2013 Birthday Bash!

July 03, 2013
2013 Birthday Bash!

We know that a lot of you have been waiting for confirmation on the dates and ticketing details for the 2013 Birthday Bash so you can start making your plans. We're excited to announce that this year's dates are once again October 7th. 9th, 11th, and 13th. Tickets will be handled similar to last year through a registration and random drawing system. In our ongoing effort to make things the fairest and safest for all Redheads, we've found this works the best. We expect registration for the drawing to happen at the end of July - stay tuned for specific dates and details!


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Gemlab's picture

Hi Sammy
See in Cabo, 10/7/13 to 10/16/13
Waiting to see if I got tickets.

sunshinejen1979's picture

Fellow Red Heads,

If Sammy is consistant as last year, next week, probably Monday is when he'll post information about the drawing. I know, I hate waiting too!! :) Looking forward to another great show.

Best tea's picture

Any word yet on when the draw opens? Sincerely ... Anxiously waiting :)

jamesj002's picture

We will be there againg this year,we were unable to get tickets last year. Hope the lottery is nicer to us this year

mark portell's picture

cant wait !!! hope to get tix for the 11th or 13th. see everyone there.

Carolwise's picture

Been checking every day for tic info!! Been a fan for so many years and on-stage many times but NEVER to Cabo and uncle just moved there for retirement so really want to go this year! Gawd I hope I can get tix!!!!

JSchaef00's picture

Can't wait for Cabo! Gonna be there 10/6-10/14. Going to Frisco on 9/7 for the show as well!

better red than dead's picture

Green ain't mean, my money is finally right! See you at "Pine Knob" and hopefully in Cabo in October!Not a human visitor, but been to "Space Station #9" soooo many times, never caught you there! Lets do this on your turf!

Michmo69's picture

I have been wanting to make the Birthday Celebration for years and now I can finally make it. Pick me Pick me :) Can't wait - Keeping my fingers crossed!

sunshinejen1979's picture

I'm looking forward to "Birthday Bash 2013." My husband has booked our trip to Cabo and getting tickets will be a bonus. It was such a blast last year. Sammy was great, met some nice Red Heads and the weather was beautiful. The drawing is the BEST way to go and hopefully they do a "one-time" opportunity for those who got drawn and can't attend assigned dates to get a refund and then do a re-draw for all those die-hard fans.

schwob's picture

We have an entire crew that is going to be there. We are hoping like everyone else to get lucky and get tickets. Hope to see you there!!!!

Lambeau57's picture

go to cabo wabo every year in October never been to the BIRTHDAY BASH would love some tickets

RedBruce's picture

I sooooo want to go! Last time to Cabo was in 06 with a psycho chick which was a buzz kill! Let the good times begin!

RedBruce's picture

Soooooooooooooooo wanna be there before I die... I ain't getting any younger :P

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I hope that we get more specific information soon. I have been a Sammy fan for years....beginning with Montrose. I have seen Sammy sooooo many times and would love to experience the "Birthday Bash" event. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed until then.....

moonangel13's picture

Sure hoping that we get some more specific information soon as we have not been able to get tickets to this event in the past. I have followed Sammy from the beginning and would be so "stoked" to get tickets for his Birthday Bash!!!!

alanlp24's picture

Man I hope I score the tickets! I read your book Sammy, wow! I really identified with a lot including your dad!

Wazman's picture

Yes,,,do we have to keep checking for a chance at tickets or will be notified to register for a chance to get tickets...we are going to be in Cabo the 12 and 13th...

bigsexymedia's picture

Where do I click to register?

redrocker327's picture

This question is for admin since I see you have confirmed the lottery drawing being used again this year how about an update on whether multiple show picking will be done this year. I know since this was a major complaint last year it was something that was mentioned as to be being looked at.

Spaghetti's picture

How will the announcement about this registration happen? Will there be an email type blast to tell us about the registration for the drawing? Or will we have to frantically keep checking back here to see when it gets posted?

Praying that we get the chance to see one of the 2 shows that are happening during the time frame we've already booked our trip for.

So looking forward to taking vacation back in Cabo & getting to celebrate birthdays with Sammy!

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