For What It's Worth (Buffalo Springfield) - Lockdown Sessions No. 6

Directed by: Jon Luini
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OK folks here you go... For What It’s Worth! Buffalo Springfield had so much talent in one band. This song is one of our favorites. We really had a blast doing this one and experimenting with visual overdubs. #MyFavoriteSoFar #KeepingItReal #LockdownSessions #LockdownChallenge #BuffaloSpringfield #ForWhatItsWorth

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The LOGICAL next song must be REMEMBER THE HEROES for Memorial Day.….We all have got a lot to lose

redfoot23's picture

Sammmy you guys keep putting out these lockdown songs and I hope you will do enough of them to put them on Covid circle album,maybe have a charity benefit,for feeding alot of families that are in need of food.Throw in some Red rocker earlier songs off of street machine,or space station #5,especially with talk of the Space Force.Any way keep on rocking out as you always do.

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I can’t wait to see all this live in Cabo! Thanks for keeping this going and we love you guys from the Great State of Texas!

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OMG I am stuck in Seattle working from home and these Lockdown Sessions might be responsible for not falling into a pit of depression! MORE MORE MORE!!!!!

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What a great way to start the day, man!