Sammy Hagar - Cabo Birthday Bash #21 (2011)

Directed by: Jon Luini/Arthur Rosato
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Sammy Hagar gives this 30 minute documentary of the 2011 Cabo Birthday Bash week as a special FREE Christmas gift to Redheads everywhere - whether you came down and were there with us or watched the live webcast while partying along from your home across the globe, we hope you enjoy this special inside look at the 2011 party! Every year's Birthday Bash features a number of special guests and 2011 was no exception - In addition to the Wabos (Vic Johnson, David Lauser, and Michael Anthony sitting in for Mona who was at home tending to her mom), there was Kenny Chesney, Chad Kroeger (Nickelback), Vinnie Paul (Pantera), Brad Wilk (Rage Against the Machine), Joe Satriani, Michael Anthony and Kenny Aronoff (Chickenfoot), Guy Fieri, plus a behind the scenes look at Sammy and Emeril Lagasse's annual fundraiser dinner at Sammy's house in Cabo!

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What a party. I so wish we could see this in the UK, thankyou for posting.

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Totally awesome! I so LOVE Sammy!

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What a B-day bash. We were there in the front row outside. My Detroit tigers hat ended up on the stage halfway through the show. Already booked our trip for this year at the Riu palace from the 8th to the 15th. Bring on the tequila and the party..

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Awesome footage...can't wait for the upcoming DVD (CABO Go there there twice. Now I'm looking forward to seeing you with Chickenfoot in Düsseldorf next Thursday...been a while since you've been in Germany....last time I saw you in Essen with Van Halen...1995....

You know "I'll be in the company of THE FOOT"...yeeeeah!!!

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Thanks Sammy for the Video !! See You for next years B-Day Bash :)

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I would have to totally agree, this was the best birthday bash that I have seen (6 str.). Tnks for this special Christmas present Sammy. It is special to us to see ourselves on the video. What do you have planned for this year? The michigan wolverines Love you Sammy, and we are coming back again this year and every year untill you stop, but as all redheads hope it is no time soon!!
Special tnks to Mikey for the beers again, I only need two more to have a 6pack in my mancave!

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Thanks for the vid man. Rock On!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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My wife and i came down from Alaska this last summer for a show in Tacoma.We had a great time, hopefully we can get to a birthday bash sometime soon.Rock on!!!

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That was a great video!!!! 2009 to me was the best Birthday bash! Met great people and had the time of my life!!!! Keep rocking Sammy and get your ass down to Florida!!!

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Sammy,that video was amazing!! You are the man!!!Thanks for sharing.....Happy New Year!!! My husband and I would love to come to next yr.s bday bash and party with you!! Can you post the dates for your next bash

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Happy Belated Birthday! When will the full length video be released on Blu-ray? All the fun everyone seemed to have in Cabo left me wondering. What the hell do you have planned for New Year's Eve?!?!? Whatever it is, I'm sure it's a party I'd like to attend! Happy New Year to you and your mates!

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Thanks for sharing. What an Awesome Fricken Time! I'll be there next year. I already have reservations for Oct 4-11, 2012!

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This is so cool! Thanks Sammy for posting. My dream is to make it to Cabo for a birthday bash, but don't know if the old man and I can afford with our job situation. Being able to watch the video takes away some of our disappointment. Redheads know how to party! You guys rock! Happy New Year and God Bless to you, your family, the Wabos and the Foot! Kristy-STL

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This is so cool! Thanks Sammy for posting. My dream is to make it to Cabo for a birthday bash, but don't know if the old man and I can afford with our job situation. Being able to watch the video takes away some of our disappointment. Redheads know how to party! You guys rock! Happy New Year and God Bless to you, your family, the Wabos and the Foot! Kristy-STL

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Thank you Sammy !
Thank you for showing the fans what its about .
You kicked my ass on the heavyweights tour.
You embarrassed me when you took vanhalen over most fans started calling it vanhagar.
I could not have a drink with you because the jack Daniels i carry around is watered down by my crew and is really fruit punch compared to your cabo. How to you think i keep that kool aide smile all the time

Your a supreme rocker with a superior tequila

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THANK YOU, SAMMY, for sending this video!!! (and Satch) made a very depressing year for, so uplifting. Wanted to get down there this October to Cabo, but, will try to (budget!!)...for your 65th... in 2012!!! I LOVE YOU!!....YOU'RE UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING!!!! WEEEEEEE!!!! Love from Cape Cod, Massachusetts (Cindy -

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good times. thanks for the memories. Tina and Rob - Houston TX

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Great video Sammy, I will be there in 2012!

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Thanks Sammy, The Wabo's, The Cantina & Chickenfoot! Happy Holidays! Thanks for making 2011 a great b-day bash year! :)

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Thanks for the gift. It put a big smile on my face.

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AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for the gift of the video Sammy! I swear I'm going to eventually get to a Bash as soon as I can afford a trip to Cabo...maybe after my 2 little kids get a little older and I can leave home for a few days. Anyway, thanks for letting those of us who can't make the trip have a peek into all the fun we missed in Cabo!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, your family, The Wabos and The Foot!


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Thanks for the Video Clip, of your Birthday on My Birthday. Now I am really sorry I missed your party this year.

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Wishing you and your family a joyeous, healthy, prosperous and rocking holiday season now and in 2012. See you in Cabo in the Fall Sam. Can't wait.
Who's the guy in the picture on the Birtday Bash concert on stage in front of the drummer? ....It's me.
I hope you received the Mercedes Benz wine stoppers i gave you.
Horhay was to get them to you personally.

That was our first time the Cantina, Melissa and I had an amazing time

p.s. thanks for signing my picture and getting that back to me the night of your Birthday. Rock on Sammy!!!!!

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I'm thinkin' that Joe Satriani & Kenny Chesney must have the same barber, huh? Ha! Also it's nice that Sammy and Kari get to share things like this together, cuz Sammy's really worked for and earned it in his 64 years and partyin' together keeps our relationships solid, too!!!

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I am ready for Cabo Next Yr
When and where do they auction off the Dinner @ Sammy's house for the Fund raiser????
Any ideal on what that night goes for or has sold for in the past???
That would be the best ever REDHEAD Experience!!!!

Thanks for the Video SAMMY and HAPPY NEW YEAR REDHEADS,

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Sammy you are the real deal. Hope to be there next year.

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Wow Sammy this a great tune from one of my favorite musician's:) It adds greatness to the end of this year & start of a New Year!

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thank you, Happy Holiday's !!!

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Hey Sammy, wish I could have made it, Maybe next year. Looks like everyone had a great time. Skip Hainsworth (Fontana)

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Fantastic video Sammy! Thanks for the memories. Lets do it again in 2012! Cabo Ken (a.k.a. ChicagoWabo)

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Sammy Happy Holidays to you and you family.Another great year of Rock and Roll.You continue to inspire me and make me a better person. THANK YOU for that.We got to see two of your shows this year Biloxi and Murphy's.Always a great time.I wondered on your Birthday if you would play Make it Last for the 12 or 64 line and after watching the video I feel like we were there. Keep on blazen new territory! Peace

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That was GREAT - THANKS!! You know how to throw a PARTY!!! Need my CABO fix - hope we can do it in 2012!! HAPPY NEW YEAR SAMMY!!

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That was FANTASTIC !!Thanks for sharing with us Sammy...Happy New Year to you and your family! Cheers from Sacramento, Ca..

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Sammy, thanks for the Christmas present!! I was there for every show!! Very nice to revisit it again!! Right Now it's nicer in CABO!!
Doug aka
"Cabo Wabo Guy"