Past Event

Nov 28 1997
Stockton Civic Auditorium
Stockton, California




Show 7:00PM.

I met up w/ Bob, Kathy and their daughter Sammy (very cute). Then Marla showed up and we all hung out together waiting in our meeting spot. Then Suzanne arrived. It was sooo cool to meet everyone! We were all VERY excited about the MNG!!! My husband didn't want to go w/ me so I brought his best friend w/ me.

The moment finally arrived for all of us to gather into the meeting room. I was on a natural high by this time....just getting more and more excited. The moment arrived and in walked Sammy!!! It was sooo cool because when he walked in I don't know why but he looked right at me and pointed at me. I almost peeeed my pants. My friend Walt was like "What's up w/ that"??? It was pretty quiet as he walked around to each group and chatted w/ everyone. It was very organized, not at all out of control. He finally got to my friend and I and I immediately hugged him and showed him my pic's from Cabo. He asked me when I was there and I told him just this past Oct. I told him we bought a timeshare at the Finistera and now I get to go see him every year.....he said "That's cool". I asked him to sign my program but he said he couldn't. I was bummed about that but at least I got about 3 or 4 pic's. Then he was on to the next group. All of us SHML's stood together during the MNG.

Then Dave and Victor were roaming the room. Got to talk to them and get autographs and pic's. It was just soooo totally AWESOME meeting Sammy, Victor & Dave. I am still higher than a kite!!!! They were all so down to earth and just normal people.

Well, after we met them all we were ushered out of the room. I was standing there and realized "Oh Shit....I left my Cabo pic's in there". The staff bouncer just let me back in the room and I found my picture just sitting there right next to Victor. He signed my program and my picture. We chatted and I asked him if they were all tired yet. He said "No way.......". I told him they were so great in Cabo and I just couldn't wait to see them again. Well, then this guy came from out of no where and he said to me "Didn't you want Sammy to sign that"? (meaning my program) and I said "YES", so he took it with him as I yelled...."My name is Jammie w/ 2 M's......2 M's......" but he brought back Sammy's autograph w/ only 1 M.....but I won't complain. At least I got it!!!! I was in 7th heaven!!!!

After all that excitement and just kind of hanging out back there I left the room to go find my spot on the was general admission. I kept getting closer and closer to the front of the stage but got a little scared when some of the people were starting to push and shove. I backed up a little....but just a little. The band was EXCELLENT!!!!!!! I was so close to the speakers that my ears are still ringing.....they really hurt!!

Sammy was happenin'......the band was having a good ol' time. You could really tell they were enjoying themselves!!! Sammy was in high gear singing "3 Lock Box"........the whole time he was smiling and dancing and I was getting pushed around on the floor.......almost smashed. It was starting to look like a mosh pit. I grabbed on to some guy and asked him to take care of me cuz' I wanted to get closer to get a I held on but finally just backed up. I couldn't handle getting smashed around like that. So, needless to say.......I didn't get a Waborita.....but I sure got close!!!

Thanks to Jammie Rodruguez for this review.


This was our second time seeing Sammy on the Marching To Mars tour, but it was a first for my 6 year old daughter Samantha, and was she ever excited! We drove all the way from San Diego up to Stockton to see him this time! We arrived around 5:30pm, and got in line and waited until the MnG passes came. They came around 6:30pm and we were instructed to wait off to the side until someone came to get us and take us inside. Around 7:15pm someone came to get us, we had to wait inside the Civic Auditorium for another 10 minutes, then we were led into a side door where the road crew was eating. We were told to stay with our "groups" get everything ready and the Sammy wouldn't have alot of time (there were about 25-30 people there for this MnG), no autographs, only pictures. So we netheads stood together (Jammie, Marla, my husband Robert, Samantha & I) and awaited Sammy's arrival!

Sammy and the band members (except for Mona) came in and started making the rounds. David came by us first and talked with us for a few minutes. Samantha was so shy at first (but she got better by the time Sammy came to us). Then Sammy was in front of us! Robert (who's in the Navy) told him about how much VOA meant to him while he was in the Persian Gulf in 1987 and Sammy seemed really touched by that! Then I got a big hug from Sammy, and introduced our daughter Samantha to him, and told him that we named her after him.

Samantha then handed Sammy the charm we got for Kama's charm bracelet. He told her that she didn't have to do that, that she was so spoiled, and now he wouldn't have to buy her any Christmas presents, he would just give her that! Then he gave Samantha a big hug and we all stood together for a picture (Sammy told him to take two!), then he was being rushed away to the next people in line.

We then talked with Victor and got his autograph while Sammy left to get ready for the concert. We had brought our picture from a prior MnG with us in hopes that we could get Sammy to autograph it. Well, Chris told us no, but someone came up to us as we were getting ready to leave, asked us if we wanted Sammy to sign it. So he took it, and it came back, "To Sammy, from Sammy Hagar"! That was so awesome!

We then left and tried to find seats for the show. We were right up front by the stage, but we sensed the crowd was going to get a little too rowdy for our Samantha, so she & I headed to the balcony & Robert stayed down below in hopes of throwing up our nethead-signed shirt for Sammy to wear (he never did get close enough).

The show started around 8:20pm to the thumping of Marching To Mars & the band's shadows behind the backdrop of the Cabo Wabo. Up went the curtain and the crowd roared! Sammy was wearing blue crushed velvet pants, red tank top & a multi-colored shirt. He looked awesome!!

The band played 22 songs in all, the highlights for us being: the acoustical version of "Both Sides Now" (which we thought sounded even better than when they played it in San Diego!) Sammy also did *long* versions of "Bad Motor Scooter" & "Rock Candy" both of which really wailed! He also did an awesome rendition of "Leaving The Warmth Of The Womb" which Sammy said was mostly unrehearsed.

During the encore of Marching To Mars, a man in a wheelchair was lifted up in the crowd & "crowd surfed" to the front of the stage. Sammy told the security to bring him on the stage and he rocked out as everyone marched & sang! That was so cool to see! Sammy is such a great person, it shows in everything he does!

The best part for me was watching Samantha rock out & enjoying her first Sammy Hagar concert (not to mention meeting her namesake!!). I think we will have to take her with us from now on, she's hooked!!

Thanks to Kathy Owens for this review.

Thanks to Carla McClure, Bill Binch and Kathy Owens for the set list.


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