Sammy's Beach Bar Rum News - Best in Show!

March 20, 2012
Sammy's Beach Bar Rum News - Best in Show!

Sammy's Beach Bar Rum continues to roll out into new cities and the reviews and responses are flowing in.

Here's a couple recent items to check out--

Best of Show for Sammy's Beach Bar Rum at Nightclub and Bar Show! Really feeling the love out there as the rum rolls out to more cities-- thanks to Drink Spirits for selecting us (and their good taste)!

Robin Leech chimes in about Sammy's charitable side and the launch of Sammy's Beach Bar Rum

Sammy's Beach Bar Rum is now available at California Bev Mo's! BevMo's throughout California as well as in tons of places in Vegas, including the Cabo Wabo (and also the Tahoe Cabo Wabo).

Keep up to date on the rum at:


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Oh man! I was so excited to finally get my bottle of Beach Bar Rum! I poured myself a nice tall drink with Diet Coke and took my first drink. I didn't like it! It tastes like Tequila! Maybe if it was mixed with fruity mixers and not Coke it would be good, but alone with coke, not so much. The bottle is beautiful and I'll drink it in a margarita. Sorry Sammy! But I still love you!

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Gonna try it for sure with my friends.

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