Past Event

Nov 29 1997
Redding Civic Auditorium
Redding, California




Show 7:00PM.

Well guys I made it!! Just when you think Sammy is the best! the guy gets better! The show was AWESOME! Its going to take a week or two to recoup..but well worth it :) Ok so here goes this is all about one night "I Will Never Forget"!!

My husband and I went to a local sports bar at about 3, were we met up with my friend husband then took off about 4:30 and got in line for us..since it was going to be christy and I that were attending the meeting. Christy and I continued to high five each other and get majorly syched. We then left and got our mng passes..I kept my eye out for the other shml'rs and for Chris Pollen..we waited at a certain spot..all that was being arranged was for the radio winners and it wasn't by chris it was done by the local radio station dj..she told them where to go..I was getting a little nervous..I heard something over my shoulder with the words "shml" I said " hey you wouldn't happen to be on the shml"..they said "yes"!! there I met "Norma" & "Ron" I know I'm forgotten names ..but you are truly not forgotten!! All I have to say is we surely have some great people on our list!!! Norma..Ron..I truly.. wish we had more time before the show..but I sure enjoyed the time we had! Norma I LOVED the Tattoo! : ) Were defiantly going to get together for Cabo! ok on with the show..

well there was no one there to tell us where to I just did it myself..because I was getting nervous because the radio winners were all ready we all went in and went down stairs to the show floor and saw the radio winners waiting in we waited right behind them..and there was chris..whew!! Christy and I and the other netheads were shown backstage..then in walks the man "SAMMY"!! he first greeted norma and ron and the other netheads..Hey Norma!!?? were you the ones that gave sammy the hand mad glass?? that he drank the waborita from?? sammy then made his way to us..and paula well remember the cabo flyer that I handed to him last concert?? and said this was from paula? well I gave him a big KISS on the cheek and said "this is from Paula!" he was cracking up!!

we then got a great picture. We were then waiting for sammy to finish taking pics with everyone..chris said we could stay and have sammy sign what we wanted signed (and may I add..chris was a very nice guy)..well I was standing there and looked accross and saw Mona all by herself...I went over there and shook her hand (no I didn't kiss her : ) and she then signed a shirt that I brought that had Terry's designs on them..and TERRY she loved the Redding graphic!! she wanted to know where I got it done and I told her you did it..she wanted me to tell you that you do great work and that she is not computer literate : ) we went ahead and left the shirt with chris and he brought it out to me with sammy's autograph.

We then went out to the floor..where my husband had seats waiting for us 3 rows back!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!! oh I will mention in another post about the nice & funny talk we had with Big john..and let me say he is a sweet guy. we then waited for the show while high fiving and totally syched..norma came over and asked if I would try and give sammy her banner that she made since we were a little closer..I said "You bet Ya"

The show started with a bang!! he came out in Crushed blue velvet pants with a red shirt and with a blue velvet jacket..he looked great!!! he would point to his throat and gives the thumbs up telling us he was feeling good and that he didn't have a cold like last time. we were back 3 rows but christy and I were able to be in the front row alot of the times..the security gaurd was really nice.

Sammy came jamming right in front of me where I was snapping pics and then I was able to give him my banner that we made. He smiled and grabbed it and showed it to the crowd..and then he wrapped it around him and he danced away..I about died..I have major chills right now : ) I tried continuously..christy and I give him norma's banner but everyone kept throwing their banner in front of me..but norma told me just to throw it up there..I waited till sammy looked at me and then I threw it up..he then continued to jam...then it was waborita break and man does he make a killer waborita!! yes I finally got to taste it myself : )

Ok so I thought that I have died and gone to heaven by this point but oh no!! all the radio winners got to do the infamous on stage dance and sing with sammy and the band..well it was only them until Sammy GRABBED ME AND CHRISTI on stage and we danced and sang!!!! OH GOD I thought i was going to die with excitement...big john was on stage and high fived me and we danced away!!..if anyone seeing this post and went to the redding show and has pics of us up there please email me!!!

:) Oh, and remember Normas banner that I threw up on stage? well while we were dancing onstage I looked down and saw Normas banner I grabbed it and showed the crowd!! Sorry this is soooo long..I hope you enjoyed it.. I know I did!! WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO

Thanks to Sherri Parnell for this review.

Thanks to Ron Graupman for the set list.



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