Sammy Hagar - The Red Rocker Gives Back

Directed by: Jon Luini/Arthur Rosato
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After forty years, Sammy and his Redheads are still just getting started. Here's a brief look at some of the charity work that is near and dear to his heart.

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Sammy Hagar is the man, theres no musican like him.

Leslie Stewart - Reynoso's picture

Hi Sammy, Thank you for your support for Breast Cancer!!!! Radiochickie - A forever Fan, Always, Leslie Stewart


well this is why sammy is my hero.amazing the things he does.keep up the good work see you in denver

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"SAM I AM" - You are the best! Keep up the great work. We, the fans, are looking forward to a great concert when/if you visit the southern NJ/Philadelphia area. ROCK ON RED ROCKER!!!

Tim Karwoski
Cherry Hill, NJ

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Yep, He's the MAN!!!

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Sam, you pay it forward - that's why we love you.

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I hope everybody will do as i did and email this to every contact on my list. I also told them to pass it on to all of there's also. would love to see it come back A year from now. This is why I go to Cabo to the birthday bash every year, and rock my ass off. Tnks Sammy for all you do for all of us redheads!!

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Nice Job Sammy -I have a 17 year old with Autism and i love to see people working with our kids:)

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This proves Sammy Hagar is the greatest rocker alive! This is why I basically look up to him. He writes kick ass song and he's an awesome guy at heart. I hope to be just like him in the future. Being able to write amazing songs and do so many great things like he does :)

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I love your post Jason. Rock on!!!

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Sammy, all I can say is that you are one awesome person and you prove that with what you give back to the different communities and organizations. Your endless energy amazes me and I'm glad Kari can keep up with you (LOL!). Keep up all that you do and I'll keep supporting you. Rock on Mr. Red Rocker and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!

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Just one example of why we RedHeads love our Sammy.


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Sammy, I knew you did alot but didnt know it was that much!! Thank you for all you do. This is why I have always been a fan of yours. You pay it forward. I love the way you treat your fans too. I saw you for the 1ST time in 1979 or 1980 at the Texas Jam can't think of the actual name but it was in HOUSTON, TEXAS. I rode on the elevator with you @ the Ramada Inn!! I have been a fan ever since. I have enjoyed being on stage and I love CABO WABO. Once again THANK YOU!

Joni Dillard

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This looks like a big F*** You to the lady a few weeks ago that thought Sammy is only out for his own profit and making himself more money!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!
Thank you Sam for all you do, If everyone that is able to do so could help in these trying times to help another person or a Child the world would be a better place.


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Thanks Sammy for all you do!! Hope to catch this summer.

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This darned near made me a super good way!!! Beautiful...all of it. The man AND what he's doing.

Hope to be able to help you too Sammy! THIS ia just one more reason why your fans love you so much and will be there to help support you...always!!!

Redlove Rules! ♥


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Way to go Sammy!!! PROUD to be a Redhead!!!!!