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October 19, 2015
Montrose 42 Year Anniversary

Making this record was such a great experience! It was my first time in the studio with a great producer like Ted Templeman, Ronnie Montrose, Bill Church, and Denny Carmassi - the chemistry was second to none! I remember singing  Bad Motor Scooter after I went to the dentist to have two wisdom teeth pulled, I was knocked out, had the teeth pulled then went straight back to the studio and sang it with bloody gums in the back of my mouth -- wow I was driven!

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October 13, 2015
Ep. 6: Reporting from the Final Night of the Bash!


Aaron reports from the scene of the final night of the birthday bash and the crowd is ready for the action to begin!


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October 12, 2015
Jorge's Post-show Cabo Feast!

Jorge cooks a feast after every show at Cantina. This was last nite can't wait to see my b day dinner. Whew!!  - Sammy


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October 12, 2015
Rolling Stone: Sammy Hagar: 'If I Joined Van Halen Right Now, I'd Feel Like a Hypocrite'

Rolling Stone Reports: Last week we got Sammy Hagar on the phone to talk about his new cookbook and his upcoming plans for Chickenfoot and the Circle, but we'd be highly negligent if we let him go without getting into the endless Van Halen saga yet again. We also got his take on Donald Trump and the upcoming presidential election. He didn't disappoint, proving once again why he's up there with Noel Gallagher as one of the great interviews in rock.


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October 12, 2015
Ep. 5: Reporting from Night 3 & "Little White Lie"!!

Aaron checking at showtime for night 3 of the 2015 birthday bash. Check out live music videos at show photos at takes an extended blues intro for "Little White Lie" during the 2015 Birthday Bash series of shows.

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