Past Event

Jul 18 2021
360 N. Broadway
Aurora, Illinois


The Circle (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson).


Show 7:00PM.


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 15 Redhead Comments

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900 mile round trip....every mile worth it. Sammy again proved himself a class act getting a drumstick to a 4-5 year old fan rocking along with his dad. Was great seeing the chemistry of the band after that long dismal year...Maybe someone can start a go fund me for Jason as I couldnt help but notice the knees in his jeans are torn.

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Please add summer nights to the setlist!!
Can't wait! See ya in Aurora! We're not worthy! We're not worthy! :)

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The Hammond SHOW is FREE. But you can buy a VIP pass for $65.00 for the up front section.

ssherm2's picture

Why isn’t the Hammond show listed on here yet? It’s scheduled for the day before this show.

ssherm2's picture

Thanks for asking about the Hammond show. I didn’t know anything about it until I saw your post. I’m now trying to find out if The Circle is going to be with him as the event website is showing it as “Sammy Hagar and Friends”. I’ll be going regardless, but would like to know why it’s not on the tour dates?

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its all general admission @ rivers edge . There are no seats

alansusan's picture

Venue site and tickets say "Sammy and Friends" where here it states "The Circle". Anyone know for certain it's The Circle? Maybe one of the members couldn't commit to this date?

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Ticket price is $55 plus fees

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The time was wrong - popped at 10:00am. Only General Admission - possibly everything is GA?

rjn995's picture

Presale Password is not working. Any idea of Ticket Prices? and why is the Hammond show not on the list of shows?

Chicabo Mike's picture

It has accepted REDHEAD and indicates that the promotion is activated. I believe what you are seeing is if you have another code to enter. Everything looks good - just cannot see any tickets. I wonder if the time is wrong.

WickedLestrr13's picture

But after you enter REDHEAD it asks for an Access Code

Chicabo Mike's picture

Is the pre-sale code working? Or is the 9:30 time wrong?

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WickedLestrr13's picture

What is the access code for Sammy in Aurora, IL?