June 05, 2024

Update 6/17: The random drawing for the Cabo shows has completed and emails have been sent. Check your inbox to see if you've been selected, or look up your registration status here. Those selected have until Monday, June 24th to complete their purchases.

It’s a Redhead Party both weekends - from the desert to the sea!

It’s that time of year again...the Birthday Bash is back! Mark your calendars because Sammy’s annual party returns to Cabo on October 11th, and 13th! But wait, there's more! The bash just can't be contained and this year is also heading to LAS VEGAS! That's right, the party adds a new destination with two shows at Pearl Concert Theater at Palms Casino Resort on October 4 & 5!

The lineup for the four “Sammy Hagar & Friends” concerts already includes bassist Michael Anthony, guitar virtuoso Vic Johnson, and acclaimed drummer Kenny Aronoff. Each year, the birthday bashes are an open invitation to all of Sammy’s friends so there are always surprises to the lineup – announced and unannounced.

“Every year we try to do something a little different with the birthday bash shows to accommodate the tens of thousands of requests. So this year this should help a few thousand more people be a part of the birthday shows and the island at the Palms closing for the winter, it’s a double celebration in Las Vegas. I hope everyone is happy with this year’s concept. I can’t wait. What a way to close the year out and flip another number 77 wow 0077 sounds like a lucky one to me.” - Sammy





Tickets will be sold by Ticketmaster to the 2,000+ seat venue in a traditional first-come, first-served onsale.  Tickets go on sale to the public on Friday, June 21st at 10:00 AM PT, with a Redhead presale starting Tuesday, June 18th. Ticket links and codes available on the event pages:  OCT 4   |  OCT 5

CABO SHOWS (OCT 11 & 13):

Ticketing will be handled the same registration and random drawing process as in previous years.  Register at any time between June 10th at 10:00 AM PT and June 14th at 5:00 PM PT - all registrations are treated equal, regardless of when they are submitted.


The drawing will happen on Monday June 17th and those selected will be emailed ticket links to complete the purchase. All submissions will be verified and multiple entries are subject to having all registrations cancelled. Valid photo ID of the purchaser will be required to be shown at the venue.  The ticket limit is 2 per night, per household (billing address) and each show's drawing will be performed independently. This means a registration that requests tickets for both nights has equal chance of being selected in each drawing.

Those selected will have until Monday, June 24th at 5:00 PM PT to complete their purchases.  Any tickets not purchase will be placed into a regular first-come, first-serve ticketing onsale TBD.

Cabo ticket price: $77/ea ($1 x Sammy's age!)


As in years past, there will be a limited number of Dinner Show tickets available directly in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico at the Cabo Wabo Cantina. There are three dinner seatings at 6pm, 7:30pm and 9pm and tickets will be sold on a first come, first serve basis only in person in Cabo. Tickets will be sold one day before each concert, starting at 9:00 am, (October 10th and 12th) in the order in which they arrive to the line, each person can buy a maximum of two tickets. They are not transferable and cannot be damaged or altered.

Questions? Contact us at: 


 45 Redhead Comments

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Have FUN!

doshro's picture

On day of show about 6 hours early, go to cantina, show the credit card you used for purchase and give your name. You will get 2 wristbands for the evening event.

Wildnwikked's picture

I've been trying for 9 years to get Cabo tickets yet I see people in the comments who got tickets for both shows How does that happen? I know there r other fans who also have been trying for years! They should only allow 1 set per household and free up some of the double ticket winners to give everybody a chance to go

Debra Pflum's picture

Just scored tickets for the 13th, been trying for years! Can anyone tell me how the Will Call works? Got images of tickets on phone, can you use that to get in?

DAVEDGE's picture

Tickets for the 13th !!! Finally the yearly disappointment is gone. Let the party begin see you all there Davedge Hamilton Ontario Canada

David Adkins's picture

My niece won the ticket lottery. Looks like me and her will be there for night two. Already bought them. Hell yeah!!! Been trying for 5 years now!!

Brasman's picture

I was lucky enough to get tickets for the 13th and super stoked. For those who also were also fortunate to be draw, what is the company you get the tickets through?

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Adriennecmelton's picture

We thought about the same but they say non-transferable. Was able to snag front row for the 5th and we are stoked!!!!

Redfan1986's picture

So I went and looked at StubHub and there are dozens of tickets on there already for the Vegas shows. I was able to get tickets for the 4th and thought about getting the 5th on StubHub which should not even be there but I'm afraid they will get shut down. Thoughts?

