Past Event

Jun 12 1999
Hampton Beach Casino
Hampton Beach, New Hampshire


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 8:00PM.

The Red Voodoo Tour

I sat in the fourth row, dead center of the stage and all I could do was scream my head off. Sammy, being the true entertainer he is, played to the crowd. I think he signed everything that was given to him, and he must have changed clothes five times on stage from all the shirts that people were asking him to put on. I was so busy singing along (I had no voice after the show) and keeping up with Sammy's stage antics that I forgot to write down the setlist for the show. My favorite song of the night was the VH era hit, 'POUNDCAKE' which got the house rocking.

On stage, Sammy seemed to love dumping water on himself, Mona, and Victor. I wish he would have dumped water on the 'Perfect 10' waitresseses that came out on stage during the show to serve Waboritas to Sammy. Now that would have been something to see!

There were several hightlights to my evening. The first was getting my picture taken with Victor, Jesse, Mona, and David. I was fortunate enough to get to spend time talking with them before the show about the band, their favorite songs to play, and all kinds of tidbits. What stuck out the most was how laid-back and down to earth every one was. People reading this review should understand that I did not have to go backstage to talk with the band. They were out in front of the stage, signing autographs, and hanging with the crowd. In fact, Mona walked across the street to the beach to check out the water before the show. The Waborita's are an extension of the way Sammy interacts and stays involved with his fans. The Waborita's seem to have the chemistry that will keep them together for a long time to come.

Before the show, I asked David to throw me his drum sticks. Well, at the end of the show he did just that. I caught one of them but the other one bounced off the table and some other guy snatched it. I can't wait for Sammy to come back to New Hampshire. For those of you waiting to see Sammy at an upcoming show, you're wait will be well worth the cost of admission.

Thanks to Daren Keller for the review



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