?": If he were playing again tonight, I'd be there.  

Thanks to Martin Dunham for the review and Ron Higgins for the set list!



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This should be Fort Wayne, Indiana. Not Texas.