Original Montrose Lineup to perform at Celebration

March 26, 2012
Original Montrose Lineup to perform at Celebration

On Friday, April 27, 2012 the Bay Area music community is coming together to honor a legend. "A Concert for Ronnie Montrose - A Celebration of His Life in Music" will be held at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco. Tickets go on sale on March 30 at 10:00 A.M. PDT. Special guest Joe Satriani will join original Montrose line up Sammy Hagar, Bill Church and Denny Carmassi to perform music from the first Montrose album.



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A fitting tribute to a great guy. Shame I am a few thousand miles away in the UK as it will be a great night I am sure.

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Hey Brian don't worry you would not have gotten tickets anyway. I was at the site were you were supposed to get tickets 2 hours ahead of the 10 o'clock opening time with all info filled out. Axs.com opened ticket sales, all I had to do was make 3 mouse clicks and in that time it was sold out. Which was less than 10 seconds of tickets going on sale. It's a bummer when tickets are advertised to the general public when they can't get'em due to all the presales.

It would have been a good show. My first concert was Montrose at Winterland with Automatic Man and Mother's Finest

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Amy Banneck
Can someone please tell me why this show is being called a Ronnie Montrose Tribute Concert when obviously it is clearly a PRIVATE PARTY. I tried for two days to get pre sale tickets but had no luck due to a glitch in the system, only to get a cheezy post on FB saying- sorry we are aware of of technical difficulty's and are working on fixing this problem, only to find out that I am shit out of luck. And as far as box office tickets they were sold out before the box office even opened. DO YOU THINK THIS IS RITE? Unless you know someone who knows someone, it's TO BAD SO SAD FOR ME and thousands of others who have been Montrose Fans for years. So now what.. I have already spent 4 and a half days trying to win tickets whats another twelve hours. And its not like i don't enjoy listening to The Bone 24/7 but somehow when yor are just waiting for the Montrose song with the slight chance that I will be the lucky caller. Well I guess there is always scalpers or ticket brokers since those are the only ones lucky enough to have tickets and most assuredly these people could care less about Ronnie Montrose as long as they make a buck off him. So as you can see I am pretty mad but more than that I am just really sad and disappointed with the whole situation. This is clearly an Invite Only show rather than a public concert. I'm sure I speak for many many Montrose fans who are not only saddened by the death of Ronnie Montrose only to be tricked in to thinking they may be able to come together to memorialize the common bond that only true Montrose fans can understand.

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Great tribute to a great man. Pity it's a week too early for me, hope it's a great night see you in Tahoe Sammy.

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Wow that is incredibly awesome! Wish I could go man!

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A great tribute for a great entertainer....nice.