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Real Estate In Cabo
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I need help with locating some real estate for sale in Cabo. Can anyone here help me?

I believe at one time there was someone here that was a realtor down in Cabo & if they are still there & still a big Redhead Sammy Fan then I would like for them to please contact me.
I am coming down in Oct & while on vacation there I would like to view some real estate.
They can contact me through this board & I will get with them personally.
Any help anyone can give me would be great.

I would like to deal with somebody reputable & if they are Redhead fans then they are probably, more than likely reputable.

Real Estate
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Real Estate

Do you know where you would like to look? The reason I ask is that my wife and I bought a small tract (lot only) in a planned development north of Cabo San Lucas near Pescadero in 2008. Due to my health deterioration, we may sell this soon. It is in a small development called Tequila Gardens about 1/2 mile from the water. The oceanside development is called Tequila Ranch. I believe the group we worked through was Cape International Properties. I am checking to see if the same people are still there. If so, I will pass that info on to you.