Tzgarden's picture

Thanks Mammoth. I do see that, I'm just not so sure if you used say 15 different emails it would negate all your entries. I don't think we entered our address to register. I'm sure it will be a great show, I'm disappointed I didn't get the chance to purchase.

AmyOnys's picture

It says no ticket transfers for any of the shows. Vegas must be excluded, because the fabulous seats are listed on Stub Hub.

tfreeman's picture

$600 for 2 tickets per night in Vegas? Wow, I let me ticket choices expire.

FRITHA's picture

I love you Sammy. But this website is a total shit show. So many inconsistencies. Please improve this experience.

Mammoth's picture

@tzgarden, according to the rules, if you enter more than once, your submission is voided. Here is the official verbiage:

"All submissions will be verified and multiple entries are subject to having all registrations cancelled. Valid photo ID of the purchaser will be required to be shown at the venue."

Tzgarden's picture

My friend and I didn't get the lucky pick for tickets either. I can't help but wonder if some people register with multiple emails leaving the rest of us with no chance. My question is this - Has anyone stood in line for the Dinner Tickets? And how does that work. There are 3 seatings, so I wonder if you get the 6pm tickets is there a time limit for the seating - do you have to leave for the next group at 7:30 to be seated? Thanks if anyone has any information. And who is on stage at 6pm, is Guy Fieri up there chopping onions? hahaha, jk I just have so many questions and we will be there that week so doing everything I can think of to have a chance. Looking forward to CABO either way!

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Congratulations to all those who got tickets. Been trying ever since this raffle started but never got selected. No sour grapes, though. Hoping everyone who got tickets has an awesome time.

lstarkey's picture

So disappointed... no ticket link again this year... have been trying for 8 years and nothing... giving up

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I wonder why it would find my info and say they found a match in their database, on the "click here to see if you've been selected" button.

whitesandsok's picture

mickeybryan - that's what I get too. I'm assuming that means I didn't win :(

mickeybryan's picture

My brain hurts. When I look up my status it shows my information in the database. Does that mean I was picked or just that I tried lol? My husband also registered and when his info is put in it says not found. That would be the only reason I would think maybe I was. Either way- I definitely don't have a link to purchase a ticket so should I assume not?
Thanks in advance!

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Awesome!! See you there, Be Well from Vancouver, WA.

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@bulldog66 see ya there

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Hubby won for the 11th (1ticket) and the 13th (2 tickets)
We will be at Lands End 4th thru the 18th !!

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Congrats @bulldog66.

Bulldog66's picture

Just got 10-13 tickets for Cabo!!! Best to all and see you at Lands End.

kcrules69's picture

no not yet..

briand1023's picture

Anyone get an email yet?

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They are already listed on StubHub for the Vegas show…since they cannot be resold and the presale hasn’t happened how is this possible? Fingers crossed to get tickets to Vegas during the artist presale

Adriennecmelton's picture

I looked on TickPick and there are tons on there. I believe they may be scammers because it does say that they are not transferable

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@douglasswenson just heard back, says no need to register again. Thanks @admin !

rserie's picture

@douglasswenson not yet

douglasswenson's picture

@rserie did you get a response from admin? I experienced the same problem.

Purplehayes33's picture

Trying again! Staying hopeful

rserie's picture

@admin Should we register again? My details seem to be missing to edit when I go to the form.

Harleymomma08's picture

The date for the registration close is wrong?

It has Friday, June 3rd??

Hope to see everyone in Cabo this year. Going to see him in Vegas in August so Cabo in October will work!


Lramirez_7's picture

Can’t wait

Gregory Pennington's picture

Yes, this was great news. I'm in Cabo win or lose the lottery.

Tzgarden's picture

So Excited!!! Registered :)

admin's picture

The days of the week have been fixed in the form to Fri and Sun - thanks for noting!

jedi664's picture

I wish the bash added more dates to Cabo instead of Vegas. That is where the bash belongs. But happy just the same that we even get to have shows in Cabo. Let's pray for a lottery win. I am not missing this year no matter what.

DotFranklin's picture

The dates are wrong on the form; It shows Wednesday and Friday. I selected 11th and 13th assuming it was for Friday and Sunday. Odd that there will not be a concert on Saturday night in Cabo, but i'm excited to return and celebrate again with Sammy

rserie's picture

The registration form on page 2 has the wrong year and days.