Past Event

Jun 11 1999
The Courtyard at Big Daddy's
Providence, Rhode Island


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 8:00PM.

The Red Voodoo Tour

Well here's the deal on the Providence show last night. The show was at The Courtyard at Big Daddy's in the old jewelry district of downtown Providence. Big Daddy's is two old jewelry company buildings that have been converted into clubs. What they have done is knock out one of the rear walls of one building, and that is where the front of the stage is. The fenced-in area behind the buildings serves as The Courtyard, all open-air. They sold out all 1,600 tickets for the show, and it was a tight fit, the place was jammed!

On with the show. After two opening acts, Sammy and the WaboRitas hit the stage at 9:16. Sammy was wearing a Providence Police Department t-shirt, and the band quickly started cranking the intro to Cabo Wabo... the party had officially begun! They reeled off five songs before Sammy took a moment to talk to the crowd, announcing that they were "fuckin' back!" The show was just fantastic, as usual. There was one unbelievable highlight during the show.

They closed the set with Heavy Metal by Sammy calling Gary Pihl out onto the stage!!! Sammy and Vic had just started the first chords of Heavy Metal, when Sammy says, "Where's Gary Pihl? Get your ass out here!" Sammy takes off his guitar and holds it up as Gary walks onto the stage. He straps it on, and starts jamming with Vic! Sammy asked him if he still remembered the song. LOL It was awesome seeing he and Vic wailing together, and sharing the mic singing! UNF*CKINBELIEVABLE! Vic even stepped back and let Gary take the solo parts of the song too. It was a real treat, and I can't believe that I didn't have a camera!

Thanks to Dave P. for the review and set list!


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