Luck Of The Draw

July 31, 2012 by johnf055

One can only do the math. When several thousand tickets are wanted for each show and several hundred are available for each show, not everyone will get a ticket. There are good and bad aspects to all forms of ticket purchases. It is disappointing to see the so called true fans complaining that a "newbie" getting a ticket is such a bad thing. I did not know it was a divine "right" to receive tickets. I am most certain that the draws were made via a software program, no one put names in a hat and pulled them out. To all who were able to get tickets good for you. To those who did not win, good luck next time.

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This will be our first time seeing Sammy at his B-Day Bash. We've been Redheads for Many Many years and just decided to go to Cabo this last June. And as luck would have it we got two tickets for the show on the 7th. We are so looking forward to Rockin with the Red Rocker during his Birthday Bash...

See ya in Cabo Redheads

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My biggest problem is not that I did not win tickets. Hey that's the way it goes. But to be disrespected and not receive an email saying I did not win after I was willing to buy the tickets. I love Sammy been goin to his shows since the 70s but this is BS almost like takin the fans for granted. if this what I get I can find good rock and roll elsewhere.

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Ok lets say it was a computer program. It spit out all the names for the four shows. You mean to tell me there wasnt anybody cross referencing the names to see who was on the list more than once. Column A people on the list 2,3,4 times. Column B people not on the list at all. Wow that was hard. What were the odds of scoring muliple shows, I'm sure pretty big, but yet here we sit.I dont buy it. If that was the case why werent we told sat? Why did it take till mon morning?? Why still havent we been told anything by sammys people??

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Thanks for being a voice of reason. I haven't been to Cabo San Lucas since 1987 and had wanted to go to one of these birthday events for a number of years. I am happy we got tickets to the first show and have no issues with who or how many tickets any person got.

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The part that is upsetting is that multiple tickets for all 4 shows
were given out to 1 registration.It would have been fair if everyone that registered was given 1 set of tickets for 1 show apiece. There is software that would allow that. I think it's great that some that have never seen the show get a chance to experience it :) it's an incredible show. I hope they have a great experience :)