Past Event

Feb 12 2014


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

Sammy and The Wabos featuring Michael Anthony, Joe Satriani, Jack Blades and special guests Kenny Aronoff and Billy Sheehan! 

Thank you all for a sold out Concert For Liza! For those of you will be there we can't wait to see you. Go to to learn everything about this benefit, find out ways YOU can take action and help now, as well as see the entire concert after the show.

February 11 2014 UPDATE:

Unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts, Joe Satriani, Michael Anthony, and Kenny Aronoff will not be able to attend this Concert For Liza. 

March 18 UPDATE

Liza's interview with KTVU Channel 2 aired early last week. You can watch the segment here:




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  • 2014-02-12 @ Concert for Liza - Sweetwater Music Hall


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 6  Redhead Comments

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Total bummer joe and mikey are out. More time for the wabos.

Leslie Stewart - Reynoso's picture

Hi Sammy & Wabos & Liza - What a great thing Sammy & Wabos are doing for Liza. So glad CONCERT sold out. I Wish I could be at the concert for Liza to give her hope & faith. MY BFF took me to Sammy's 65th bday bash! It was on my bucket list because they told me I did not have much time left. Well I have been fighting cancer for almost 8yrs now. Those doctors told me I should have been dead 2yrs ago. Well they are wrong!!!!! I'm still here. I have been on continuous Chemo and radiation. I keep finding new chemo's I have been on 15 different one's. Chemo works for awhile and then cancer get's immune to it. I do about 8 hours of research a month to stay on top of it. I call the Nat'l Cancer institute monthly and make them send me a list of clinical trials. BTW: They are great and they are ran by the FDA. BE PROACTIVE DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOUR DOCTORS TELL YOU. THAT'S WHY IT IS CALLED PRATICING MEDICINE AND THEY ARE PRACTICING ON YOU. KEEP FIGHTING LIKE A REDROCKER! TAKE CARE MY CANCER SISTA - FAITH & HOPE ALWAYS. LESLIE THE RADIOCHICKIE

kindbud's picture

Good luck with that newbie

orma99's picture

Looking for a single ticket to the concert. Please, please let me know if an extra becomes available.....



cathyleighs014's picture

I am so happy this is finally happening for Liza!

NoraKane's picture

Phoenix will be in the house!