Past Event

May 7 2019
9081 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA


The Circle (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson).


Show 9:00PM.

As revealed on The Howard Stern Show, this very special intimate show at the legendary Troubadour in Los Angeles is being recorded for broadcast on SirusXM Radio Channel 101. The broadcast is scheduled to run on May 10th, the release day of Space Between.

An extremely limited number of tickets will be available for fans to buy!

  • 100 Tickets will be available exclusively to Redheads (password emailed to email list)
  • 100 Tickets will be available in the general public onsale 4/24 10am PT

SirusXM is also running a sweepstakes, the Grand Prize includes tickets, airfare and accomodations to attend the show. To enter, visit



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  • 2019-05-07 @ The Troubadour (SiriusXM Radio Event)


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 53 Redhead Comments

Kshue's picture

Thank you for an amazing show! Loved it!!
Will try for bday bash tickets next month!!! :)

Santa-Kevin's picture

Come on Redheads..... Help this poor Santa get to the show. The 7th or the 8th shows.

Show some love.. Will pay for ticket and parking

JCirar's picture

Hey Redheads. Looking to buy 1 ticket. I will also buy you a shot of Cabo Wabo or whatever you want at The Troubadour.
No joke. Anyone have 1 extra ticket?

Email me at:


RAYBURN's picture

So excited to be going to this!!! Lucky enough to snag 1 ticket... Mind blown!

rsdsas's picture

I’m going it’s a great venue

Santa-Kevin's picture

Will be #76 for me. Need to see the Circle in this club!
Anyone who has extra, would love to meet and see show with you.

marjorieb029's picture

Got my tickets yesterday!

RAYBURN's picture

Greetings from Fort Collins, Colorado... I GOT A TICKET!!!!!!!!!

johnvlandry's picture

I hate captcha!!!!!

angelterry's picture

Today was my lucky day!! 2 tickets for me and one of my concert buddies.

Hollylisa76's picture

Sold out by 10:01 I’m so sad, I live inBakersfield and I could have saw them last night but I thought I could get tickets to the Troubadour show instead, I’m so bummed

LaMusicChick's picture

Log in and can NEVER get tickets, already said NO tickets available. How is anyone supposed to go besides scalpers?

Santa-Kevin's picture

Same thing today. With only 50 pairs available each day WOW sold out in seconds.

jay etheredge's picture

sold out at 10am lame

marzdog's picture

Didn't receive newsletter in email. Admin?

Santa-Kevin's picture

Pretty much what happened to me as well...
Hate these programs.

ramithard's picture

I will be there!!!

Santa-Kevin's picture

I got in fine. I set up account yesterday. It had me in the que.. Then next page never asked how many tickets? Then nothing.
I will be ready in morning and hope I get one dang ticket.

RayRayHR44's picture

Same Here !!'s picture

I got tix's picture

Got my tix. It helped that I already had an account with them...

angelterry's picture

I got in when the clock changed to 10:00 and had 2 tickets but by the time I was verified as not a “bot” it was sold out, all before the clock turned 10:01.

Santa-Kevin's picture

10:02 got none available. Was sitting in the que and ziltch!

I only NEED one ticket, anyone here get tickets?

coachbarb's picture

Waiting for code?

Starlantern's picture

So hopeful

brightraven's picture

I have not received the pre-sale ticket link and I signed up as a member on this website...My e-mail again is Please send me the link. I want to go to this show more than anything. I'm a huge Sammy Hagar fan and I love his band The Circle!!!

arnaudlemaire's picture

I never was emailed a presale code. I signed up last week. Please send ASAP as tickets go on sale in less than 30 minutes.

arnaudlemaire's picture

I never got emailed a presale code. I signed up last week. Please send ASAP!

johnvlandry's picture

I didn't receive the newsletter is the pre sale code 'REDHEAD' ??

Kmf91604's picture

I never received a password for the May 7 show

buddhadog's picture

I never received the presale password that was supposed to have been sent yesterday. :(

buddhadog's picture

I never got the presale password email that was supposed to be sent yesterday. :(

Lasongwriter's picture

Hi there, would you be kind enough to message me the presale code? I didn’t get the email for some reason.

ramord's picture

I've been on the newsletter list but didn't get the email with the password for the Troubadour show yesterday. If someone could send it to I would be forever grateful!

Longtime fan!


Red Rocker Rider's picture

Good luck to us all, yeah all 25 of us or more...

johnvlandry's picture

is the presale password 'REDHEAD' ??
Thx ;)

Lasongwriter's picture

Hi there. Did you get the email with passcode yet? I’m on the list and haven’t received it yet?

Lasongwriter's picture

Hello folks, I’m on the email list but haven’t seen an email with the presale code yet. Any ideas? Help a fella out, Sammy.

LANCE WILDER's picture

anyone get the code yet??

Chadmaniaus's picture

Hey there! I didn’t receive an email...been waiting all day! I’m guessing you got one?

E Larvia's picture

I didn’t get a link and password like it says up above. I want to get tickets for my husband so badly. He is in the military, and I swear he is always gone or we buy them, and he has to go with a surprise deployment or travel each time we have got them! He is actually home this go round and I have been signed up for awhile. I would love any help in getting the link and password if anyone can do so!

Thanks, Jerri Lynn

Red Rocker Rider's picture

I'm logged in and got the 'itchy trigger finger' ready. Hey Mitch, where are you on the 'i'm going' list? where am i ? have fun everyone !!! Red Rocker Rider, aka, known world famouSLY as the "Cabo Gringo Santo Red Rock'n Beach Bar RUM BUM ".

jkcsm101's picture

Has anyone got today's newsletter? Anyone got the pre-sale code?

I tried to sign up when I check the box saying sign up for newsletter but when I hit save it goes un checked again.

If someone can post it here that would be awesome.

Thank you.

Artrocks1977's picture

I’m waiting for the presale code!

Woogie3895's picture

Anyone get the password emailed yet?

angelterry's picture

Hopefully I am able to purchase tickets before they sell out!!

cabozone55's picture

Password emailed to list????? What is the list and how do we get on it. I live an hour away from there.

jduffin's picture

Fingers crossed in the right mind!

Santa-Kevin's picture

How do I know if signed up? Been loyal here for years

nannettee078's picture

Ticket info please :) I really want to see them here. Thank you !!!!