Sammy's Message to the Redheads August 2014

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Had the pleasure of seeing you last year in Del Mar and I just finished your book! Congrats on being Sammy and I look forward to seeing ya a few more times!

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Very legit... lookin forward to seeing you Rock Roseville in September!

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Have I told you just how much I love you today! See you in Cabo! xoxoxoxoxoxo or El Paseo!

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Just got back from the show in Tahoe. Wow! You guys brought it and delivered. Sound was perfect. Show was Bad Ass. Just cant say enough good things about all the band members but I will say one thing. Sammy still has the pipes and ROCKS like no other. Thank You for an awesome show. Hopefully will see you in Roseville.

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Thanks for the great show at Foxwoods Sammy. I think everybody felt a little Zep in the room that night with Jason on the drums and his father playing along on the screen. Little White Lies was killer, and it doesn't get any better than the VH material. I liked how you stated the year the songs came out before you played them, it truly was a Journey through the History of Rock. Vic playing Page, EVH, and Ronnie's material, hes definitely talented. Great time as always, but it was extra special with Jason on drums, and Mikey on the bass.

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Sammy my husband and I were so lucky we were able to see u 3x this tour! You Mike Vic and Jason were so awesome we just had a blast each night with you guys! Our friends know what big fans we are and want to come to a Sammy concert with us.. So come to ohio so we can show u off and they can understand what we're talking about! Love to see u play at nautica at the flats in Cleveland, Blossom in cuyahoga falls, or the new rockcino. Your such good hearted guy to the community and ur fan base just love u for that!! We're see u in Cabo on ur birthday! Can't wait to celebrate with u and all the fans going to be a good rockin time!!

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The show last night at Tulalip was awesome!!! I was front row seat 5. The whole band was killer. Sammy, you did the Zep tunes justice. It was an awesome feeling to get to hear all my favorite songs live( especially VH tunes)Loved Jason 's drum solo. Vic was great as always. Last but not least , great to see the bass player( Michael) from my favorite band of all time . He still got it. Great voice and showmanship. Thank you again Sammy for a memorable night. See you next year!!!!!!

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Sammy, you think you had fun?
I was at the Freedom Hill Amphitheater on July 23rd for the show.
That night was the most energetic and amped up I've seen you in a while.

I had a blast and loved the set list.

Came home and told my wife this was the best show I have seen in a long time.

We will see you in Cabo, on the first night.

Good luck and keep the shinny side of that Ferrari up!

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Thank you Sammy!!! Cant wait to see the band in Tulalip tomorrow!!!

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You Rock Sammy! I was hoping for a burnout at the end of that, maybe next time.