Charged for B-day Bash Tickets But No confirmation e-mail

September 03, 2014 by johnf055

Hey out there. Was charged for two tickets on the second chance drawing but did not receive confirmation e-mail. Any ideas who I should get in touch with? I have no idea which night the tickets are for. Anyones assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you

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Birthday bash confirmation

August 01, 2013 by johnf055

Just wondering if anyone has received birthday bash confirmations yet?

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Luck Of The Draw

July 31, 2012 by johnf055

One can only do the math. When several thousand tickets are wanted for each show and several hundred are available for each show, not everyone will get a ticket. There are good and bad aspects to all forms of ticket purchases. It is disappointing to see the so called true fans complaining that a "newbie" getting a ticket is such a bad thing. I did not know it was a divine "right" to receive tickets. I am most certain that the draws were made via a software program, no one put names in a hat and pulled them out. To all who were able to get tickets good for you.

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Birthday Bash Ticket confirmation.

September 05, 2011 by johnf055

Just wondering if anyone has received their confirmation voucher from Redrocker Sales yet. I definately have confirmation from Paypal but am a little nervous that I have not heard anything for a couple weeks from Redrocker sales. Flights are booked but waiting on accomadations until I know for sure I have tickets.

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