Concert for Liza - what an amazing night!!

February 16, 2014 by 302_Boss_Chick
Concert for Liza - what an amazing night!!

I find it hard to believe I'm the first one to post about this here, but I just wanted to come by and let everyone know what a great night the Concert for Liza was in Mill Valley.

They started the show by having Liza and David come up on stage and talk to us about why we were all there, and let me tell you, just seeing this amazing, brave woman get up there and tell us about her fight was all we needed to get psyched for this show!! After that we were treated to an unbelievable show by Sammy, the Wabos (kickin' ass as always), Jesse Bradman, Jack Blades and Billy Sheehan. It was such an honor to be in the presence of these talents who were there giving it their all for their longtime friends David and Liza.

I'd like to thank everyone who was involved in making this night happen, and I hope everyone will keep Liza and David in your thoughts every day like I do - it's a travesty to have to watch a vibrant woman like Liza be attacked by something as horrible as cancer, and I hold hope every day that just one person at the FDA will look inside themselves and beyond the red tape of the government and do anything they can to help not only Liza, but anyone who is suffering, or those who are forced to watch a loved one try to fight what is otherwise an unwinnable battle.

Peace, love, and light to all of you!! Please check out Liza's story if you don't know about her struggle and let's make a lot of noise to get her the help she needs!!

~Stef ♥ ♪♫♪♫

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